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Global Warming Consensus Nothing But Hot Air, Says NCPA - Literature Review Reveals Changing Viewpoints, Little Agreement, Says NCPA's Burnett - DALLAS, Aug. 31 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Only seven percent of published papers on climate change agree with the "consensus view" that humans were having some effect on global climate change. In an updated study of peer-reviewed works published between 2004 and 2007, 48 percent of the papers were classified as "neutral," or refusing to agree or disagree with the consensus. This lack of agreement falls in line with previous polls that showed a similar reluctance to point the finger at humans, according to H. Sterling Burnett, senior fellow with the National Center for Policy Analysis (NCPA). "I've always argued that 'consensus' is limited to a narrow scope," said Burnett. "The only agreement is that the Earth is getting warmer." (08/31/07)

The Spoof
Study Reveals Consensus on Lack of Global Warming Consensus - Experts agree that they do not agree that global warming is mostly caused by humans. HAMBURG, GERMANY (AP Newsliar) A recent survey conducted to gage the opinions of climate researchers reveals there is now consensus on the fact that there is no consensus on the question of whether global warming is predominantly caused by human activity. (08/31/07)

New from the JunkMan
Runaway Climate Captured? - By Steven Milloy - Runaway global warming, the climate alarmist fantasy let loose on the public, has not yet been captured, but it certainly appears to have at least been cornered by new data from researchers at the University of Alabama-Huntsville (UAH). In a study published in the American Geophysical Union's Geophysical Research Letters on Aug. 9, the UAH researchers provide more real-world evidence of the atmosphere's self-regulating nature. If this particular self-regulatory mechanism is confirmed by additional research, it will represent yet another deal-breaker for the scientific hypothesis that has propped up climate alarmism thus far. (08/31/07)

Commentary: Who is really warming the planet? - By Alice Larsen, For Record Gazette - The eyes in the sky (satellites) do not see the so-called greenhouse effect on global warming. They can see fires, hurricanes and other disturbances on earth but they do not reveal evidence of problems related to greenhouse gases. If green house gases were responsible for global warming, some scientists say, there should be a marked increase in CO2 in high latitudes, especially in the Artic and Antarctic. "But satellites have measured temperatures up there and they don't see anything," says NASA scientist Robert Jastrow. "So greenhouse effect for some reason is missing. And then the question arises, Okay, what did cause global warming? ("Show ME God" by Fred Heeren) (08/31/07)

Boo Hoo for the Global Warming Fairy Tale - By Dinesh D'Souza - NASA gave a big boost to the global warming paranoia-mongers by declaring that most of the hottest years on record occurred between 1990 and 2007. Then a math major from Canada, Stephen MacIntyre, showed on his blog that NASA's calculations were wrong. NASA hemmed and hawed, but finally admitted that four of the hottest years on record were in the 1930s: 1934, 1931, 1938, and 1939. Turns out only three of the top 10 heat waves occurred in the last decade and a half: 1998, 2006 and 1999. Several years that had been given heat records by NASA, such as 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004 fell way down the list. Still, why should we let a few facts get in the way of today's Great Liberal Scare? Pied Piper Al Gore, not previously known for his climatological expertise, and his great following of Hollywood imbeciles, had such a simple and beautiful story to tell. It summarized American history over the past century in three words: "Cool, Warm, Hot." Unfortunately this Canadian fellow has completely spoiled the fairy tale. Now the U.S. temperatures must be read this way, "Hot, Cool, Warm." Somehow the urgency is gone when you put it that way. (08/31/07)

E-mail heating up over global warming - By Randy Scholfield - Whew. It's getting hot in here. My column last week asking why people still question global warming brought a flood of response, some of it heated, from people denying human-caused climate change is occurring. Lots of folks, I discovered, are all too eager to hold forth on why they aren't buying warming. And everyone, it seems, is a climate scientist. Mostly, the responses only reinforced the points in my column about why people deny the overwhelming science: Some dismissed it for transparently political reasons -- anything Al Gore advocates they're against. (Never mind President Bush, who recently accepted the reality of human-caused climate change.) Others sent links to arguments "proving" global warming is a hoax. Most of these arguments were familiar. As I said in the column, most have been convincingly refuted by scientists. But they keep circulating, like urban myths. Here are a few of the more common denial talking points I received, along with some rebuttals I've read from climate scientists: (08/31/07)

Let's talk about global warming - By: The Mississauga News - Mississauga collective Youth Troopers for Global Awareness (YTGA) are presenting a series of short plays tomorrow that explore the multi-faceted and fascinating lives of complex characters dealing with a variety of social and political issues. Called No Man's Land, the plays are designed to initiate dialogue on issues around global warming. "(The show's) absolutely hilarious but addresses serious conflict to establish a channel of communication," said YTGA founder Zehra Abbas. "We have really let the creative juices flow and have come up with an abstract form of political theatre. Expect to also meet phenomenal guest speakers from Amnesty International and Sleeping Children Around The World that will be joining us." The two-hour show happens at Streetsville Memorial Park. Show time is 5:30 p.m. Admission is free. For more information, e-mail (08/31/07)


Global Warming: Not So Hot - By Karlyn Bowman
Special to's Think Tank Town - Americans think global warming is real and serious. Poll after poll shows that there are not many climate skeptics left. The issue has received an enormous amount of media attention over the past several years, but it still doesn't rank at or near the top of issues people want the president and Congress to address. [..] The power of DiCaprio, one of the film's producers, has drawn a sizable array of experts, from physicist Stephen Hawking to Kenyan activist (and 2004 Nobel Peace Prize winner) Wangari Maathai. These talking heads tackle the subject from every angle - scientific, political, economic and social. They make the compelling and convincing case that if we human beings don't change our ways soon, we're doomed. As George Carlin once said, decrying the arrogance of the environmentalists' motto "Save the Planet," "the planet isn't going anywhere - we are." OK, I'm a liberal who agrees with everything being said here. So why am I not moved by "The 11th Hour"? Part of it is I'm not the audience that needs to be convinced. But mostly it's because the movie is presenting its case in such a uniformly insistent tone, as the directors pile on one voice of doom after another. (08/31/07)

Review: '11th Hour' force-feeds us facts on global warming - By Sean P. Means - The Salt Lake Tribune
The environmental documentary "The 11th Hour" presents the dangers of global climate change like so much cinematic oatmeal: nutritional, to be sure, but none too exciting to consume - even with that dreamy Leonardo DiCaprio popping up looking all dreamy and concerned.
Nadia Conners and Leila Conners Petersen, the sisters who directed the film, begin with the assumption that we've all seen Al Gore in "An Inconvenient Truth." We need no more convincing that global warming is real (anyone who thinks otherwise is either dumb or on the oil industry's payroll), but "The 11th Hour" is determined to tell us how bad things are. (08/30/07)

MarVista wraps global warming doc - MarVista Entertainment in Los Angeles has wrapped production on a new one-hour documentary to be sold at Mipcom. "Global Warming: Our Searing Earth" was directed by Richard Bluth of Bluth Enterprises and looks for the truth behind the controversy, examining the current and future effects of global warming on the planet. The one-off doc sets out to find the people who are fighting global warming, exploring solutions raised by new scientific evidence and advice proffered by leading experts. "Global warming has become such a politically charged topic. What we hope to show is the truth behind global warming - without the politics," said Bluth. Antony Reeve-Crook
31 Aug 2007
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A GWHYPE reader e-mail response to the Steve Outing article from H W Maier Lynden WA
TO: Steve Outing, columnist @ E&P
RE: "Climate Change: Get Over Objectivity, Newspapers" - Your referenced column is full of more holes than a really bad slice of Swiss cheese. It is hard to believe that someone would actually admit to such an abomination as using the Main Stream Media as a propaganda mechanism. It is bad enough that the MSM already has a 90% liberal bias in its news coverage. The greater the bias the greater the denial has been my experience over the past 40 years. You, personally, must be a very left wing liberal, based on what you wrote in this article as well as how you wrote it. Your bias is very obvious. You most certainly should not have your extreme position on AGW based on your admitted "I am thinking a lot about Global Warming ...". A rational opinion should be based on extensive study of Paleoclimatology; of which, I have been a student for the past 30 years. AGW is basically a technical subject, but Al Gore and the rest of the alarmists have turned AGW is a political and even a religious matter. If AGW "evidence is so overwhelming" then you should have provided some of that evidence in your hit piece. There is no such evidence and that is why you NEVER encounter any such evidence in ANY article or opinion piece on Global Warming nor Climate Change. Consensus (see article copied below) is not scientific evidence. All pro AGW is based on the most basic instinct of humans; and that is FEAR. Every article covers this or that disaster and always attribute it to Global Warming, when in fact, they are really talking about weather extremes. Mans knowledge and exposure to weather extremes is very, very limited in geological time. Besides, there now are millions of humans where there were none before. That alone will create disasters of monumental proportions. You really need to educate yourself on this subject. CO2 caused global warming is the ONLY issue at stake here. There is NO possibility of any human control over natural climate periods/cycles. ~ H W Maier Lynden WA (08/30/07)

TODAY'S LETTERS: Readers Respond to Outing's on Climate Change -- And a Note from Whittaker Chambers' Grandson - By E&P Staff - NEW YORK A recent column by Steve Outing about how newspapers can address climate change sparked heated letters that criticized newspaper objectivity and questioned the concept of global warming. (08/30/07)

Deferred Forecasts Of Global Warming - An Example Of The Misuse of Science - A blatant example of masking an untested hypothesis as a scientific paper has been published in Science. The paper is "Improved Surface Temperature Prediction for the Coming Decade from a Global Climate Model" Doug M. Smith, Stephen Cusack, Andrew W. Colman, Chris K. Folland, Glen R. Harris, and James M. Murphy (10 August 2007) Science 317 (5839), 796. [DOI: 10.1126/science.1139540]. The abstract reads, "Previous climate model projections of climate change accounted for external forcing from natural and anthropogenic sources but did not attempt to predict internally generated natural variability. We present a new modeling system that predicts both internal variability and externally forced changes and hence forecasts surface temperature with substantially improved skill throughout a decade, both globally and in many regions. Our system predicts that internal variability will partially offset the anthropogenic global warming signal for the next few years. However, climate will continue to warm, with at least half of the years after 2009 predicted to exceed the warmest year currently on record." (08/30/07)

2007 Hurricane Season: In Like a Lamb, Out Like a Lion? - Husband David Ridenour examines the 2007 hurricane season in light of environmentalist claims about a link between hurricanes and global warming: Environmentalists can't be very happy with the 2007 Atlantic Hurricane season so far. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) had predicted an "above normal" hurricane season, but as we approach the season's halfway mark, the hurricane season looks more like a lamb than a lion. The Greens love to draw attention to hurricanes because weather-related disasters make effective props for their campaign to regulate greenhouse gas emissions. As Hurricane Dean was making its way toward the Gulf Coast earlier this month, for example, Amanda Staudt of the National Wildlife Federation wrote: "The big picture is that global warming is putting hurricanes on steroids." Perhaps she's right, if she was referring to one of the side effects of long-term steroid use... impotency. Last year, we had just five Atlantic hurricanes - 17% less than normal. So far this year, there's been just one Atlantic hurricane. Since 1944, there's been an average of two hurricanes by this stage of the season (August 30). That's right: We're at 50% the norm so far. (08/30/07)

Yet this very same day we have this nonsense from the propeller-heads and their computer models...
NASA study predicts more severe storms with global warming - NASA scientists have developed a new climate model that indicates that the most violent severe storms and tornadoes may become more common as Earth's climate warms. Previous climate model studies have shown that heavy rainstorms will be more common in a warmer climate, but few global models have attempted to simulate the strength of updrafts in these storms. The model developed at NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies by researchers Tony Del Genio, Mao-Sung Yao, and Jeff Jonas is the first to successfully simulate the observed difference in strength between land and ocean storms and is the first to estimate how the strength will change in a warming climate, including "severe thunderstorms" that also occur with significant wind shear and produce damaging winds at the ground. This information can be derived from the temperatures and humidities predicted by a climate computer model, according to the new study published on August 17 in the American Geophysical Union's Geophysical Research Letters. It predicts that in a warmer climate, stronger and more severe storms can be expected, but with fewer storms overall. (08/30/07)

More Than Half of Analyzed Weather Stations Don't Meet Federal Guidelines - By Noel Sheppard - As members of Congress debate sweeping legislation to address climate change, shouldn't it be newsworthy that of the roughly 25 percent of the weather stations analyzed by independent, non-government volunteers, more than half appear to not meet federal guidelines involving their placement? Well, meteorologist Anthony Watts, the owner of Watts Up With That, speaking at a climate conference in Boulder, Colorado, on Tuesday, presented his findings concerning the examination of some of the weather stations across America that monitor the nation's temperatures, and the news was quite disturbing. Yet, from what I can tell, outside of a newspaper in Northern California, even as global warming matters are highlighted on a daily basis by a sycophantic press, not one major media outlet thought this was newsworthy. (08/30/07)

More rubbish from the science of speculation crowd...
Global Warming Might Spur Earthquakes and Volcanoes - By Andrea Thompson, LiveScience Staff Writer - Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and landslides are some of the additional catastrophes that climate change and its rising sea levels and melting glaciers could bring, a geologist says. (08/30/07)

Consensus Alert!
Survey: Less Than Half of all Published Scientists Endorse Global Warming Theory
- By Michael Asher - IPCC co-chairs for Netherlands and Sierra Leone debate changes to the Report Summary. Comprehensive survey of published climate research reveals changing viewpoints. In 2004, history professor Naomi Oreskes performed a survey of research papers on climate change. Examining peer-reviewed papers published on the ISI Web of Science database from 1993 to 2003, she found a majority supported the "consensus view," defined as humans were having at least some effect on global climate change. Oreskes' work has been repeatedly cited, but as some of its data is now nearly 15 years old, its conclusions are becoming somewhat dated. Medical researcher Dr. Klaus-Martin Schulte recently updated this research. Using the same database and search terms as Oreskes, he examined all papers published from 2004 to February 2007. The results have been submitted to the journal Energy and Environment, of which DailyTech has obtained a pre-publication copy. The figures are surprising. Of 528 total papers on climate change, only 38 (7%) gave an explicit endorsement of the consensus. If one considers "implicit" endorsement (accepting the consensus without explicit statement), the figure rises to 45%. However, while only 32 papers (6%) reject the consensus outright, the largest category (48%) are neutral papers, refusing to either accept or reject the hypothesis. This is no "consensus." (08/29/07)

Democrat Bill In House: Anyone ?Harmed? By Global Warming Can Sue The Federal Government - And then they can get their attorney fees paid for even if they don't win. One of the key issues that Congress will need to address when it returns in September is legislation to restrict energy production in the U.S. It's not framed that way, of course. The legislation being considered is ostensibly supposed to help produce more energy, but that's not the effect it will have. Among the myriad problems with the House bill for example, is that it allows anyone "harmed" by global warming to bring suit against any federal agency that fails to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions as required in the legislation. Plaintiffs are specifically authorized to recover $1.5 million, and to be compensated for legal fees win or lose, as long as the court determines it to be "appropriate." (08/29/07)

New Peer-Reviewed Scientific Studies Chill Global Warming Fears - By Marc Morano - Washington DC -- An abundance of new peer-reviewed studies, analysis, and data error discoveries in the last several months has prompted scientists to declare that fear of catastrophic man-made global warming "bites the dust" and the scientific underpinnings for alarm may be "falling apart." The latest study to cast doubt on climate fears finds that even a doubling of atmospheric carbon dioxide would not have the previously predicted dire impacts on global temperatures. This new study is not unique, as a host of recent peer-reviewed studies have cast a chill on global warming fears. "Anthropogenic (man-made) global warming bites the dust," declared astronomer Dr. Ian Wilson after reviewing the new study which has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Geophysical Research. Another scientist said the peer-reviewed study overturned "in one fell swoop" the climate fears promoted by the UN and former Vice President Al Gore. The study entitled "Heat Capacity, Time Constant, and Sensitivity of Earth's Climate System," was authored by Brookhaven National Lab scientist Stephen Schwartz. (08/29/07)

Trying to Connect the Dinner Plate to Climate Change - By CLAUDIA H. DEUTSCH - EVER since "An Inconvenient Truth," Al Gore has been the darling of environmentalists, but that movie hardly endeared him to the animal rights folks. According to them, the most inconvenient truth of all is that raising animals for meat contributes more to global warming than all the sport utility vehicles combined. (08/29/07)

Melting glaciers do not prove global warming claims - By: Chuck Armstrong - It has been really hot these past few weeks. Some believe it is hot because the climate fluctuates throughout the year - hotter during the summer, colder during the winter. However, many individuals believe the cause of this extreme heat we are experiencing can be summed up in two words: global warming. One problem with the latter argument is global warming actually is not global at all. According to a study by Lubos Motl, a Harvard physicist, global warming is not affecting the whole world. The study showed the southern hemisphere has been warming 0.05 degrees Celsius a decade since 1970. The physicist has stated the measuring station at the South Pole actually has shown a distinctive cooling trend in temperatures. Even with that fact presented, many people who believe in the man-made myth that is global warming still argue the temperatures we are experiencing are all-time highs. (08/29/07)

Not So Hot - The latest twist in the global warming saga is the revision in data at NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies, indicating that the warmest year on record for the U.S. was not 1998, but rather 1934 (by 0.02 of a degree Celsius). (08/29/07)

Climate change could be causing cougar attacks: expert - CanWest News Service - A combination of warm winters and Alberta's population boom is causing a recent jump in cougar attacks, says a spokesman for the government agency that collects cougar-related data. The province's cougar population has jumped this year because recent warm winters have pushed up the population of deer, elk and moose -- the cougars' natural prey, said Darcy Whiteside with Alberta Sustainable Resource Development. "These are natural fluctuations," Whiteside said on Wednesday. "But they're compounded by the fact that municipalities are expanding into natural areas. A lot more people are living, camping and hiking in those areas, too." (08/29/07)

Era of global warming - ...For years, sceptics dismissed warnings of global warming as scaremongering speculation - the sport of doomsayers. Well, it appears these Cassandra voices were more or less on target and we are moving into a new phase in which we are no longer dealing with prognostications of future climate change but with empirical evidence. Really? It should be noted that this entire letter did not cite one single piece of "evidence." (08/29/07)

Oh yes, please run Al! And run on your greenie global warming alarmist platform. I dare ya.
Earth to Al Gore.... - by Jay Esbe - [Get your ass into the race for the democratic nomination and then, take the Presidency.] Dear Al, I believe in global warming. I believe we are either causing it, or at the very least, contributing to it. We are already witnessing the effects. Virtually anyone capable of logically processing the widely available and voluminous information on the subject also believes this. And this is the point: The people who do not believe it; They're never going to be convinced of man's role in global warming. They're never going to be convinced because like the people who believe the earth is only 6,000 years old, and that Barney Rubble really lived with dinosaurs, these people do not want to be convinced. These people do not achieve reality for a reason Al. In fact, they're almost always the same people. They "fail" because they and their "values" and beliefs are wholly incompatible with what sane people consider "reality". They are simply not educable. So here's the question: Are you? (08/29/07)

Climate change can't bog down APEC - By Alan Wood, economics editor - A leaked draft of the Sydney Declaration to be released at the end of next week's APEC meeting speaks only of a long-term aspirational target for emissions reductions. So presumably one of the early actions of a Rudd government will be to withdraw from APEC, an institution with little future. Or is Rudd just bluffing? His speech implies a readiness to compromise his policy ideals. After all, as he says, a Labor government helped create APEC. The ambiguity is typical of the approach to climate change by all governments, for which we may be duly grateful when it becomes apparent the planet isn't on the brink of becoming uninhabitable without immediate, drastic action to stop global warming. The European Union and the G8, Rudd's exemplars of climate action, fall decidedly short when it comes to meeting commitments they have undertaken, notably in the Kyoto treaty (the US, of course, never ratified it). And several of the new eastern European members of the EU are refusing to accept emissions caps imposed by Brussels, for the same reason China and India don't want a bar of them: they inhibit economic and social development. Yet on Monday, Rudd repeated that one of his first acts if he becomes prime minister will be to ratify Kyoto. This is just one more illustration of the fact that when deliberately created global warming hysteria takes hold, silliness isn't far behind. Kyoto is dead. It was never going to make any real difference to global warming anyway, and its most vociferous supporters will miss their emissions reduction targets, or meet them by fraud. (08/29/07)

Global Warming, Engineers and "Moral Crusades" - If you've ever suspected that the global warming news in the big newsweeklies has a bias, then you need to see Robert J. Samuelson's recent column on the topic. In an article titled, "Greenhouse Simplicities," Samuelson attacks a recent Newsweek cover story on global warming as "fundamentally misleading." He goes on to slam it as "peripheral and highly contrived," adding that "self-righteous indignation can undermine good journalism." So why is this unusual? Because Samuelson is a contributing editor for Newsweek. What we have here is a valued member of the Newsweek family biting a hand that feeds him. And Samuelson isn't simply disagreeing with another editor's opinion; he's attacking the truthfulness of the magazine's news. But, first, for those who haven't seen the original Newsweek cover story, let's stop here and explain. The original Newsweek cover was billed as "The truth about denial." It described a so-called "denial machine," reportedly funded by industry, trying to obstruct those who are battling the global warming threat. The article was an unveiled attempt to discredit certain scientists who don't view global warming as a crisis. (08/28/07)

ABC Weatherman Touts Rambling Tennis Star's Concern Over "Green Noise" - By Scott Whitlock - On Tuesday's "Good Morning America," weatherman and liberal global warming activist Sam Champion featured tennis star Billie Jean King in his latest attempt to hype the danger of climate change. In a new segment entitled, "Just One Person," King vaguely described her new environmental charity, GreenSlam, in such a way that it appeared to confuse GMA audience members standing behind her. At Champion's prompting, she bemoaned all the "green noise," a term she never explained, in today's society. Equally confusing were her constant references to "green collar studies." Most bizarre, however, was when the tennis star appeared to be distracted, much in the way a five-year old would be upon seeing a butterfly. King noticed a tennis ball wedged in an adjacent camera and fixated on it as an example of recycling (as seen above). Apparently bewildering even Champion, she rambled, "We want to use things again. Okay? You see this tennis ball? You have one on your camera over there so that you don't whack somebody. It's protection. There's one at the end of, there's one at the end of the camera there. That's reusable. [Points to GMA camera.] All these little things we can do. I'm taking shorter showers. I'm worrying about the plastic bags now." (08/28/07)

Just as I predicted in my comments preceding the article below, I was only a matter of minutes before Noel Sheppard picked up this one and ran with it. He brilliantly illustrates the stark contrast in philosophies regarding the objectivity (or lack thereof) in the media today when it comes to the myth of global warming.
Are Media Reporting Global Warming Too Objectively or Inhibiting Free Speech? - By Noel Sheppard - n the past couple of days, there have been two articles written about how the media are covering global warming. In one, the author contended that the press are acting to inhibit free speech by exclusively reporting one side of the climate change issue as they castigate skeptics as deniers and operatives of the oil industry. By contrast, another article suggested that the press in their attempts to appear objective are not doing a good enough job stressing the dire nature of global warming, and should be taking a much stronger position as advocate for the supposed consensus. (08/28/07)

The following article is a must read. I have included a brief response at the right but I am not going to include it on the blog since I suspect it will be blogged elsewhere to death, as it should! If you would like to write your own rebuttal to this and e-mail it to me I would be happy to publish it for you here.

Climate Change: Get Over Objectivity, Newspapers - By Steve Outing - NEW YORK (August 28, 2007) -- I've been thinking a lot about climate change (aka, global warming) a lot lately. (Haven't you?) Having kids, I'm concerned about what kind of world my generation is leaving them, of course. And I'm mulling over what I can do, to "do my part" (ride my bike to work more; my family bought a hybrid car; teach my kids green habits; etc.). I've also been thinking about the newspaper industry and global warming. And frankly, I don't think newspapers are doing enough. Indeed, newspapers' fabled commitment to "objectivity" has been a detriment to efforts to combat global warming. The industry still has a lot of power to influence people. How about if newspapers abandon their old way of doing things when it comes to the issue of global warming, and turn their influence to good? It just might be that through this issue alone, newspapers revive themselves to some extent. Editors are shirking their responsibility to improve our world, in my view, so let's change that.
A Return to Advocacy
In recent decades, "advocacy journalism" has been relegated to the alternative press, or in the mainstream press on editorial or op-ed pages (and perhaps blogs, too). The news sections of mainstream newspapers are still the realm of "objective journalism," where reporters hide (or purport to) their personal opinions and biases, and try to present a balanced view of any issue. Advocacy does not make it to the front page. I have no quibble with the status quo when it comes to controversial issues where there is a significant split of opinion. Outside of the opinion section, most newspapers are not going to allow writers and editors to express an opinion on hot debates like the right to abortion, or public funding for stem cell research. There are sizable groups of people lining up on both sides of those issues (not to mention those who fall in between). It would be journalistic suicide to take a mainstream paper and go on an advocacy tear about abortion, for example. But advocacy in terms of encouraging people to act to alleviate climate change is really a wholly different issue. There's clearly scientific consensus that humans are altering the planet's climate, and that the effect is accelerating. Stronger hurricanes, melting glaciers and sea ice, worse wildfires and longer fire seasons, more severe droughts and flooding, and more frequent bizarre weather events overall. The few critics of the consensus are a small and shrinking group, who to most observers seem irrelevant. To the mainstream, they may as well be flat-earthers. Why is it, then, that mainstream coverage of climate change is still mired, too often, in he-said, she-said reporting where both "sides" get their time? When the evidence is so overwhelming to support the idea that humans are changing the climate, why should the news industry give the tiny number of skeptics a higher percentage of time within a news report on their viewpoint than they deserve? It's probably not a perfect analogy, but with a tiny number of people in the U.S. supporting polygamy (estimated at 37,000 living in the Western U.S.), news organizations don't tend to give a lot of space to polygamists explaining why their lifestyle is a good thing and should be allowed. (Though polygamists have gotten more press lately, since the hit HBO show "Big Love." The Salt Lake Tribune even has a full-time reporter on the polygamy beat.) At this point, global warming skeptics have little credibility. [...]
The Origins of Objectivity The problem with that kind of coverage is that it doesn't permit journalists to find the truth in an issue, like global warming. Jay Rosen, associate professor of journalism at New York University and a respected new media observer, points out that journalistic objectivity first arose in the 1920s and '30s -- following a period of sensational, "muckraking" reporting by newspapers. "Part of the problem is that journalists don't realize what objectivity was in the first place," says Rosen. "From the beginning it was a way of limiting liability, and allowing journalists to take a pass when it's hard to figure out who's right and what's really going on. From the beginning it was meant to dull the knife edge of the press. It was meant to 'de-voice' or defang the individual journalist, so that more people would be comfortable with the product. But the costs of that system have built up over time... Read the entire article. (08/28/07)

Columnist Steve Outing
Columnist Steve Outing
Photo -

Unfortunately this is the view of many elites in the media who think that the role of newspapers is to persuade the public, rather than to inform it. The liberal elites believe that they know what is best for us and that the ends justify the means, even at the expense of objectivity. The views in this article are really not all that shocking, but the fact that Outing feels emboldened enough to write it is. The arrogance of this man is apparent throughout this piece. Again we read the constant drumbeat that there is no debate in regards to the human cause of global warming which is nothing more than an attempt to silence opposing views. The fact remains carbon dioxide produced by humans is an insignificant source of global warming. But advocates like Outing would have us believe that the scientific community is in unison as to the cause of global warming being man-made CO2. These people should be seen as what they are, advocates for their cause, not journalists. Newspapers should continue to report the news as responsibly and objectively as possible. The front page is no place for opinion.

Outing says "the few critics of the consensus are a small and shrinking group, who to most observers seem irrelevant. To the mainstream, they may as well be flat-earthers." Even if it was true, which it's not, would that be justification for major newspapers to abandon objectivity for advocacy?

Outing also claims that it would be "journalistic suicide" to take on an issue like "the right to abortion" but advocacy in terms of encouraging people to act to alleviate climate change is really a wholly different issue.

Different issue? How? If journalism were to abandon objectivity for advocacy, who would decide what issue(s) to advocate, and which side deserves advocacy and which side deserves to be silenced (censored)?

The left always trumpets free speech except when it poses a threat to their agenda. I don't know about you but I'm tired of these self-absorbed yuppie ex-hippie baby-boomer mother-fuckers that think they know what's best for everyone. Just continue to write your op-eds and leave the rest of us, and the news alone. ~ DEK

Shipp: Global warming 'debunked,' and a hot time at Leebern's birthday - By Bill Shipp - This is a true story. Listen closely: In a mechanically cooled conference room located about 100 miles north of the Fall Line, a group of distinguished Georgia lawmakers sat down with a group of "scientists" in August 2007 and decided global warming was mostly bunk. They also determined they and their fellow humans weren't responsible for fouling the atmosphere. (08/28/07)

Cellular and wireless industry linked to Global Warming - Turning off Climate Change - by John Staples, New Brunswick Editorialist - One day while at the movies someone started shouting "Global Warming", "Climate Changing", "Carbon Build-up", "Ice Caps Melting"and "Oceans Rising". Well just about everyone panicked and started running for the exits, people got stepped on, knocked over, even hurt and authorities had no idea what to do about it. [...] We all need to take a long hard look at how important wireless technology is and how dangerous it is to use. I think Mr. Staples should be more concerned about that tin-foil hat of his! (08/28/07)

Professor Singer Takes on Al Gore and Global Warming Alarmism - By Noel Sheppard - For those that aren't familiar, S. Fred Singer is professor emeritus of environmental sciences at the University of Virginia, a research professor at George Mason University, and president of the Science and Environmental Policy Project. He is also one of the world's leading anthropogenic global warming skeptics. With that in mind, he gave a lecture concerning climate change at Hillsdale College on June 30 which has been adapted as an article at the Hillsdale Imprimis (h/t Marc Morano). (08/28/07)

Proposal's message is clear Put up or shut up, Democrats - By H. Sterling Burnett - WASHINGTON -- In a shot across the bow of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, senior House member John Dingell, D-Mich., has proposed a bold plan to fight global warming: an across-the-board carbon tax -- better known as a universal energy tax. (08/28/07)

Taming the Hurricane - By Patrick J. Michaels - SO WHY IS IT THAT PEOPLE are wringing their hands about global warming causing more severe hurricanes and deaths? The best computer estimate for future hurricanes was published by Tom Knutson and Robert Tuleya in the Journal of Climate in 2004. They calculated that maximum winds should increase by about 6% over the next 75 years. Even this may be an overestimate because the method used assumes carbon dioxide -- the main global warming emission -- is increasing in the atmosphere about twice as fast as it actually is. (08/28/07)

Leonardo DiCaprio is depressed about global warming - Leonardo DiCaprio is depressed and believes the planet is doomed, which was exactly how I felt after witnessing his accent destroy 'Gangs of New York'. "We find ourselves on the brink," he told The Ecologist magazine, which now clearly has to resort to interviewing celebrities to sell copies. "We face a very bleak future, and to avoid it we need dramatic worldwide change." DiCaprio has produced a documentary a mere two years after Al Gore first thought of the idea and 'The Eleventh Hour', written and narrated by the actor, will highlight environmental issues. So fret no more, the world is saved. Carbon footprints will be reduced as people stay home in their droves, desperately trying to do something other than be lectured to another twat of an actor. You gotta love British Bluntness. (08/28/07)

Global Warming, Atmospheric CO2 Increase, and Northeast China's Forest Carbon Stocks - ...During a period of time when the "twin evils" of the radical environmentalist movement - atmospheric temperature and CO2 concentration - rose by amounts the world's climate alarmists claim were unprecedented over the past thousand to a million or more years, respectively, forest C stocks in northeast China rose ever higher with each passing year. Clearly, something is drastically wrong with this picture ... and it's not the real-world data. (08/28/07)

A Denier's Confession - By BRET STEPHENS - The recent discovery by a retired businessman and climate kibitzer named Stephen McIntyre that 1934 -- and not 1998 or 2006 -- was the hottest year on record in the U.S. could not have been better timed. August is the month when temperatures are high and the news cycle is slow, leading, inevitably, to profound meditations on global warming. Newsweek performed its journalistic duty two weeks ago with an exposé on what it calls the global warming "denial machine." I hereby perform mine with a denier's confession. I confess: I am prepared to acknowledge that Mr. McIntyre's discovery amounts to what a New York Times reporter calls a "statistically meaningless" rearrangement of data. But just how "meaningless" would this have seemed had it yielded the opposite result? (08/28/07)

More absurdity...
For 20 bucks, combat global warming - ASPEN -- The city of Aspen, through its Canary Initiative, will launch the first carbon-offsets program of its kind in the country. The Canary Tag program, unveiled by Mayor Mick Ireland during Saturday's ARE Day - American Renewable Energy Day - gives both citizens and visitors a chance to mitigate their greenhouse gas emissions. Aspen is the first city in the country to offer such a program, according to Ireland. Canary Tags are available for sale online at and are specifically to offset greenhouse gas emissions from home energy use, driving and air travel. The purchase of one Canary Tag for $20 offsets one ton of greenhouse gases, according to a city press release. (08/28/07)

Expo focuses on dangers of global warming - Hyderabad, August 28: The Students of Gitanjali Devshalala organised an exhibition recently to highlight the serious issue of "global warming". Eminent scientist and former Director of National Remote Sensing Agency Padmasri B. L. Deekshitulu congratulated the students for choosing a theme relevant to the times and incorporating simple solutions in their day-to-day life to combat global warming. The students displayed working models, presentations and skits depicting the causes, effects and solutions for global warming like green house effect, ocean warming, depletion of ozone layer, energy conservation, toxic effect of chemicals in day to day life. Alternatives to minimise Global warming were also highlighted. (08/28/07)

Global Warming at Church: Religious Leaders Spread Word of the Gore - By Noel Sheppard - There are many climate change skeptics around the world who have suggested that global warming is a new religion being spread by hysterical zealots like soon-to-be-Dr. Al Gore. (08/28/07)

Global Warming Noticed in Heartland? Hardly! - By Gary Benoit - "Has global warming visited Iowa?" That was a question posed by National Wildlife Federation activists - a month before NASA reported that the hottest year on record in America is no longer 1998 but 1934. (08/28/07)

Intolerance mars climate change debate - By CHRISTOPHER LINGLE, Special to The Japan Times - NEW DELHI - What's up with journalists in the mainstream media? In most cases, they tend to be unconditional supporters of free expression and strive to report on controversial views. However, reporting on issues relating to global warming has become strikingly one-sided. With no need to persuade using rational argument, a new conventional wisdom is being formulated that is beyond challenge by "sensible" people. Creating group-think and mass behavior should be anathema to honest journalists. Otherwise, reporters become opinion makers rather than neutral observers. Along these lines, there are signs of a growing intolerance in the debate on global climate change. Climate-change denial has become a taboo that invites a sense of moral repugnance toward deniers. (08/27/07)

New Climate Change-Friendly Dish Introduced Called "The Al Gore" - By Noel Sheppard - Better get all fluids away from your computer, because a pair of caterers in Australia have created a new climate change-friendly dish they call "The Al Gore" which is "an organic mix of chunked mutton and aromatic root vegetables." (08/27/07)

Laurie David Continues Her Global Warming Chicken Little Act - By P.J. Gladnick - Storms! Floods! Riots! Looting! Blackouts! These are all the things that Laurie David is back to warning us about in her latest Huffington Post blog, "This is the Face of Global Warming": (08/27/07)

IPCC Member: NASA's Hansen Moving 'Dangerously Away From Scientific Discourse to Advocacy' - By Noel Sheppard - NASA's James Hansen, whose work is continually exposed as shoddy while he refuses to share data gathering techniques and computer codes used for such things with others, has been criticized by a contributing scientist to the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change as moving "dangerously away from scientific discourse to advocacy." What has drawn the ire of Andrew Weaver, a physicist at the University of Victoria who works on the dynamics of the polar ice caps, are recent statements by the Goddard Institute for Space Studies chief that oceans could rise as much as 82 feet in the next hundred years due to global warming. Bear in mind that the IPCC's most recent report downgraded its expectations for such sea level increases to less than two feet. (08/27/07)

Letters: Too much political rhetoric about global warming issue - I read with interest the column by Cal Thomas in the Aug. 19 Sheboygan Press, "Global warming is about really hot air." Finally someone discusses and publishes a fair statement about the facts and reasons behind the argument. I have been an Earth scientist for over 30 years and am fully aware of climate changes that have occurred in the geologic and historic past. It is very frustrating to hear people discuss "global warming" as if it is a human inflicted one-time event that we can change. These cycles have been repeated for eons, and are going to continue as long as the planet is in existence. (08/27/07)

Too bad. I was kind of rooting for this one to help illustrate the idiocy here in Schwartzefornia.
Property value worries sink Santa Barbara art project
- A plan to paint waves at intersections to show where global warming could push the sea level raises fears that the 'stigma' could affect real estate sales.
By Steve Chawkins, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer - SANTA BARBARA -- Call it the Santa Barbara meltdown. Two of the city's great preoccupations -- progressive politics and sky-high real estate values -- have collided over the last couple of months, yielding high drama over an art project that was to denote land imperiled by global warming with blue waves painted on downtown intersections. "The community conversation turned into a frenzy," said Mayor Marty Blum, one of the idea's supporters. "I don't think I've ever seen anything like it." Last week, the activist behind the city-backed wave project withdrew his plan, abandoning for now the idea of vividly charting just what would happen in Santa Barbara if Greenland's ice sheets turn to slush. Opponents, who believed that the aptly named "lightblueline" project would sink property values on the wrong side of the line, claimed victory. "If you're below the line, there's a stigma," said Jerry Beaver, a real estate developer who owns a warehouse and other property that would be swamped if, as lightblueline predicts, the oceans rise 23 feet over the course of time. Beaver, a self-described rabble-rouser, said he had been preparing to sue the city over its approval of the project, which would have spanned 68 blocks. (08/27/07)

The real threat of global warming - By Walter Starck - Over the past century CO2 in the atmosphere may have increased from around 3/100 of 1 per cent to about 4/100 of 1 per cent and average global temperature may have increased by about 0.6C. I say "may have" because both figures are derived from complex statistical treatment of thousands to millions of individual measurements which are subject to both high levels of natural variation and a variety of errors. (08/27/07)

What's Really Heating Up the Planet? - Coal-mine fires in China and India could be huge culprits in global warming. In China alone, up to 200 million tons of coal go up in flames each year - which may be equivalent to America's total carbon-dioxide emissions from gasoline. India's mine fires waste up to 10 million tons of coal annually. The pollution has made land in both countries uninhabitable. And the problem is expected to worsen. Now experts are asking if controlling mine fires in Asia might be a key to reducing global warming. Economist Diana Furchtgott-Roth, for one, argues that it would likely be more efficient than offsets like planting trees or cleaning the ocean. So, what can be done? One possible remedy being developed in the U.S. is a nitrogen-laced foam. It was used recently to put out a mine fire in West Virginia. (Emissions from coal-mine fires in the U.S. are a fraction of Asia's.) Deploying such a successful foam in China and India - both of which would like help - could drastically reduce damage from long-burning fires, which are very difficult to extinguish fully. (08/26/07)

Global Warming Ads From Al Gore Coming Soon - By Noel Sheppard - I guess we should have expected this: Al Gore's Alliance for Climate Change is about to spend $100 million a year advertising global warming alarmism. I'm thanking God right now for a wonderful invention called the DVR. How 'bout you? (08/26/07)

Begin "Looney Tunes" cartoon music...
AT WAR: FACING GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE AS SECURITY THREAT - New efforts are being encouraged to recategorize climate change, shifting public focus away from science and shedding light on its vital importance by comparing global warming to a global security threat. According to British climate change ambassador John Ashton, there is a need to approach global warming from a war stance. We are in a war, and our soldiers - people, plants, animals, the very Earth itself - are down for the count. War? Climate Change Ambassador? The Brits have lost all sense of sanity. Isn't it the socialist left that repeatedly accuses the right of "manufacturing" the war on terror. Ironically, it's the left that has manufactured the "war on climate change." (08/26/07)

Ignore The Global Warming Wackos - I always find it difficult to understand why some fall for the hoax concerning the global warming. Then they state for a fact that we are responsible for it and we can somehow stop it from occurring. (08/26/07)

Green party sees red - By DALE BASS - Controversial movies about global warming enter schools - Adriane Carr, deputy leader of the federal Green party, is perplexed as to why the Kamloops-Thompson school district plans to show its secondary school students The Great Global Warming Swindle. The documentary was made by Mark Durkin in response to An Inconvenient Truth by former U.S. vice-president Al Gore. In it, Durkin talks with groups and scientists who question the validity of global warming. "Why confuse our youth with this, instead of teaching them ways of finding concentrated ways to help solve the crisis?" Carr asked while visiting Kamloops Thursday. "Why not solve the crisis rather than debate the crisis?" Terry Sullivan, School District 73 superintendent, said educators have a duty to present all sides of controversial issues. While both documentaries are available, it will be up to teachers to decide if they show one, both or neither. Sullivan said teachers are being encouraged to show both films. However, parents will be advised and can have their students excused for either film. "The best of public education is when we look at a particular issue and explore all sides of that issue," Sullivan said, noting global warming remains a controversial topic... We salute Superintendent Terry Sullivan for showing both films. Obviously Sullivan believes that children should see both sides of the story and trusts they are capable of deciding for themselves wheather the man-made CO2 theory is just a bunch of gas. (08/26/07)

The liberals' war against liberalism: What is so scary about free thought? - FRANK MIELE - Whatever happened to liberals? One thing I have learned by writing columns on global warming the past two weeks is that liberals are less interested in free expression of ideas than in total compliance with their ideas, less interested in critical thinking than in being critical, and less interested in the truth than in their truth. It wasn't always so. [...] What I believe in is looking at the evidence for myself, weighing it with the scales of logic and reason, and then making up my own mind. I have been studying the evidence on global warming for more than two years, and for all the reasons already listed the past two weeks I am convinced that this is a manufactured crisis. (08/26/07)

Investors pouring billions into green stocks - BY FRANK NORTON - Green is good. At least that's the bet of an increasing number of investment fund managers, retirees and armchair stock pickers who are pouring billions into so-called green stocks, and not necessarily for the love of nature. They're chasing lucrative returns from companies that promise new ways to recycle, power automobiles and harness the wind and sun. Many have had success. Green investment funds that have been around for at least a year report double-digit gains for the past 12 months. The KDL Global Climate 100 Index, which tracks companies working to offset global warming or its effects, is up nearly 25 percent. (08/26/07)

Thou shalt honor the green? - By Bronislaus B. Kush - Very soon, Vatican City will officially become the world's first "carbon-neutral" sovereign state. On behalf of the Holy See, an eco-restoration company based in San Francisco, Planktos/KlimaFa, will begin creating a "climate forest" in Hungary's Bükk National Park that will eventually offset carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles traversing the busy 0.17-square-mile area that makes up the seat of the Roman Catholic Church. Trees capture carbon dioxide from the air through photosynthesis and store it in tissue matter. "Not only is the Vatican steadily reducing its carbon footprint with energy efficiency and solar power, its choice of new mixed-growth forests to offset the balance of its emissions shows a deep commitment to planetary stewardship as well," said Russ George, Planktos' chief executive officer. "It eloquently makes the point that eco-restoration is a fitting climate change solution for a culture of life." (08/26/07)

Global Warming or Global Governance? (DVD) The Truth About Global Warming - What you don't hear in the media! - The debate is still raging within the scientific community. Sovereignty International has put together interviews of climate scientists and biologists from numerous sources who explain, step by step, why Al Gore and the global warming alarmists are incorrect. In some cases, blatantly so. It also provides evidence that the global warming agenda is being funded with tens of billions of dollars as a mechanism to create global governance. (08/26/07)

Czech Republic: President Says Freedom is Endangered, Not Climate - ...RFE/RL: Thanks partly to your latest book "A Blue, Not A Green Planet" you've become well-known abroad for your opinions on global warming. Was this your intention, do you welcome this? Do you want to be an "anti"-Al Gore?
Klaus: This issue has concerned me tremendously for a long time. I met Al Gore in a television debate about this issue in New York some 15 years ago, so it's not a new thing that I've just discovered. I consider it one of the most serious threats to freedom in the world, one of the most serious threats to the normal development of humanity. Of course not global warming itself, but the opinions that are being smuggled in to us, thanks to the false threat of global warming, by people like Al Gore and many others. The hysteria around this in Western Europe and the U.S. is ridiculous and undignified and there's no doubt that people in a few years' or decades' time will laugh at us and wonder if we went mad in the first decade of the 21st century by betting on this card. I think we should use all possible ways to break this hysteria and one way of doing so is writing this book and traveling around the world and giving lectures, talks, and interviews. I'm ready to go at the end of September to New York, where the UN secretary-general is organizing, a day before the General Assembly, a specific conference on global warming, where it will be a gathering of all the "Gore-ites". They have, "by mistake", invited also me. And I'm going to have to give a very tough speech. (08/26/07)

Global warming just another scare tactic - By Brent Wheat - In the last hour, the weather has been hot, cold, sunny, cloudy, raining, humid, dry and wet. The crazy climate of today puts me in mind to step onto the soapbox and discuss my current "conservation" hot button issue: global warming. I find myself launching into a tirade anytime there is a nearby comment about the impending doom of global warming. After this brief written opinion, I'm sure my e-mail box will overflow with vehement diatribes from hysterical "greenies" who believe what they want to hear. I nearly burst an artery at the recent Global Warming Issue of Backpacker magazine. Instead of gear tips and where-to-go articles, it was filled with hand wringing about how everything we know and love about the outdoors will be changed and destroyed because of our ridiculous demands for televisions, hair care products and healthy, inexpensive food. (08/26/07)

On FNC, AccuWeather's Bastardi Argues Against Blaming Global Warming for Hurricanes - By Brad Wilmouth - On the Tuesday August 21 The O'Reilly Factor on FNC, AccuWeather senior meteorologist Joe Bastardi poured water on claims that a global warming trend has been the cause of hurricanes of increased intensity as he contended that the Northern Hemisphere similarly saw periods of increased hurricane activity in past decades, going back to the 1890s. Bastardi: "We're back in the '30's, '40's and 50's. This back and forth cycle that occurs, we saw it in the 1890s to 1910. ... And people are just getting carried away and fascinated when, if they go back and look at what happened before, you can see the similarities." (08/26/07)

Falsification Of The Atmospheric Co2 Green house Effects Within The Frame Of Physics - Gerlich, a proffessor of mathematical physics at the Technical University Carolo-Wilhelmina in Germany and his colleague proffessor, Ralf D. Tscheuschner, examined the so-called "greenhouse effect" and found it to be pure fiction as an instrument of alledged global warming. In 114 pages laden with complicated equations, citations from the scientific literature, examinations of various experiments and conclusions based on physics and the laws of physics, the researchers expose the fraudulent grounds upon which the global warming theory rests. "It is shown that this effect neither has experimental nor theoretical foundations and must be considered as fictitious," the report states, adding that "the claim that Co2 emissions give rise to anthropogenic { manmade} climate changes has no physical basis." View the actual report. (08/25/07)

Nutcase warmist James Hansen is at it again. Now he knows bettter than the UN. I guess the IPCC is not "alarmist" enough for him any more.
Will oceans surge 59 centimetres this century - or 25 metres? - By ZOE CORMIER - LONDON -- When Al Gore predicted that climate change could lead to a 20-foot rise in sea levels, critics called him alarmist. After all, the International Panel on Climate Change, which receives input from top scientists, estimates surges of only 18 to 59 centimetres in the next century. But a study led by James Hansen, the head of the climate science program at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York and a professor at Columbia University, suggests that current estimates for how high the seas could rise are way off the mark - and that in the next 100 years melting ice could sink cities in the United States to Bangladesh. "If we follow 'business-as-usual' growth of greenhouse gas emissions," he writes in an e-mail interview, "I think that we will lock in a guaranteed sea-level rise of several metres, which, frankly, means that all hell is going to break loose." The scientific basis for this idea - which Prof. Hansen and five co-authors gleaned from geological records, ice core samples and analysis of the sea floor - is outlined in a recent paper published by the British journal Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society. In stark contrast to estimates put forward by the IPCC, Prof. Hansen and his colleagues argue that rapidly melting ice caps in Antarctica and Greenland could cause oceans to swell several metres by 2100 - or maybe even as much as 25 metres, which is how much higher the oceans sat about three million years ago. (08/25/07)

To combat global warming, catch them young ... Workshops to motivate students to contribute towards saving the climate - NEW DELHI: The Worldwide Fund for Nature has joined hands with Tetra Pak Industries to launch the "Young Climate Savers" programme beginning next month under which a series of workshops on climate change will be conducted in schools across the country. The workshops are aimed at educating and motivating students to contribute towards reducing global warming. Students will be taught to promote energy-efficient lifestyles and eco-friendly attitudes. (08/25/07)

Why do some deny global warming? - Because not all of us are as gullable as Mr. Scholfield. By Randy Scholfield - The Earth might be having health problems these days, but global warming denial is alive and well. Witness Cal Thomas' column Wednesday in this space, which even by his overheated standards was a doozy. Cal pronounced warming a hoax perpetrated by "global warming jihadists." That's right -- jihadists. Climate scientists are the new terrorist group! (08/25/07)

The Truth Hurts - Global warming tale looking more like fictional movie than fact - By Licia Corbella -

A new apocalyptic movie being filmed, in part, on the T'suu Tina Nation reserve near Calgary claims to be fuelled by science. It's a nice try, but this piece of fiction is fuelled by ... well, fiction. Agee the actor polar bear will star as the world's last polar bear on Earth in a made-for-TV movie set in the year 2075. The idea for the film comes from the belief that polar bears are on thin ice -- literally and figuratively -- as a result of man-made global warming. Terry Marsh, president of Calgary-based Full Frontal Films and this movie's production manager, wrapped up one-month of filming in Calgary and area yesterday and was reached while en route to the airport for Paris, where filming will continue. "This movie is based on a United Nations report on global warming," says Marsh. "It's a docu-drama -- which is heavy on the drama. It's not a glitzy, Hollywood production about climate change, it's a very serious look at what might actually happen as a result of global warming." That's curious, says I. I just read some reports by polar bear experts and despite what many global warming alarmists claim, polar bears are not dying and drowning, but surviving and thriving. "I have no idea about that," says Marsh. "This is only a movie and I'm a film maker, not a scientist."
But, will the movie claim to be based on science? The answer to that question, is, infuriatingly, "yes." In other words, just like the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), who's going to let a few facts get in the way of a good piece of fiction or even a United Nations' report? Polar bears, in case you haven't noticed yet, are the poster boy -- or is that, poster bear? -- for proponents in the theory of man-made global warming.

Photo: The Age



Virtually every news clip and certainly most documentaries about global warming shows some beleaguered-looking polar bear perched perilously on a small piece of ice apparently in grave danger of drowning. Here's some more shocking news. Polar bears can swim! Last spring, Dr. Mitchell Taylor, a wildlife biologist with the Government of Nunavut's Department of Environment presented a 12-page report to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, which was endeavouring to determine whether it should declare the polar bear "threatened" under its Endangered Species Act. Taylor's report showed that of the 13 populations of polar bears in Canada's north -- all but two are increasing or remaining stable. According to a Nunavut Department of Environment spokesman, Taylor is "out in the field tagging polar bears" in the 140,000 sq.-km Davis Strait area. Taylor has reported that in the mid-1980s there were just 850 bears in Davis Strait, whereas earlier this year there were 2,100. The worldwide numbers are way up too. As he said at the time: "Scientific knowledge has demonstrated that Inuit knowledge was right. There aren't just a few more bears, there are a hell of a lot more bears." An inconvenient truth for the prophets of global warming doom, to be sure, but nothing that will stop them from needlessly alarming children about disappearing polar bears. more... (08/24/07)

Latest Research Erodes CO2's Role in Global Warming - By Michael Asher - Researchers on three different continents agree; CO2 is not the devil we once thought -- Last week I reported on a new study by the Belgium Royal Meteorological Institute that stated the effects of CO2 on world temperatures had been "grossly overstated". The RMI's conclusion is supported by a pair of recent papers, both of which severely downgrade the warming effect of carbon dioxide. The first is by atmospheric scientist Stephen Schwartz, of Brookhaven National Labs. Entitled, "Heat Capacity, Time Constant, and Sensitivity of Earth's Climate System", the paper is based on more accurate estimates of feedback processes in the Earth's atmosphere. It concludes the IPCC estimate of 2 - 4.5C degrees warming (from the anticipated 1900-2100 doubling of CO2 levels) is much too high, and the actual figure should be closer to 1.1 degree. The conclusion is very significant as we've already experienced some 0.7 degrees of that warming. That means over the next century, only an additional 0.4 degrees warming is expected. And after that, the warming effect will nearly vanish. (08/24/07)

Canadian Opposition Party Threatens Fall Election Over Global Warming Policies - By Noel Sheppard - If you had any question as to how hot the climate change debate is getting in governments around the world, all you need do is look at our neighbor to the north for answers. On Thursday, members of Canada's Liberal Party threatened Prime Minister Stephen Harper with a fall election if he didn't change course on his global warming policies. (08/24/07)

UNBELIEVABLE! Texax A&M Professor says " 50 to 100 years, most of the population won't be alive."
SPE study group gets lesson in global warming - Ruth Campbell, Midland Reporter-Telegram - There is no question people -- and the output of carbon dioxide -- are contributing factors to global warming. If nothing is done, it's a "coin flip" on how it's going to turn out, said Andrew E. Dessler, professor at the Texas A&M University College of Geosciences. Dessler spoke to a group of 40 people at the Society of Petroleum Engineers Environmental Study Group meeting Thursday at the Advanced Technology Center. Most attending are in the environmental side of the oil and gas industry. - His presentation, titled "An Update on the Science of Climate Change: What We Know and Why You Should Believe It," went through how scientific assessments are done. "The future is hard to predict," Dessler said. "It is certainly possible we'll see a warming" of 2 to 3 degrees Celsius, which could be dangerous. "You never really know how it's going to turn out, or if all your assumptions are right. The possible downside of being wrong is enormous. The time horizon is such that ... in 50 to 100 years, most of the population won't be alive." (08/24/07)

This is by far the most ridiculous "movie review" I have ever read. It amazes me that any publisher would print it.
A grim reminder that global warming is a catastrophe - By Wesley Morris, Globe Staff - I don't know how things are in your life. But no matter what's going on, this planet has got you beat. We've made it sick, and it, in turn, is sick and tired of us. We have the floods, fires, droughts, heat waves, melting ice caps, and endangered or extinct species to prove it. "The 11th Hour," the exhaustively depressing documentary (there's no dressing this up) that brings us this news, has the misfortune to be yet another global warming warning. [....] More than once, we're reminded that 99 percent of species that have ever appeared on this planet in the last few billion years haven't lasted. Extinction is part of life. So, hey Earth: Things might be looking up for you after all. We won't be around to torture you much longer. Amen! For the few of us that remain with our sanity intact, that day can't come soon enough. (08/24/07)

Global warming alarms not worth their salt - Marc Sheppard - Two years ago scientists warned that the North Atlantic Ocean had become much less salty over the past 50 years due to global warming. This year, scientists warn that the North Atlantic Ocean has become more salty over the past 50 years due to -- guess what? (08/24/07)

California Faces Conundrum Over Global Warming - By Brian Farmer - A recent poll indicates a majority of Californians claim to believe in global warming, but that most in the state have no inclination to do anything about it. (08/24/07)

IS GLOBAL WARMING SERIOUS ENOUGH TO LIFT CALIF. BAN ON NUKE PLANTS? - What if Californians considered the relative risks and rewards of nuclear power vs. global warming, increased use of imported fossil fuels and massive electricity rate hikes, and decided in favor of nuclear power? The California Energy Independence and Zero Carbon Dioxide Emission Electrical Generation Act slated for the June 2008 ballot will give Californians that choice, says Chuck DeVore, a California state assemblyman representing Orange County. The proposed initiative overturns California's nuclear ban, enacts seismic and environmental restrictions that place about 40 percent of the state off limits to nuclear power, and approves on-site dry-cask storage of spent fuel as an acceptable storage method for 100 years, says Devore. (08/24/07)

Environment Canada's Climate Change Fiasco - Global Warming rivals Sponsorship Scandal - By Dr. Tim Ball, Natural Resources Stewardship Project - Many years ago, I warned Henry Hengeveld of Environment Canada (EC) that, if he thought it was difficult to convince ministers and MPs that global warming was due to human carbon dioxide (CO2) production, it would be twice as difficult to change their minds once they were convinced. The theory was, and still is, unproven of course, but by adopting it so completely so early on, Hengeveld would find himself on a treadmill virtually impossible to get off. After all, it would be very dangerous for a bureaucrat to go back to those same politicians with the message that their political positions were wrong because they were based on wrong information. (08/24/07)

Dennis Miller Explains Why He Stopped Caring About Global Warming - Comedian Dennis Miller used to be fairly liberal. However, in a recent interview with Bill O'Reilly, he reveals that he's actually a pragmatist who has been slammed for speaking his mind. Whatever your opinion of him, he did explain his position on Global Warming. Here's a snippet from the interview: (08/24/07)

Environmentalism: Religion for the Godless - By Matthew Sheffield - In a time when modern science and scholarship have begun to cast doubts on traditional faith, many on the left, right, and center are increasingly abandoning traditional religion. While most such people on the center-right are content simply not to believe, many on the left continue to cling to the salvationist ethos. In the past, that impulse was satiated with communistic reveries. If religion was the opiate of the masses, socialism was the heroin of the secular leftist. That no longer seems, at least outwardly, to be the case. With a worldwide record of abject failure, socialism lost its claim to the miraculous. Despite this, the left's desire for cosmic justice remained unfilled; it was only a matter of time before something stepped into the teleological breach. (08/24/07)

Oh no, not again!
Brown mulls run for governor in 2010 - Attorney general says state's biggest problem is global warming. - By Andy Furillo - Riding high on a global warming action plan he wants to take statewide, California Attorney General Jerry Brown said Wednesday he's thinking about running for governor when the job opens up again in 2010. "The thought has certainly crossed my mind, but I haven't really come to any conclusion," Brown said over coffee in a meeting with The Bee's Capitol Bureau staff. GOD HELP US! (08/23/07)

Scary, but out here in Moonbeam's wild wild west, anything is possible!
Today's editorial: "All-time prescription for ultimate power" - If government takes jurisdiction over vital atmospheric gases, what couldn't it control? - An Orange County Register Editorial - The monumental cost of California's highly touted Global Warming Solutions Act (Assembly Bill 32) is coming into focus. Attorney General Jerry Brown and the county of San Bernardino on Tuesday settled his lawsuit to force compliance with AB32's regulations, which won't even exist for several more years. County officials estimate paperwork costs to be more than $500,000. Not to worry. Mr. Brown promised to help the county recoup that from your taxes. The county agreed to inventory all "sources of greenhouse gases in the county" existing today, that existed in 1990 and that would exist in 2020 if no mitigation measures were taken. County officials also agreed to adopt "feasible mitigations" by amending their general plan to reduce greenhouse gases to 80 percent of 1990's level by 2050... (08/23/07)

Story Time with E: Global Warming - Just Another Tedious Religion - The cover story of last week's Newsweek patriotically exposed the global warming "denial machine," effectively branding global warming doubters as heretics. This is the kind of thing that happens when lefties find religion - they become as intolerably smug as right-wingers. (08/23/07)

FOX Avoids Global Warming During Hurricane Season - Hurricane coverage is serious business at FOX News but don't expect them to bring global warming or climate change into their coverage. That's because there is absolutely NO EVIDENCE to link hurricanes to global warming. After Rupert Murdoch's recent expression of environmental concern, one might expect this hurricane season to be different. However, last night,8/21/08, Joe Bastardi once again appeared on FOX News to talk about "hurricane cycles" just like he did in 2006 and 2005. Maybe Bastardi never got Murdoch's memo. Then again, maybe he did. Or maybe it's because Bastardi is a professional, not a political hack like the weather babe, "Dr." Heidi Cullen. (08/23/07)

A Carbon Tax Would Be Cleaner - By NICOLE GELINAS - Though skeptics may still grumble that the science isn't settled, some 84% of Americans think humans are contributing to climate change, with 78% (and 60% of Republicans) saying we should do something about it "right away," according to a recent poll. The political answer to all this anxiety has arrived. Prominent politicians -- including first-tier Democratic and Republican candidates -- are embracing a national "cap and trade" program to cut greenhouse-gas emissions. Powerful corporate leaders are right behind them; and even the Bush administration, led by Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, is reportedly considering the costs and benefits of various cap and trade proposals after years of opposition. The mechanics of such regulation are complex, but one result is certain: It will exact a toll on our economy. (08/23/07)

This just in!!! Breaking!!! Global Warming is caused by gassy moose! - By Shea Gunther - I knew it! Global Warming is caused by burping and farting Moose (Meese? Mooses? Meeses?). Let's get rid of 'em so we can get back to driving our cars around. The poor old Scandinavian moose is now being blamed for climate change, with researchers in Norway claiming that a grown moose can produce 2,100 kilos of methane a year - equivalent to the CO2 output resulting from a 13,000 kilometer car journey. Now poor moose are being blamed for global warming. Norway is concerned that its national animal, the moose, is harming the climate by emitting an estimated 2,100 kilos of carbon dioxide a year through its belching and farting. Norwegian newspapers, citing research from Norway's technical university, said a motorist would have to drive 13,000 kilometers in a car to emit as much CO2 as a moose does in a year. (08/22/07)

Is that Kumbaya I hear?
Global warming could be a friend - By McAvoy Layne - The Lake Tahoe Forum of 2007 proved that concern for our environment can transcend political divides. This leads me to suspect that global warming might eventually align antagonistic nations and religions against a common threat to our mutual survival. Could it be, after all, that global warming might actually save us? Let's look at some of the possibilities... (08/22/07)

The global warming crisis ... really? - By Craig Kincannon - So, the science is settled. The scientific community has reached a consensus; global warming is real and it is the result of our visit here on the great ship mother earth. Only one problem I see with that: "Consensus" has no place in science. And unless my Webster's New World dictionary is wrong, consensus is simply "an opinion held by many or most." While the opinion held by many is certainly a factual statement when discussing the issue, once you've gotten past the hypothesis stage and actually run tests, verifiable, repeatable tests, there is no longer room for your opinion. The results should speak for themselves. (08/22/07)

Caution urged on global warming - Legislators hear scientists say there are causes beside humans. - By Brandon Larrabee, The Times-Union - ATLANTA - Georgia lawmakers shouldn't overreact to the scientific consensus that the world is getting warmer and humans are at least partly to blame, a handful of scientists told a legislative panel Tuesday. The scientists, some of whom cast doubt on the idea that the warming is mainly caused by humans, appeared at a special hearing of the House Energy, Utilities & Telecommunication called "Global Warming: Fact or Fiction?" Rep. Jeff Lewis, R-White, said he called the meeting because of a recent presentation at a national legislative conference that promoted the idea of global warming and taking the steps needed to prevent it. "We need to hear both sides," Lewis said [...]"No one here is going to say CO2 has zero effect," said John Christy, director of the Earth System Science Center at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. "It is going to have an effect on climate change in some way." But he said the carbon dioxide-induced warming paled in comparison to some natural causes. "Water vapor and clouds are the big story here," he said. (08/22/07)

Man-Made Global Warming Links Challenged - Many media outlets such as the recent Newsweek magazine cover story, portray man-made global warming as fact and those who deny it as conspirators. But skeptics are increasingly certain that the scare is vastly overblown. A new study by Brookhaven National Lab scientist Stephen Schwartz contends that the Earth's climate is only about one-third as sensitive to carbon dioxide as the United Nations' recent climate study claims. Schwarz's work will be published in The Journal of Geophysical Research. The study is just one of several peer-reviewed scientific studies challenging global warming alarmism. The Belgian Weather Institute concludes that carbon dioxide does not have a decisive role in global warming. A study by two Chinese scientists says CO2's role in warming is "vastly exaggerated." (08/22/07)

Lawmakers air out global warming - By Dave Williams - ATLANTA -- The threat posed by global warming is being exaggerated by "alarmists," several scientists who have been criticized as "deniers" told a Georgia House committee Tuesday. But even if the worst fears associated with rising temperatures come to pass, there's little the current generation of technology could do that would be worth the economic costs, a panel of scientists associated with universities and think tanks testified during a special hearing of the Energy, Utilities & Telecommunications Committee. "This is not going to be something to cause major harm to humankind," said Joel Schwartz, senior fellow and scientist with the American Enterprise Institute. "But even if it was, the cure would be worse than the disease." (08/21/07)

Coldest August Day in NYC in Almost a Century - By Noel Sheppard - All you global warming skeptics, deniers, and court jesters better stow your potables, combustibles, and sharp objects safely from proximity of electronic equipment, because it was absolutely a frigid August day in the Big Apple Tuesday. HOW COLD WAS IT? Well, as reported by, this is the coldest August day in New York City in almost a century. (08/21/07)

Excellent read
Silencing global warming skeptics - Walter Williams - A minority view - ...Suppression of ideas is far more dangerous to our civilization than manmade global warming - real or imagined. Given the horrible history of brutal attempts to silence people who have different ideas or dissent from the conventional wisdom, those of us in the academic and scientific communities ought to openly repudiate and condemn the efforts to silence global warming skeptics. This is particularly so in light of the mounting evidence that manmade CO2 emissions have little or nothing to do with climate change. (08/21/07)

Calling out the global warming alarmists - Christopher Alleva - Dr. Bob Carter, a research professor at James Cook University (Queensland, Australia), and Tom Harris, Executive Director of Canada's Natural Resources Stewardship Project, have laid it on the line about global warming alarmists in an article that appeared in the Canadian Free Press. Carter studies ancient environments and climate. The Natural Resources Stewardship Project has undertaken a project they call Understanding Climate Change. Their article explored the shortcomings of the science that is so shaky a school girl (albeit a rather precocious one) like Kristen Byrnes, armed with a rudimentary knowledge of science and a small dose of courage, can challenge the myriad investigators funded by federal and UN billions. (08/21/07)

Skip the global warming hype and live a cleaner life - The Earth is warming! So what? The Earth only does one of two things -- warms or cools. Think! It's never static. In the early 1300s, France imposed one of the first tariffs. It was against cheap and popular English wine, which was costing the French vineyards business. The point is England has been too cold to grow any amount of wine for the past 500 years. Was Greenland named that because Norse explorers were witty? No, it was a green land a thousand years ago. They built settlements and then in later years were frozen out because of global cooling. Were these and the other recorded swings in global temperature caused by changes in the ratio of "Green" Democrats to dirty Republicans or could it be some greater mechanism? (08/21/07)

Moonbeam Update; A Double!

Brown criticizes refinery plans - Contra Costa officials voice intent to comply with emissions law - By Lisa Vorderbrueggen, STAFF WRITER - California Attorney General Jerry Brown, who sued San Bernardino County for failing to factor in greenhouse gas emissions in its general plan, is turning his attention to Contra Costa County and its two refinery expansion proposals. Brown has submitted critical comments to Richmond planners as part of the city's environmental analysis of a Chevron project and appealed the county Planning Commission's approval of a ConocoPhillips Rodeo refinery upgrade on the grounds that it has failed to mitigate the impacts on global warming. The attorney general personally called all five members of the county's Board of Supervisors, who will vote on the appeal, and met in San Francisco last week with supervisors Gayle Uilkema and John Gioia, who sit on the Bay Area Air Quality Management District. The enigmatic Brown, who could not be reached for comment, has also scheduled a meeting this week in Contra Costa County with local union leaders whose members work in the refineries. (08/21/07)

Emissions pact near in San Bernardino County -
Board of supervisors meets today to vote on settling the state's emissions-related lawsuit, which was a factor in budget stalemate. - By Margot Roosevelt - San Bernardino County is expected today to approve a "unique and very powerful plan to combat global warming," state Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown said Monday. The county Board of Supervisors will meet in closed session to vote on the settlement of a lawsuit that Brown filed in April to force the county to account for greenhouse gas emissions in its 10-year growth plan. San Bernardino County, the largest county by acreage in the lower 48 states, has been growing at breakneck speed in a sprawl pattern that has drawn sharp criticism from environmental planners. More than 500,000 new residents are expected to move into the county by 2030, bringing its population to 2.5 million. Although the outcome of the lawsuit is not final until today, Brown said he had met with the county board chairman, vice chairman and general counsel and that "they took it very seriously. There were proposals back and forth. What we have now is the product of genuine cooperation." (08/21/07)

Over at Arianna's place, Mooney wonders how we can tie Hurricane Dean to global warming without actually tieing Hurricane Dean to global warming. Make sense?
What We Can and Can't Say About Global Warming and Hurricane Dean - By Chris Mooney - Now we see why the ancient Mayans built their cities inland from the coasts. Early this morning, Hurricane Dean slammed the Yucatan as a still-intensifying Category 5 storm with sustained winds upwards of 165 miles per hour. Dean required some troubling readjustments of our hurricane records, and as a result, we may hear some serious chatter today about the relationship between these intense storms and global warming. For that reason, the purpose of this post is to lay out what we can and can't reliably say about Hurricane Dean. The upshot is this: We have to be careful what we claim and how we claim it, but even so, Dean fits into a worrisome pattern. (08/21/07) But here is the extended version for The Daily Green by Chris Mooney, "The Storm Pundit"
Hurricane Dean: 1 Of 10 Most Intense Atlantic Hurricanes Ever Measured - ...Dean was officially the most powerful hurricane that we've seen globally so far in 2007, and was by far the strongest at landfall. It was also the first Category 5 Atlantic hurricane seen in the since the record-setting Hurricane Wilma of October 2005. In fact, Dean set some records of its own. Its pressure was the ninth lowest ever measured in the Atlantic, and the third lowest at landfall. Indeed, there hasn't been a full Category 5 landfall in our part of the world since 1992's Hurricane Andrew. Dean was in all respects a terrifying storm, and we can only hope that the damage will somehow be less than expected as it tears across the peninsula and then, after crossing the Bay of Campeche, moves on to a presumed second Mexican landfall. (08/21/07)

Buddhadeb blames US for global warming - KOLKATA: West Bengal chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee on Monday accused the US of being "largely responsible for global warming". His comments come at a time when the CPIM leadership has locked horns with the Congress-led UPA government over the controversial Indo-US nuke deal. (08/21/07)

Another junk article by greenie John Sibley suggests skeptics be ignored by using the "Exxon-Mobil" tag.
Global warming: Don't take skeptics at face value - By JOHN SIBLEY - ...It will be important to the success of the public conversation for the committee to be sure that the overwhelming weight of scientific analysis - as typified by the IPCC reports - is fully and fairly presented. The well-organized deniers certainly have a point of view to add, but they should be recognized for whom they are and not treated as if they represent the mainstream. It appears that this first hearing is heavily overweighted in their favor. (08/21/07)

Heathrow protesters ignore evidence against global warming - Sir - Last week rain fell not only on the rag-bag of climate-change activists camped outside Heathrow, it also poured on the whole global-warming parade. First, new research indicates that our climate may be only one third as sensitive to C02 as has been assumed. Secondly, corrected temperature figures for America from Nasa indicate that the hottest year in the 20th century was 1934, not in the 1990s. Thirdly, recent satellite figures from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration demonstrate no mean global warming since 1998. Indeed, the curve has flattened to below 1998 levels. And finally, our British weather continues to contradict all predictions. When will our politicians, especially David Cameron, recognise that carbon claptrap, not global warming, is the danger for our economic future? ~Philip Stott, Emeritus Professor of Biogeography in the University of London, Gravesend, Kent~ (08/21/07)

Propaganda as Journalism - By Michael J. Economides - One of the vilest, most venomous pieces of writing masquerading as journalism was the Newsweek cover story on August 13, 2007. (08/20/07)

Sizzling study concludes: Global warming 'hot air' - A major new scientific study concludes the impact of carbon dioxide emissions on worldwide temperatures is largely irrelevant, prompting one veteran meteorologist to quip, "You can go outside and spit and have the same effect as doubling carbon dioxide." That comment comes from Reid Bryson, founding chairman of the Department of Meteorology at the University of Wisconsin, who said the temperature of the earth is increasing, but that it's got nothing to do with what man is doing. (08/20/07)

Answers or hot air on global warming? - Debate in Congress over government regulations on carbon dioxide emissions is starting to heat up. Sam Eaton reports on the differing views on a carbon tax and "cap and trade." (08/20/07)

"Today" Profiles Global Warming Alarmist - By Geoffrey Dickens - On Monday's "Today" show, NBC's Bob Dotson profiled Will Steger, a polar explorer who is indoctrinating America's youth about "collapsing" ice shelves and global warming. Dotson never doubted the explorer's theories, instead he chose to portray Steger's work as nothing short of much needed charity work: (08/20/07)

New Study Recommends Against Burning Biofuels to Solve Global Warming - By Noel Sheppard - A new study published in the journal Science last Friday concluded that the continued burning of oil-related energy products combined with the planting of additional forests is better for the environment than the manufacture and use of biofuels such as ethanol. In fact, the authors suggested that governments across the globe move away from biofuels as a global warming solution completely, and instead focus moneys and energies on reforestation and increasing the efficiencies involved with the burning of fossil fuels. (08/20/07)

Bush Administration claims: flooding in England not global warming; merely glaciers attempting to illegally immigrate - London, England - Bush administration officials finally released a comment regarding the massive flooding in central England this summer, blaming it not on the increasing signs all pointing to global warming but glaciers attempting to illegally immigrate into England. They are even suggesting that England should adopt a policy toward illegal immigration similar to its humane one as well to prevent further illegal crossings of undocumented glaciers. (08/20/07)

Excellent letter!
Global warming activists biased - Your report (Aug. 14) that carbon dioxide is the major cause of global warming leaves many scientists cold. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says there's more water vapor than any other greenhouse gas. Wikipedia says 66-85 percent of the greenhouse effect is from water vapor and clouds and that natural and man-made carbon dioxide causes only 9-26 percent. I wonder how an atmospheric physicist would understand these out-of-context claims. Non-scientists, e.g., Al Gore, John Bullard, and Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change bureaucrats, don't understand them. The current Newsweek reports $3 billion in industry financing for global warming "skeptics" but doesn't discuss the $50 billion in government and environmentalist financing of global warming believers. Scientist Steven Schneider, in "Global Warming," says scientists must "decide what the right balance is between being (politically) effective and being honest." Many teachers require children, without years of rigorous scientific training, to memorize, without understanding, very abstract, pro-global warming, scientific conclusions, and also to be politically active. Leading pro-global warming scientist James Hansen says environmentalism, politics and religion have been used by both sides to interpret science. (08/20/07)

Global Warming Bureaucrat Hansen Lashes Out at Critics - By Christopher Alleva - Ward Churchill could tell NASA's James Hansen what it is like when your work goes under a microscope. Churchill ended up losing his job over the academic misconduct that was uncovered. The intemperate response Hansen has displayed toward his critics begs for an explanation.. Will the global warming game be over if the scrutiny goes too deep? (08/20/07)

Warming Will Exacerbate Global Water Conflicts - By Doug Struck - Washington Post Staff Writer - "Global warming will intensify drought," he says. "And it will intensify floods." But really, why stop there? Fires will be hotter, water will be wetter, dirt will be dirtier...Just a reminder: Our friend John Brignell over at Number Watch has a laundry list of the "perils" caused by global warming. It's called the Warmlist. It's well worth regular visits. (08/20/07)

Legal mechanism required to counter global warming: Teri director - Tata Energy Research Institute (TERI) Director General R K Pachauri today called upon the law-makers to create a legal mechanism to fight challenges of climate change and global warming. Delivering the convocation address at the 15th Annual Convocation of the National Law School of India here, he stressed the need to address the problem of climate change on an equitable and ethically fair basis. Who decides what's equitable and ethical in India? Lawyers do, just like here. "Though the people and the political class are clamouring for a solution to the menace of global warming and impending climate change, there is no legal mechanism by which a global agreement, such as the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change(UNFCCC) can be given adequate teeth for compliance or a system to penalise those flouting such agreements," Dr Pachauri noted. He said it was time for the legal profession to turns its attention to protect the lives of those affected by the impact of climate change. (08/20/07)

Global Warming: the first genocide of the 21st century - How about Global Warming being the cause behind our planet's violence season? - No one wants to accept responsibility for the first genocide of the 21st century: the tragedy that is occurring in Darfur, in Sudan. The Sudanese government won't accept responsibility for the crisis occurring within its borders, while the United Nations won't accept blame for the role they've played in allowing hundreds of thousands to die. Now it seems a new culprit has entered the debate on the true source of the conflict, and the blame is now being shifted warming. (08/20/07)

Global warming, Iran and more - The Northern Hemisphere maybe warming slightly (unless you take the urban heat islands, Russia's and China's effort to change the climate, the clear cutting in Africa and India, etc.." But the Southern Hemisphere has been cooling slightly (the propagandist from the Socialist Church of Holy Global warming may disagree, but the facts are facts- yes most of the antarctic has cooling since humans arrived in 1957 (unlike ice-cores which may be off many degrees . What does that mean, I don't know, but global means the Southern and Northern Hemisphere. (08/20/07)

But I just want a cup of black coffee...
Cafe aims to cool global warming - By Dave Moller - Talking about global warming is one thing, but the patrons of the Climate Change Cafe Sunday at the Nevada City City Hall were geared to do something about it. (08/20/07)

NASA's Hansen Quotes Thomas Jefferson to Incite Global Warming Hysteria - By Noel Sheppard - Well, it only took a week for NASA's James Hansen to formally address the changes made to the United States historical climate record by the agency he oversees. When he finally got around to it, Hansen actually quoted from a letter Thomas Jefferson sent to James Madison in 1789 to suggest that the Founding Father would have been a global warming alarmist, while castigating today's skeptics as court jesters employed by oil companies. Oddly, Hansen's statement didn't appear at the Goddard Instititute For Space Studies website, but instead cropped up unceremoniously at Slashdot Friday morning. (08/19/07)

Hot tempers and global warming - FRANK MIELE - It used to be said that there were two things you should not talk about at the dinner table - religion and politics - in order to avoid unpleasant disagreements. To that we may now add global warming, a topic which certainly leads to hotter tempers if not always rising temperatures. Last week, I wrote about Newsweek's recent cover story about global warming, and noted that it was more of an effort to belittle and besmirch critics of global warming dogma than a serious news story. Well, to be accurate, it was not even an unserious news story; it was commentary without an appropriate label. (08/19/07)

Today's Know-Nothings - The "false consensus effect" is a scientific term explaining the behavior of people who believe that the collective opinion of their own group matches that of the larger population. Psychologists believe the condition arises from a subconscious bias in which an individual's preferences affect his beliefs in an optimistic direction, one favoring his own payoff. In public life, few politicians are immune to occasional bouts of this normally innocuous phenomenon. In the hands of the political left, however, the "false consensus effect" has been developed into something much more pernicious: a public-relations tool used to bludgeon skeptics and sway a largely uninformed public. (08/19/07)

Global warming as a con - I'm not part of a conspiracy. The oil companies are not writing me checks. I'm just an American speaking my mind. And I think man-made global warming is a crock. Worse, I think it's a fraud perpetrated on the developed world by an anarchist cult that wraps itself in liberalism and environmentalism. But global warming isn't about the environment, it is about a new slavery. This is a slavery that seeks to take away the economic freedom and prosperity of men and nations. (08/19/07)

Anxiety over global warming is unfounded - There you go again, editorial writers ["Warming warning," Aug. 15], demanding we do much more to curb global warming. The editorial adds national parks to a long list of asserted victims if warming continues. Won't you ever acknowledge that cooling has exacted a much greater toll on human lives than warming? Besides, whatever we do about warming might well be totally ineffectual, because the Earth has been going through hot-cold cycles for thousands of years. (08/19/07)

Global Warming Litigation Coming? - A little birdie recently chirped about some usual-suspect state attorneys general preparing a litigation strategy document for/with environmental pressure groups, providing a roadmap for cooperatively replicating the tobacco litigation of a decade ago in the "global warming" context, substituting that projected catastrophe for cancer and "big energy" for tobacco companies. (08/19/07)

Scientific secrecy is a danger to all - By Boston Herald editorial staff - The latest wrinkle in the global-warming controversy finds the National Aeronautics and Space Administration quietly correcting its historical data to compensate for an earlier error, a correction that should deflate some of the recent panic-mongering about an apparently warming Earth. The correction reduced the average temperatures for 2000-2006 in the continental United States by about 0.27 degrees Fahrenheit (with many stations showing lower readings and many showing readings much above average). That dethroned 1998 as the hottest year on record, a distinction in the NASA data set that now belongs to 1934 (by an insignificant margin over 1998). Several other recent hot years were moved down in the rankings, and the 1930s now account for four of the top 10. The number changes don't greatly affect worldwide averages - but they reveal a disturbing arrogance among scientists in the community of global-warming true believers. (08/19/07)

Warming debate: Scene 1, take 2 - By Jeff Jacoby, Globe Columnist - IF THERE'S anything climate-change crusaders are adamant about, it is that the science of the matter is settled. That greenhouse gases emitted through human activity are causing the planet to warm dangerously, they say, is an established fact; only a charlatan would claim otherwise. In the worlds of Al Gore, America's leading global warming apostle: "There's no more debate. We face a planetary emergency.... There is no more scientific debate among serious people who've looked at the evidence." But as with other claims Gore has made over the years ("I took the initiative in creating the Internet"), this one doesn't mesh with reality. (08/19/07)

California's Global Warming Watchdog Owns Oil, Coal and Utility Stocks - By Noel Sheppard - Here's a headline you'd never expect to see: Global Warming Watchdog Invests in Oil, Coal, Utilities. Think I'm kidding? Well, check the link. (08/18/07)

Kyoto Goes Dodo As APEC Says No-no to Carbon Emissions Targets - By Noel Sheppard - Some extraordinary statements concerning global warming have been made in the past couple of days by a key member of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum that could signal the end of the Kyoto Protocol as we know it. Of course, you likely didn't hear about this, for even though America is part of APEC, our media seemed thoroughly disinterested. (08/18/07)

Greenpeace News: 600 strip naked on glacier in global warming protest - Chilling message from wear-nothing activists to do-nothing politicians - or, Idiotic stunt by no-nothing nudes to polititions who couldn't and shouldn't care less. - Aletsch Glacier, Switzerland -- An emergency provokes extreme responses: human beings in danger will abandon social niceties, etiquette, and the norms of acceptable behaviour to raise an alarm any way they can when lives are in danger. Today, six hundred people shed their clothes on a glacier in the Swiss Alps to bodily cry out for help against a planetary emergency: global warming. (08/18/07)

Living sculpture: hundreds of naked volunteers express the vulnerability of glaciers and human life in a warming world. photo:
© Greenpeace / Wuertenberg

Pie in the sky - By Lindy McDowell - Things I can't stand about eco-warriors. The face paint. The fairy wings. The clown outfits. But, above all, the pompous, obnoxious, holier-than-thou attitude. Not that this is unique, of course, to the eco-protesters. Whether they're trying to save the planet, save animals or save our souls, there's a breed of people out there who a) think they know better than the rest of us and b) have taken it upon themselves to shove their views down everyone else's throats - whatever it takes. The eco-warriors, as they like to call themselves, aren't a whole lot different from those annoying wee men you used to see on street corners preaching fire and brimstone and wearing sandwich boards warning that the wages of sin was death. Except that today we're promised the wages of air pollution is global annihilation. Which is much the same thing as the sandwich board promised only super-sized. (08/18/07)

Global-warming report mailed to Utahns - But U. scientist, Sierra Club dispute its findings - Of course they do! The Sutherland Institute, a conservative think tank based in Salt Lake City, is mailing a global-warming report to 10,000 Utahns that contends scientists disagree about the phenomenon. But a University of Utah scientist and the Sierra Club say the information in the pamphlet is outdated, and the world's scientists and governments agree that humans burning fossil fuel is causing global warming. (08/18/07)

Sarah Silverman's Plan on Global Warming (from Jimmy Kimmel Live)
Source -

Global Warming Protesters 'As Thick As Pig-Shit' - BRIGHTON (Defecated News) - a large group of climate change protesters embarrassed themselves beyond measure today. So much so, that some of their own people had to ask them to leave. (08/17/07)

Tobacco road By - Chris Horner - A little birdie recently chirped about some usual-suspect state attorneys general preparing a litigation strategy document for/with environmental pressure groups, providing a roadmap for cooperatively replicating the tobacco litigation of a decade ago in the "global warming" context, substituting that projected catastrophe for cancer and "big energy" for tobacco companies. (08/17/07)

Global Climate Models Fail Yet Another Reality Check - By Marc Sheppard - Once again, computer-driven climate simulations have fallen short when measured against real-world scientific observations. That's right -- the very same climate models that warming "experts" the likes of the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and NASA's GISS base their catastrophic projections on have proven utterly unreliable once more. In a piece entitled Trouble in Climate-Model Paradise, Sherwood, Keith and Craig Idso over at CO2 Science tell the fascinating story of a recent attempt to harmonize the model / reality relationship that, instead, yielded "embarrassing results" for the researchers[...]
The Doctors Idso agreed, adding: "And until these 'enormous impact questions' are settled, we wonder how anyone could conceivably think of acting upon the global energy policy prescriptions of the likes of Al Gore and James Hansen, who speak and write as if there was little more to do in the realm of climate-change prediction than a bit of fine-tuning." (08/17/07)

Climate change moral failings are cowardice and ignorance, not inaction - By Professor Bob Carter & Tom Harris, Natural Resources Stewardship Project - Virtually overnight, Portland (Oregon) High School student Kristen Byrnes has become a climate change sensation and a role model for freethinking young people everywhere. As an extra credit project for an earth science course, she created "Ponder the Maunder", an attractive website designed to demonstrate "that the Earth's warming climate is a result of natural variance and that man-made changes in the warming climate in the last 40 years are negligible at best." After being highlighted in a number of articles in two local newspapers and on several prominent Web sites, "Ponder the Maunder" attracted over 500,000 hits in May. (08/17/07)

Global Warming Update - How many of you people have seen Algore's movie? We talked about this, by the way, before the movie came out. This mysterious current, the Gulf Stream and other related currents in the Atlantic, and they cycle warm water up north, and they keep Britain moderately temperate. The climate is moderate. It doesn't get too cold, doesn't get too hot, and if this current ever stopped, why, it could wreak havoc on Britain. Of course, in the Gore movie, this current is stopping, and it's slowing down, and it may be disappearing, and this is because of global warming. But we have new information, ladies and gentlemen... (08/17/07)

Can Energy Saving Software Reverse Global Warming? -
Software Initiative Seeks Government, Corporate, Media and Non-Profit Support To Help Reverse Global Warming - Today, South Beach Software is please to announce the launch of the Save Our Planet Software Initiative. Save Our Planet is a software initiative to get 100 million people worldwide to conserve energy on a daily basis using the Save Our Planet software. We believe that 100 million people conserving energy on a daily basis will be a major influence on the other 6 billion people on this earth. This action should move the trend from people generally ignoring the global warming problem, to a broad cross-section of people taking action to conserve energy. So what is Save Our Planet? Save Our Planet is a software program that provides tools and strategies to help consumers conserve energy at home and work on a daily basis. The software lets consumers monitor their daily energy conservation activities through a daily home, work, transportation, recycling and shopping checklist. Save Our Planet also lets users perform their own energy audits, create a monthly energy conservation budget and monitor and track their efforts to reduce their energy related expenses. In addition, the software provides energy saving ideas and encourages users to brainstorm new energy saving ideas on a daily basis. (08/17/07)

Nuclear reactor shut down...because of global warming? - By Kevin Spiess - Global warming becoming a bit of a bother - The humid, sub-tropical climate of Tennessee is even a little hotter than usual this summer: a scorching heat-wave has struck the south-eastern United States for the last 10 days. 37 deaths have been attributed to this recent heat wave; and, it seems that the latest causality of this heat wave includes a nuclear reactor. The Tennessee Valley Authority has shutdown the Browns Ferry reactor due to the rising temperature of the Tennessee River. The river surpassed the 90 degree mark over the last 24 hours -- a temperature record that is not great for fish, nor for cooling nuclear reactors. "It's the hottest in 20 years," said John Moulton, spokesman of the utility company, in reference to the heat wave. "We don't believe we've ever shut down a nuclear unit because of river temperature," he went on to say, presumably, while sweating profusely. (08/17/07)

NYT: Leonardo DiCaprio Trying to Save the World, But No One's Listening - By Clay Waters - Reliably liberal New York Times movie critic Manohla Dargis lauded activist-actor Leonardo DiCaprio's "The 11th Hour," the latest documentary of environmental apocalypse. "To judge from all the gas-guzzlers still fouling the air and the plastic bottles clogging the dumps, it appears that the news that we are killing ourselves and the world with our greed and garbage hasn't sunk in. That's one reason 'The 11th Hour,' an unnerving, surprisingly affecting documentary about our environmental calamity, is such essential viewing. It may not change your life, but it may inspire you to recycle that old slogan-button your folks pinned on their dashikis back in the day: If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem." (08/17/07)

Science says the Gulf Stream's not slowing - Tom Spears, CanWest News Service; Ottawa Citizen - A major study is throwing cold water on the idea that global warming is already slowing down the Gulf Stream, which supplies much of western Europe's warmth. (08/17/07)

Maybe they can get Professor Gore to teach it!
UMUC one of first colleges to offer global warming concentration - bBy Kelsey Volkmann, The Examiner - BALTIMORE - Baltimore, Annapolis, Chesapeake Bay wetlands and other low-lying regions flood. Malaria and yellow fever abound. Plants and animals die. To train people how to tackle these problems and others, University of Maryland, University College, has launched one of the nation's first concentrations in global warming. (08/17/07)

Global warming measure divides - By CHRIS ENGLISH, Bucks County Courier Times - Global warming has one Middletown supervisor hot under the collar, in more ways than one. Diane Marseglia was so infuriated by the board's failure at Tuesday night's meeting to adopt a set of goals designed to reduce global warming, she left the room for two or three minutes after voicing her displeasure. (08/17/07)

Journalists should not portray global warming as a morality tale - By Robert J Samuelson - We in the news business often enlist in moral crusades. Global warming is among the latest. Unfortunately, self-righteous indignation can undermine good journalism. A recent Newsweek cover story on global warming is a sobering reminder. It's an object lesson of how viewing the world as "good guys vs bad guys" can lead to a vast oversimplification of a messy story. Global warming has clearly occurred; the hard question is what to do about it. (08/17/07)

NASA Flacks for Global Warming and Skirts Scientific Ethics - As pointed out in these pages, NASA has yet to own up fully to its historic error in misinterpreting US surface temperatures to conform to the Global Warming hypothesis, as discovered by Stephen McIntyre at This is not the first major error discovered by McIntyre and his coworker, Canadian economist Ross McKintrick, who previously uncovered the fatally flawed "hockey stick" climate curve, used to justify Global Warming alarmism by the 2001 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Here is the official ethics statement on scientific errors and the need for public correction from the American Physical Society, the national society of research physics:
"It should be recognized that honest error is an integral part of the scientific enterprise. It is not unethical to be wrong, provided that errors are promptly acknowledged and corrected when they are detected." (08/17/07)

Sunny Brook Greentree and Global Warming - By Abel Keogh - We're here today with Sunny Brook Greentree, the all-wise and all-knowing environmental guru who answers questions about the state of our planet. Today we tackle the topic of global warming. (08/16/07)

Gotta love that raindeer meat.
Global Warming is Here
- Sure it is! KANCHALAN, Northeast Russia - It is summer in this reindeer-herding village in northern Russia and with not an iceberg in sight, residents are acquiring a taste for bathing in the local river. "We used to have ice on the river all year round. The warming process is speeding up," said the worried head of the state-controlled reindeer company at Kanchalan, Arkady Makhushkin. "The reindeers' health is suffering. Their meat isn't so tasty," he said, explaining that the animals had to be herded greater distances to find cooler grazing grounds in upland areas. As he tries to work out the effects of rising temperatures on his 32,000 reindeer, questions are being asked about global warming across northern Russia, from Chukotka region in the east, where Kanchalan is located, to Murmansk in the west. While there are fears for wildlife, there is growing optimism about the Arctic maritime passage that runs across the top of Russia from the Bering Straits to the north Atlantic. In May, President Vladimir Putin called for greater attention to this passage, which is known as the Northern Sea Route and now operates only piecemeal. It could potentially cut thousands of kilometers off sea travel between Europe and Asia. In an address on a nuclear ice-breaker in Murmansk, he urged more effort in the area to secure Russia's "strategic, economic, scientific and defence interests." In Chukotka, regional governor Roman Abramovich, the oil tycoon and owner of Britain's Chelsea football club, has given at least symbolic backing to this goal. He sponsored a successful search for the steamship Chelyuskin, which sank off Chukotka's coast in 1933 while trying to prove the viability of the Northern Sea Route. In addition, explorer and parliament member Artur Chilingarov is leading a survey of the Arctic seabed this summer, with a view to extending Moscow's territorial claims and developing new energy deposits. Referring to prospects for the Northern Sea Route, Chilingarov told AFP: "No one except Russia can do this... We have our own ice-breakers. We had a system in Soviet times. We need to restore it." A British yachtsman, Adrian Flanagan, is due shortly to head off from Chukotka to attempt the first solo sail through the Northern Sea Route. While one Chukotka port official described this as "kamikaze," Flanagan too is optimistic. Contacted by AFP he said that the ice looked set to recede at least as far as in 2005, which was a record year. But while some see opportunities, others are already counting the costs of climate change. Good luck! (08/16/07)

Global Warming Already Cited in Hurricane Dean Story - By P.J. Gladnick - It has been less than a day since Tropical Storm Dean has developed into a hurricane and already global warming is being mentioned in a news story about this weather development. Credit for the first known citing of global warming in a Hurricane Dean story goes to The Daily Green. Correspondent Chris Mooney starts out by giving his story, Nothing But Land to Stop Hurricane Dea...or Supertyphoon Sepat, an authentic all caps touch with this weather advisory from the National Hurricane Center... (08/16/07)

Watts Rattles Global Warming Theologians - By Bill Steigerwald - Big things happen when you're discovered by the Drudge Report. Ask Anthony Watts. He's the veteran meteorologist from Chico, Calif., who was featured in the June 17 edition of this column because of his project to quality-check the 1,221 official weather stations used to take the country's average surface temperature. (08/16/07)

Junkscience in Global Warming Theory? - Let's Count the Ways - By Michael R. Fox Ph.D. - In spite of what some call a national debate on global warming, there really hasn't been one. There has been name calling, personal attacks, calls for defunding the skeptics, calls for Nuremburg trials, muzzling the critics. This isn't debate, this is not a discussion, this isn't consensus, and it isn't science. It is bullying and thuggery, and reminiscent of remedial behavior classes. Significantly, as the numbers of scientists grow increasingly appalled with the unscientific bullying and are becoming skeptics themselves, massive re-examination of the entire global warming effort and the purported evidence is taking place. For scientists the findings thus far are worse than imagined. Much of the evidence put forth by the warmers for their theory is either exaggerated, wrong, or being fudged. (08/16/07)

Kids urged to take state's global warming challenge - Youths and their families can take action at home to combat global warming by participating in the New Jersey Global Warming Summer Challenge. The goal of the challenge - sponsored by the New Jersey Department of Environmental (DEP) Protection and Liberty Science Center, in cooperation with the Board of Public Utilities - is to increase understanding of global warming and to have people commit to reducing energy use at home, according to a press release from the DEP's communications office. In other words, the "goal" is to further the indoctrination of our children into the global warming alarmist religion. (08/16/07)

Chicago Mayor Is Scolded for Global Warming Hypocrisy - By James M. Taylor - Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley (D) was slammed on Capitol Hill June 20 for being all talk and no action regarding greenhouse gas emissions. Daley told the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming that the City of Chicago is leading by example on global warming issues. Daley criticized the federal government for failing to do the same. (08/16/07)

Global warming scientists fudge data - By Klaus Rohrich - The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the UN body pushing for laws that would limit man-made carbon emissions through a series of ultra-draconian regulations aimed primarily at developed nations, has a dirty little secret: its scientists have fudged their data to make the global warming picture look worse than it actually is. That's what Douglas J. Keenan, an obvious global warming denier who bothered to check the documentation used by the IPCC's chief climatologist, Dr. P. D. Jones in the IPCC's latest report. (08/16/07)

Criminalizing Global Warming Dissent? - Anthropogenic global warming is a scientific hypothesis, not an article of religious or ideological dogma. Skepticism and doubt are entirely appropriate in the realm of science, in which truth is determined by evidence, experimentation, and observation, not by consensus or revelation. Yet when it comes to global warming, dissent is treated as heresy ? as a pernicious belief whose exponents must be shamed, shunned, or silenced. (08/16/07)

NBC Nightly News Joins Newsweek in Smearing Global Warming 'Deniers' - By Brent Baker - Only days after Newsweek was embarrassed when its own columnist, Robert Samuelson, excoriated the magazine for a "fundamentally misleading" and "highly contrived" cover story meant to defame the global warming "denial machine," Wednesday's NBC Nightly News aired an equally distorted story which smeared "deniers," a term no doubt meant to conjure a similarity to dishonorable Holocaust deniers. Reporter Anne Thompson began her crusading piece with "In Denial" on screen over video of the Cato Institute's Patrick Michaels. She fretted about "interest groups fueled by powerful companies, including oil giant ExxonMobil." Citing the far-left Union of Concerned Scientists, she highlighted their claim that "ExxonMobil gave almost $16 million over seven years to denier groups, including the Competitive Enterprise Institute." But as Marc Morano, of the minority staff of the Senate's Committee on Environment and Public Works, disclosed in a posting, "proponents of man-made global warming have been funded to the tune of $50 BILLION in the last decade or so," not even counting the impact of one-sided media reporting, "while skeptics have received a paltry $19 MILLION." (08/16/07)

Well. it didn't take long...
Is global warming to blame for all the rain? - Na, it's really George Bush's fault. With unseasonably wet and chilly weather causing people to flock to foreign destinations in order to get a bit of sunshine, this summer has been one of the worst that many people can remember. Can we blame the rain showers and cold spells experienced during the summer of 07 on shifting weather patterns or is this one of the effects of global warming? In the first world we have been warned for years about the effect our actions are having on the planet. But so far we have done little to reverse the damage already done. (08/16/07)

Global Warming and James Hansen's Hacks - By Michael Fumento - If you follow the global warming debate, you "know" that nine of the ten warmest years recorded in the U.S. lower 48 since 1880 have occurred since 1995, with the very hottest being 1998. But whaddya know! Those figures are wrong. Data from NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) now show the hottest year since 1880 was 1934. Nineteen-ninety-eight dropped to second, while the third hottest year was way back in 1921. Indeed, four of the 10 hottest years were in the 1930s, while only three were in the past decade. (08/16/07)

In global warming, all research is local - Regional or local conditions can change, even reverse, expectations based solely on world studies. - By Robert C. Cowen - Ozone is a tricky gas. In the stratosphere, it shields us from the sun's ultraviolet radiation. But it's an obnoxious pollutant at ground level. Now research tells us that it also impairs the ability of plants to absorb the global-warming gas carbon dioxide (CO2). That dampens the hopeful assumption that plants will take enough CO2 out of the air to partly offset the emission of that gas from burning fossil fuels. It also highlights a significant weakness in scientists' ability to assess global-warming climate change. Various types of air pollution can change the way planetwide average warming affects local or regional climates. Thus local circumstances can reduce, or even reverse, expectations based solely on global studies. The new ozone study, led by Stephen Sitch with England's Hadley Center for Climate Change, illustrates this. (08/16/07)

Violins please...
Grower: Heat wave is proof global warming is here - Drivers whizzing along the 10200 block of Liberty Road may think the bright orange-and-white sign in front of George's Greenhouse is just a humorous comment on the region's recent heat wave and drought. But owner George Peach isn't kidding with his giant "Global Warming Sale" sign. Peach said the past months of hot, dry weather haven't only taken a toll on this summer's crop of flowering plants, shrubs, trees and vegetables. He said it's an obvious sign that global warming is here - and it's very serious. "I can't believe people are still denying global warming," said Peach, who has been growing and selling all things green for 15 years at the Randallstown location. "The heat is brutal. I've never seen anything like this." Really? It's called summer! (08/15/07)

Thomas: Logic of global warming jihadists: So much hot air - By Cal Thomas - In every child's life there comes a time when childhood fantasies are shattered and he or she is forced to accept reality - there is no Santa Claus or tooth fairy; parents don't always mean it when they promise to stay married until parted by death. Grown-up scientists, theologians, historians, archaeologists and others who pursue facts and objective truths are rooted in reality and constantly adjusting their conclusions, theories and hypotheses when new information comes to light. Those who ignore facts and cling to outdated information, or outright falsehoods, can quickly embrace fanaticism. So it is with ''global warming,'' the secular religion of our day that even has a good number of adherents among people of faith. Having decided to focus less on the eternal and whether anyone dwells there, global warming fundamentalists are pushing planet worship on us in a manner that would make a jihadist proud. (08/15/07)

From Hippies to Hedge Fund Operators: The Case of Jeff Skoll - by Harley Schlanger - The evolution of Jeff Skoll from a tech entrepreneur to a leading figure in promoting the anti-science global warming hoax pushed by the racist from Tennessee, Al Gore, provides a textbook case in how the degeneration associated with the domination of our culture by Baby Boomers has brought civilization to a moment of a final, existential reckoning. (08/15/07)

Global Warming Lawsuits Impacting Climate Change Debate - By Noel Sheppard - As climate change legislation hopefully gets bogged down in a do-nothing Congress that continually punts on major issues of the day - keep your fingers crossed! - America's courts are likely to become the real battleground where the war over anthropogenic global warming is waged. With this in mind, all eyes are on a United States district court in Mississippi where a class action lawsuit was filed last year against most of America's oil, coal, and electric power companies claiming that their actions which exacerbate global warming were responsible for Hurricane Katrina and, therefore, plaintiffs' physical and monetary damages caused by that tropical storm. (08/15/07)

NBC News Declares Global Warming Debate Over - By Jake Gontesky - Following in the footsteps of Newsweek Magazine, and CNN's Miles O'Brien's recent claim that the debate is over, NBC News further degraded the global warming debate this evening. In a report on global warming "deniers", Ann Thompson declared the debate over anthropogenic global warming "over". In a segment that was spun against skeptics from the start (including the requisite repeated referral to those who question the human impact on climate change by using the derogatory and historically-loaded "deniers" label), Patrick Michaels was given just a few seconds of air time to point out a primary tenet of skeptics: while the Earth is indeed likely warming, the human connection cannot be quantified. But from there, the segment took the usual left turn, immediately vilifying the "deniers". (08/15/07)

Magazine Finds 'Eco-Friendly' Woman to Have the Largest Carbon Footprint - By Paul Detrick - Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who's got the lowest carbon footprint of them all? The "eco-conscious" one, says Marie Claire magazine. An "urban hipster," a "mountain maven" and a "globe-trotter" competed to see who "[was] earth-friendly and whose carbon footprint [was] to blame for drowning polar bears and worse" in the September 2007 issue of Marie Claire. The article, entitled, "Whose Carbon Footprint is the Smallest," found that globe-trotter "Josie," who "considers herself more eco-conscious than most people," had the largest carbon footprint. (08/15/07)

Magazine: 'We'll See You in Carbon-Emissions Hell' - By Paul Detrick - When Marie Claire magazine isn't busy making women feel like they are too old or too fat, they are telling women who drive SUVs they'll be heading to "carbon emissions hell." The September 2007 issue of Marie Claire features a sidebar in their "McBulletin" section entitled "Highway to Heaven." "Consult our quick guide to fuel-efficient cars, then cruise through the tollbooth at the pearly green gates," the tag line explained, nestled between a scale of "good" and "evil" signs. (08/15/07)

Consumers Not Buying Gore's '10 Myths' on Environment, But Media Keeps Selling Them, Anyway - By Craig Bannister - So, a new survey shows that only 22% of consumers think they can make a difference regarding the environment - and that they're far more knowledgeable on the subject than typically thought. You'd think that'd be news, given the way the mainstream media seems to love proclaiming man's suicidal assault on Mother Earth. Apparently not, if you trust Lexis or Google News to track media coverage. So, why haven't the left-wing media's Big Guns been reporting the story? Perhaps, it's because the findings suggest that consumers aren't as "green" (in either sense) as they'd like the public to believe. (08/15/07)

A Really Inconvenient Truth: Kyoto Protocol Destroying Ozone Layer - By Noel Sheppard - Here's something the mainstream media are guaranteed to ignore: "The biggest emissions-cutting projects under the Kyoto Protocol on global warming have directly contributed to an increase in the production of gases that destroy the ozone layer, a senior U.N. official says." Didn't hear about this? Well, how could you, for although Reuters published its article on the subject Monday, no other mainstream press outlet thought it was newsworthy. (08/15/07)

Russians laud global warming - By Alastair Gee | New York Times News Service - MOSCOW - Global climate change means "we'll spend less on fur coats," Russian President Vladimir Putin quipped in 2003. But increasingly, Russia's official stand on global warming seems to be: Why worry? While global concerns over climate change conjure images of melting ice caps and submerged cities, some Russian experts are hailing it as the answer to Russia's prayers. (08/15/07)

Global warming: Who is to blame? - The evil United States, of course! ...The world's largest polluter, America has backed out of pollution treaties to reduce car emissions or petrol consumption. The United States alone accounted for 36.1 per cent of worldwide greenhouse emissions in 1990. (08/15/07)

1922 Media Mislead on Global Warming too! - By Jim Wrenn - Evidence showed global warming melting polar ice-caps with seals becoming extinct in 1922. - John McCaslin brings to light incontrovertible proof of how easily the "entightened" people in charge of the "mainstream" media are guiled by "scientific" theories adorned more by political attractiveness than by the rigors of science. What's the proof? One of McCaslin's reliable sources unconvered a 1922 Washington Post article reciting "scientific" evidence then claimed to be proof that the "melting" of the polar ice-caps was imminent as well as consequential environmental catastrophes such as the extinction of seals being imminent. McCaslin's entire article with supporting links is here, and the "print" link for the article is here. (08/15/07)

Hot tempers on global warming - By Jeff Jacoby, Globe Columnist - First of two parts - INTRODUCING Newsweek's Aug. 13 cover story on global warming "denial," editor Jon Meacham brings up an embarrassing blast from his magazine's past: an April 1975 story about global cooling, and the coming ice age that scientists then were predicting. Meacham concedes that "those who doubt that greenhouse gases are causing significant climate change have long pointed to the 1975 Newsweek piece as an example of how wrong journalists and researchers can be." But rather than acknowledge that the skeptics may have a point, Meacham dismisses it. "On global cooling," he writes, "there was never anything even remotely approaching the current scientific consensus that the world is growing warmer because of the emission of greenhouse gases." Really? Newsweek took rather a different line in 1975. Then, the magazine reported that scientists were "almost unanimous" in believing that the looming Big Chill would mean a decline in food production, with some warning that "the resulting famines could be catastrophic." Moreover, it said, "the evidence in support of these predictions" -- everything from shrinking growing seasons to increased North American snow cover -- had "begun to accumulate so massively that meteorologists are hard-pressed to keep up with it." (08/15/07)

Global Warming Simplicities - By Robert J. Samuelson - We in the news business often enlist in moral crusades. Global warming is among the latest. Unfortunately, self-righteous indignation can undermine good journalism. A recent Newsweek cover story on global warming is a sobering reminder. It's an object lesson on how viewing the world as "good guys vs. bad guys" can lead to a vast oversimplification of a messy story. Global warming has clearly occurred; the hard question is what to do about it. (08/15/07)

NASA's global warming misinformation needs full retraction - By Christopher Alleva - The news blackout on the erroneous NASA temperature data has been partially lifted by the Toronto Star. More than anything their story was driven by home pride in a local man, Steve McIntyre, who single-handedly exposed the vaunted American Space agency's mistakes and errors. Drudge is linking this story so more pressure is building on the media to lift the blackout. NASA quietly corrected the data last week. The media blackout has been going on for the better part of 5 days. Expect the blackout to continue for sometime to come. Many reporters and editors are on vacation. Global warming stories written before they left to take advantage of the heat of August have probably been shelved for the time being. (08/15/07)

Global warming 'masked'? - By James Lewis - Hear that trumpet call? It's New Scientist magazine sounding "Retreat!" on global warming, like Custer's cavalry when all those screaming Sioux warriors came charging over the hill. Charge!! Backward! With NASA suddenly erasing that magical 0.15 degrees (C) of temperature jump in 1998, the upward trend of surface warming, once the staple of Global Warming alarmism, has been totally erased. Nineteen thirty-four, of Dust Bowl fame, is now the hottest year on record. NASA is trying to pretend it is just a trivial change. They are wrong. (08/15/07)

Irrigation Counteracts Global Warming - By Andrea Thompson, LiveScience Staff Writer - Irrigation can counteract global warming on a local scale, a new study shows, but increasing demand for water is likely to curb that influence in the future, scientists predict. Scientists from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California showed that there was an irrigation-induced cooling in agricultural areas, based on observations of temperature and irrigation trends throughout California. In highly irrigated regions of the San Joaquin Valley, daytime temperatures have cooled by 1.8 to 3.2 degrees Celsius since the introduction of irrigation in 1887, as compared to low-irrigated areas. (08/15/07)

'Green' allies see environmental value in logging - By CHRIS McGANN - OLYMPIA -- Environmentalists and leading Democrats are advancing a new way to "green up" the state's portfolio by setting aside $70 million of state money to buy forestland for logging. That may seem odd, but global warming has been redefining the rules of nature -- and politics, too. Environmentalists and their political allies say in the long run, logging is better for the planet than unchecked development. That's causing timberlands and forestry to be seen in a whole new light. (08/14/07)

Global warming and empty calories - One of the silver linings of climate change, some have argued, is that high carbon dioxide levels will mean increased crop yields, which will, in turn, be good for combating global hunger (the logic, I suppose, being that if we're frying fifty years from now, at least we won't be hot and hungry). But some underpublicized studies, reported this month in Nature, cast a long shadow on this sunny assertion. (Sorry! It looks like the the article is subscription only, so I'll be as descriptive as possible.) In the 1980s, Bruce Kimball, a soil physicist with the USDA in Arizona, began conducting scientific experiments simulating a high-CO2 environment (using a system called "free air carbon dioxide enrichment," or FACE). He found that crop yields were elevated -- plants imbibing large quantities of CO2 had more starch and more sugar in their leaves than those on a normal carbon diet. But because they also took up less nitrogen from the soil, they made less protein. What a bunch of crap! Why must we always do a "study" to find an elaborate explanation to replace the obvious? It's called soil depletion and it's nothing new. And if you accelerate growth (yield) within a finite amount of soil, it stands to reason that the soil has a finite amount of nutrients available to be absorbed by more plants. Besides, who cares how much protein a plant makes? When I want protein, I eat meat! (08/14/07)

Positive Feedback: Have We Been Fooling Ourselves? - By Roy Spencer - There are three main points/opinions/issues I'd like to explore, which are all interrelated:
1. The traditional way in which feedbacks have been diagnosed from observational data has very likely misled us about the existence of positive feedbacks in the climate system.
2. Our new analyses of satellite observations of intraseasonal oscillations suggest negative cloud feedbacks, supporting Lindzen's Infrared Iris hypothesis.
3. I am increasingly convinced that understanding precipitation systems is the key to understanding climate sensitivity.
Unfortunately, the three of these represents too much material to present today. Since the second (Infrared Iris) results were just published by us in GRL (August 9, 2007), it would seem to be the logical one for me to discuss before the others. But the first issue is, in some sense, much more important and fundamental, and will help us put the newly published results in a more meaningful context. (08/14/07)

Man's affect on global warming ... small compared to nature's work - Today's concerns about global warming should be seen in the light of the climate around 1000 AD. Vikings were farming Greenland. The climate of England permitted vineyards. But there are no indications that populated lands were experiencing alarming rising sea levels at that time. (08/14/07)

Proposed cure for global warming could cause problems - Proposed geoengineering schemes to reduce global warming may do more harm than good, warns a new study published in Geophysical Research Letters. (08/14/07)

Global Warming Said to Cause My Six Month Dry Spell - "I haven't gotten laid in six months, and Global Warming apparently is to blame," say local scientists. "Hey we know that climate affects mating habits," said local scientist Mo Filby (disclosure: Mr. Filby is also my cousin). "And what else could possibly explain a dry spell like that?" (08/14/07)

Twisted Science: Bullies of the Beltway - By Michael R. Fox Ph.D. - The complexities of global warming, (renamed as climate change) should be the domain of scientific discussions. Such discussions should be held within the constraints of science, the scientific methods, the careful collection, management, and analyses of the climate data. There should include careful resolutions and explanations of conflicting data, replication, and passing the essential demands of explaining the observations of the climate data. (08/14/07)

Gore's 'truth' not only one: objector - Katie Rook, National Post - A retired Calgary teacher is sponsoring a downtown billboard that decries the greenhouse effect as a "huge hoax" after he was criticized for denying that humans are responsible for global warming. Oswald Czolgosz, who believes environmental activists such as Al Gore are suppressing debate about global warming, spent about $3,000 to have a dissenting perspective publicized last week. "I am just an individual citizen. I am not a member of any organization, any political party. I just like to read up on the facts and be informed and I got the feeling that my sources of information were being stifled," he said. (08/14/07)

Global warming theories leave dissident MPs cold - By Stephanie Peatling - A GROUP of Government backbenchers is disputing the science that says humans are responsible for global warming, likening it to other historic claims that were later found to be incorrect. The Liberal MPs Dennis Jensen, Danna Vale and Jackie Kelly and the Country Liberal MP David Tollner issued a dissenting report yesterday to a Government committee investigation into the viability of geosequestration - the storage of carbon dioxide - as a solution to climate change. (08/14/07)

NUIG DOCTOR SAYS SMOG CAN BLOCK GLOBAL WARMING - A Doctor at NUIGalway has discovered that the haze of smog which hangs over many cities could actually help fight the affects of global warming. (08/14/07)

'Cool farms' mask the extent of global warming - Catherine Brahic - You've heard of urban heat islands. Now researchers have confirmed the existence of their opposite: cool farm patches. (08/14/07)

TalkBack: A new source for ethanol: Coal - Will still cause global warming - The carbon that is in coal, like the carbon that is in oil, is currently safely sequestered underground. Using that carbon to make ethanol will release that carbon into the atmosphere, exacerbating the existing global warming problem. Using plant-based ethanol production does not contribute to global warming, because the plants remove carbon dioxide from the air, convert it into sugars and starches, which are then further converted to ethanol and burned for fuel, thus completing the carbon cycle. Using carbon from fossil fuels for this purpose will dump NEW CO2 into the atmosphere. In short: A BAD IDEA! (08/13/07)

Global Warming Debate Turns Uglier - There should include careful resolutions and explanations of conflicting data, replication, and passing the essential demands of explaining the observations of the climate data. (08/13/07)

Shattered Consensus: True State of Global Warming
Book Review
- By Michael R. Fox Ph.D. - This book - Shattered Consensus: True State of Global Warming - was edited by Patrick Michaels and Reviewed by Michael R. Fox Ph.D. The new research findings in climate science are advancing rapidly. Much of this appears in the scientific literature. Other science media include some excellent books now being published. Michaels' book appeared in 2005 and was among the first to simplify and distill much of the new information. (08/13/07)

Educate yourself about climate change - By Tom Harris and Ian Clark - Climate change hysteria has finally hit main street America. Once merely the rallying cry of environmentalist extremists, calls to "save the planet from climate catastrophe" has become de rigueur for celebrities, media commentators and even Fortune 500 CEOs seeking to enhance their green credentials. That few of them have even the slightest idea what they are talking about does not make a difference. It's official: "stopping climate change" is "in". (08/13/07)

Cool It - Interview with Bjorn Lomborg - By Bill Steigerwald - Cool It: The Skeptical Environmentalist's Guide to Global Warming by Bjorn Lomborg (Knopf) -- "Cool It" is not the first book Denmark's Bjorn Lomborg has written about global warming. Lomborg's heretical 2001 best-seller, "The Skeptical Environmentalist," drew a firestorm of nasty criticism and unveiled hatred from environmentalists and the global warming crowd because it said most of the bad effects of climate change have been grossly exaggerated. Named one of Time magazine's 100 most influential people in 2004, Lomborg -- a statistician by training -- believes global warming is occurring. But he also believes we should approach the problem rationally -- which means not wasting all our energy and resources today on global warming's long-run effects when there are more-pressing human-killing problems like malaria and malnutrition we should be addressing. (08/13/07)

Leaked Document Shows Britain Can't Meet EU's Renewable Energy Targets - By Noel Sheppard - As Congress debates ways to combat climate change, a leaked internal briefing to officials in Great Britain (PDF available here) showed members of that government backtracking on renewable energy targets set forth by the European Union and agreed upon by former Prime Minister Tony Blair. (08/13/07)

CBS's Julie Chen Endorses Leonardo DiCaprio's Alarmist Film - By Justin McCarthy - Julie Chen followed Barbara Walters' lead in endorsing a global warming alarmist film, this time on Leonardo DiCaprio's upcoming documentary, "The 11th Hour." The August 13 edition of "The Early Show" ran an unchallenged piece on DiCaprio's film, then this exchange between co-hosts Harry Smith and Julie Chen. (08/13/07)

Seven Astronauts' Lives Hang in Global Warming Balance - By Mithridate Ombud - The screaming left is always going on about the lives that will be lost from the global warming boogeyman, yet I can't find a single newspaper willing to confront the seven lives that may be lost on Wednesday because of it. You may recall how Clinton/Gore EPA regulations forced NASA to switch to a freon-free foam, one that doesn't stick to the tanks, one that causes up to 11 times more damage to the life-saving thermal tiles, all in an effort to make the libs feel better about flying their personal jets across the globe. Ever since then we've had scare after tragedy every time a Shuttle launches. (08/13/07)

NASA Scientist James Hansen Places Foot in Mouth on Global Warming? - Hansen Compounds Error at GISS - Dr. James Hansen, head of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Sciences (GISS), has criticized the Bush administration in the past for alleged censorship of the scientific community. With the recent discover in the US temperature averages prepared by GISS, Dr. Hansen made the corrections and hastily posted an email to several journalists. (08/13/07)

How Important Was NASA's Change to Historical Climate Data Last Week? - By Noel Sheppard - Last week's revelation by Climate Audit's Steve McIntyre of a serious mistake and subsequent changes made by NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies in the temperature history of America has created quite a debate in the new media. While conservative bloggers were quick to point out the hypocrisy regarding the lack of an official announcement from GISS chief James Hansen as well as the possible significance to the entire global warming debate, alarmists such as RealClimate and TNR's The Plank viewed McIntyre's discovery and GISS's alterations less than earth shattering. (08/13/07)

Man-Made Global Warming? Scientists are Starting to Doubt It - By Candace Talmadge - The crashing sounds reverberating throughout the globe aren't solely from melting glaciers smashing into warming seas. They're also the reverberations of scientists all over the world dropping their belief in the greenhouse gases theory of climate change. (08/13/07)

Putting Global Warming on Ice - By Bill Steigerwald - Big things happen when you're discovered by the Drudge Report. Ask Anthony Watts. He's the veteran meteorologist from Chico, Calif., who was featured in the June 17 edition of this column because of his project to quality-check the 1,221 official weather stations used to take the country's average surface temperature. In the hours after posted The Pittsburgh Tribune's "scoop" about Watts, his Web site Watt's Up With That? ( was visited by 20,000 people. Normally it gets 3,000 hits a month. [...] A responsible scientist, Watts won't draw any conclusions from his research yet. But one top climate scientist -- NASA's James Hansen, the patron saint of the apocalyptic global warming movement -- apparently doesn't think Watts' dogged pursuit of scientific certainty matters much. I asked Hansen by e-mail last week "How important is the data from these (1,221 ground) weather stations in your climate modeling?"
"It has no effect on modeling," Hansen replied. "Of course we compare modeling results with observed temperatures. But the observational analysis is based mainly on measurements at places remote from human influence." Really? How can anyone believe anything Hansen says anymore? (08/13/07)

UK set to hit aviation with more taxes in global warming fight - By Aimée Turner - The UK's efforts to gauge whether aviation meets the true cost of its effect on global warming could lead not only to a political move to keep the controversial air passenger duty, but could also lead to further charges and taxes - on top of emissions trading costs. (08/13/07)

Scientists: Newsweek Erred in Global Warming Coverage - Newswise -- A recent Newsweek magazine cover story on global warming contained significant errors and used outdated scientific material in its representation of global climate data collected by satellites, according to the scientists who maintain that dataset at The University of Alabama in Huntsville. (08/13/07)

Moonbeam Update
Today's editorial: Jerry Brown's crystal ball - The attorney general wants compliance with regulations before they're written. Hyperbole in Sacramento is distorting an entirely reasonable argument. Sen. Bob Dutton, R-Rancho Cucamonga, believes the government shouldn't be allowed to sue to force compliance with rules that don't yet exist. After all, how can anyone comply with rules that don't exist? How would anyone know whether he or she is breaking the law? (08/13/07)

more Moonbeam...
Jerry Brown's latest battle : GLOBAL WARMING, STATE BUDGET AT CENTER OF FIGHT - By Steve Geissinger, MediaNews Sacramento Bureau - SACRAMENTO - Jerry Brown, ever the political lightning rod, is once again in the spotlight, this time at the center of a strange battle over global warming and the state's stalled budget. It may seem odd that Brown, who as attorney general doesn't have any say in the budget deliberations, has become the Senate Republicans' public enemy No. 1 in the budget showdown. But, then, this is Jerry Brown. "Brown has a unique talent for turning every job into an attention magnet," said Jack Pitney, a political science professor at Claremont McKenna College. "Decades ago, before he was governor, he turned the obscure post of secretary of state into a major player in campaign finance reform. It's not surprising he's joining the battle on global warming."[...] The 14 Republican senators blocking passage of the budget are demanding Brown and others not be allowed to add global warming as an issue covered under the act. No deal on CEQA, no budget. And no way, say Democrats who believe the Republicans essentially want CEQA suspended for some undetermined time frame. "It is an outrage," Brown said, "that a small group of Republican senators would gut California's Environmental Quality Act as the price of their voting on this year's budget." (08/13/07)

Claim that Vista DRM causes full CPU load and global warming debunked! - Peter Gutmann - A security researcher at the University of Auckland New Zealand - has become one of the most cited "experts" on the evils of Vista DRM despite the fact that he never touched the Operating System at the time he wrote "A cost analysis of Vista content protection" (which he has since modified several times). He's cited by a number of folks like security researcher Bruce Schneier and has appeared on Steve Gibson's podcast raising concerns about Windows Vista DRM. There's just one little problem: Gutmann's theories are unsubstantiated and they're all wrong. (08/13/07)

Global warming? Look at the numbers - Lorne Gunter, National Post - In his enviro-propaganda flick, An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore claims nine of the 10 hottest years on record have occurred in the last decade. That's been a common refrain for environmentalists, too, and one of the centrepieces of global warming hysteria: It's been really hot lately -- abnormally hot -- so we all need to be afraid, very afraid. The trouble is, it's no longer true. Last week, NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies -- whose temperature records are a key component of the global-warming claim (and whose director, James Hansen, is a sort of godfather of global-warming alarmism) -- quietly corrected an error in its data set that had made recent temperatures seem warmer than they really were. (08/13/07)

Australian Legislators Reject Theory of Global Warming - Associated Press -- CANBERRA, Australia - Four Australian governing Liberal Party lawmakers on Monday rejected the idea that humans are causing global warming, the conclusion reached by their colleagues on a parliamentary committee. The 11-member multiparty committee had examined the potential of geosequestration - the experimental process of burying carbon, emitted by burning coal, to keep it out of the atmosphere. The majority report found that cost was the greatest obstacle to the commercial application of carbon capture and storage in Australia, the world's largest exporter of coal. (08/13/07)

Global Warming Uncertainties - And Response - So one thing you can say for sure, it is hot in Chattanooga. So why is it so hot right now? Is it global warming? Is it just the cycle that weather goes through? Not only do global warmers claim that temperatures are going up, but that there are supposed to be more storms like hurricanes. I noticed that NOAA has lowered the predicted number of storms for 2007 twice already. I am not sure I am qualified to answer these questions or be able to explain the storm discrepancies, but I can look at facts and maybe they can help find the answer. It is supposed to be around 98 degrees today in Chattanooga. That is not a record by the way. If you are a global warming advocate, then we should see records being broken left and right this year in the Tennessee Valley. Global warming should also tell us that the last 10 or 15 years should be record numbers as well, but again the facts do not show that either. In the month of August here are the decades that hold daily record temperatures for Chattanooga.
1900's has 1 record
1930's hold 7 record days
1940's hold 2 records
1950's 4 records hot days
1960's 2 records
1980's 8 record hot days
1990's 6 records
2000's only 1 record hot day (08/12/07)

Paralyzing fog of certainty on climate - Debra J. Saunders - NEWSWEEK's global-warming cover story purports to reveal the "well-coordinated, well-funded campaign by contrarian scientists, free-market think tanks and industry" which for the last two decades "has created a paralyzing fog of doubt around climate change." It's the same story run repeatedly in mainstream media: the overwhelming majority of scientists believe the debate on global warming is over -- but if there are any dissenting scientists left, they've been bought. Here's the rub: If dissent is so rare, why do global-warming conformists feel the strong need to argue that minority views should be dismissed as nutty or venal? Why not posit that there is such a thing as honest disagreement on the science? (08/12/07)

Global Warming Update (XXXIV) - A recent Washington Post article which was reprinted in the Seattle Times argues that recent weather events are consistent with predictions of global warming science!
temperate zones, such as Europe and the United States, are likely to become more prone to flooding and areas closer to the equator will experience more drought.
On the other hand, the recent unusually heavy floods in Arizona, Oklahoma and Texas are not consistent with the prediction of "an Imminent Transition to a More Arid Climate in Southwestern North America". Nor are unusually heavy floods in India, Bangladesh, the Maldives and Sudan consistent with these predictions of "a significant drying of areas in the northern subtropics, including the US southwest and the Mediterranean". The convenient thing about global warming science is that there are so many predictions and so many observations that it's easy to cherry-pick observations that appear to fit the predictions. (08/12/07)

24 hours to save the planet - Jack Bauer's new target is global warming. Leonardo DiCaprio's latest film is eco-conscious. David Smith reports on the greening of Hollywood. Climate change awareness is the height of Hollywood fashion, earning comparison with past causes that saw stars rally in support of the Second World War, protest against the Vietnam War and draw attention to the plight of HIV/Aids sufferers. Driving a hybrid Toyota Prius is now so de rigueur that it was recently reported Hollywood has a nine-month waiting list for them. But the town is hiding an inconvenient truth: last year an academic study found that the film and television industry comes second only to oil refineries in fuelling the smog above the Hollywood hills. (08/12/07)

Newsweek Editor Calls Global Warming Cover Story "Fundamentally Misleading" - By Noel Sheppard - It appears hell hath frozen over, for a Newsweek contributing editor published an article Saturday extraordinarily critical of his magazine's cover story last week about "global-warming deniers" being funded by oil companies in an organized scam to thwart science. In fact, Robert J. Samuelson accurately noted how "self-righteous indignation can undermine good journalism," and that this disgraceful article was "an object lesson of how viewing the world as 'good guys vs. bad guys' can lead to a vast oversimplification of a messy story." (08/12/07)

Global Warming - BY DAVID TEWES, VICTORIA ADVOCATE - There is no question (really?) that the culprit causing the flooding, heavy rainfall and other weather disasters is global warming, said Luke Metzger, director with Environment Texas, a statewide environmental advocacy group. "It's all part of the trend we're seeing in the erratic weather," he said. "It's the things scientists are saying have already happened and are likely to happen." While scientists can't link a single weather disaster to global warming, there are plenty of examples showing the trend, Metzger said. The U.S. National Climatic Data Center reported that the summer of 2006 and the entire year were the second warmest on record for the lower 48 states. More misinformation. Appearantly, Mr. Tewes didn't get the memo. (08/12/07)

Greenhouse Simplicities - By Robert J. Samuelson, Newsweek - We in the news business often enlist in moral crusades. Global warming is among the latest. Unfortunately, self-righteous indignation can undermine good journalism. Last week's NEWSWEEK cover story on global warming is a sobering reminder. It's an object lesson of how viewing the world as "good guys vs. bad guys" can lead to a vast oversimplification of a messy story. Global warming has clearly occurred; the hard question is what to do about it. (08/11/07)

Michael Crichton Praises "Skeptical Environmentalist's Guide to Global Warming" - By Noel Sheppard - Best-selling science fiction author Michael Crichton has penned a glowing review of Bjorn Lomborg's soon to be released book "Cool It: The Skeptical Environmentalist's Guide to Global Warming." For those unfamiliar, Lomborg is an adjunct professor at the Copenhagen Business School and former director of the Environmental Assessment Institute. Although he believes in anthropogenic global warming, his controversial view is that there are far more serious problems facing the planet that governments should spend time and money solving. As a result, his "Skeptical Environmentalist" series of books continually evoke great debate internationally. (08/11/07)

Global warming hysteria is new eugenics - By Henry Lamb - Gore's global warming religion is reminiscent of the eugenics phenomenon in the 20th century. The elite of the scientific community, and well-to-do of the social set, embraced eugenics as the enlightened way to the perfect society. Skeptics were ridiculed, denounced and pointed to as the kind of scum that would be eliminated if eugenics became the official policy of government. (08/11/07)

Global warming - the new way to turn relationships cold - By Richard Glover - 'WOMEN feel the cold more than men. It's a biological fact." Jocasta is standing in the middle of the kitchen, first thing in the morning, giving me a glacial stare. She wants to know who turned off the heater before we went to bed. "Studies have proved" - she spits the words out as if trying to warm up her own lips - "that women feel 3.74 degrees colder than men. It's all to do with protecting our babies in the womb." Where does Jocasta get these studies? Why do they always have figures exact to the second decimal place? And how come they always seem to involve the womb? I amble over to the heater and switch it on. (08/11/07)

The Heretical Freeman Dyson - "Big-thinker Freeman Dyson has written a new essay in which he points out the need for heretics in science, and goes on to gore some sacred cows, including global climate change: 'My first heresy says that all the fuss about global warming is grossly exaggerated ... There is no doubt that parts of the world are getting warmer, but the warming is not global ... When I listen to the public debates about climate change, I am impressed by the enormous gaps in our knowledge, the sparseness of our observations and the superficiality of our theories ... All our fashionable worries and all our prevailing dogmas will probably be obsolete in fifty years. My heresies will probably also be obsolete. It is up to [the people of 2070] to find new heresies to guide our way to a more hopeful future.'" (08/11/07)

Twisting Science to Fit the Global Warming Template - By James Lewis - The global warming crowd does not take kindly to being contradicted, either by critics or data. Of course, critics can be defamed and data can be skewed. But unless the critics can be silenced, they can fight back and expose phony data. When it begins to look like predictions of doom are not turning out sufficiently catastrophic, a full Orwell is called for. The media mobilize their templates to completely re-cast the information. (08/10/07)

My Turn: Wright is wrong on H.520 - By Mark Shepard - In advocating for yet another reason and avenue to tax Vermonters, Steve Wright, in his July 2 commentary "Climate change bad for state's hunting, fishing," ignores scientific data while touting the global warming alarmists' mantra. Not long ago these alarmist types were making similar dire predictions about global cooling. (08/10/07)

Yahoo News Documents Global Warming / Massive Flooding ... From 10,000 Years Ago - By Jason Aslinger - We've all heard the familiar global warming hysteria. As the earth's temperature increases, glaciers will melt thereby causing the world's seas to rise. Some global warming alarmists have gone so far as to describe how Florida, Manhattan, and England (among other places) will all eventually be under water. Under these scenarios, the cause of global warming is consistently attributed to man's use of fossil fuels. But what would happen if we had evidence of glaciers melting and massive flooding that occurred 10,000 years ago - long before man burned fossil fuels to any significant degree ? Such evidence would certainly be considered evidence that global warming is a natural phenomenon - as opposed to man-made. Well - this evidence actually exists and was reported in a Yahoo News article (via titled "Stone Age Settlement Found Under English Channel." And how did the article handle the obvious global warming implications ? The answer is that the global warming angle was ignored altogether (see also Lynn Davidson's prior post). The article itself is very interesting in that it details how archaeologists have found an estimated 8,000 year old human settlement under the English Channel. (08/10/07)

Cloudy forecast for global warming - How clouds react to a warming world remains one of the great unknowns in climate change research. In fact, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's report earlier this year noted that cloud behavior is the biggest source of physical uncertainty in climate projection. Another salvo in this debate was fired this week by John Christy and Roy Spencer of the University of Alabama-Huntsville. Their study, published in Geophysical Research Letters, found that instead of creating more clouds, their research found a decrease in the coverage of heat-trapping cirrus clouds (above). Christy and Spencer have both been outspoken in their skepticism about human influence on global climate change. (08/10/07)

Blogger Finds Bug in NASA Global Warming Study? - "According to an article at DailyTech, a blogger has discovered a Y2K bug in a NASA climate study by the same writer who accused the Bush administration of trying to censor him on the issue of global warming. The authors have acknowledged the problem and released corrected data. Now the study shows the warmest year on record for the contiguous 48 states as being 1934, not 1998 as previously reported in the media. In fact, the corrected study shows that half of the 10 warmest years on record occurred before World War II." (08/10/07)

Newsweek's McCarthyism on Global Warming Skeptics - By Jay Ambrose, Scripps Howard News Service - Newsweek magazine, which tells us in a recent edition about a "well-funded," global-warming "denial machine," is itself something of a trashing machine, a journalistic pretender that mistakes smear for substance. The stumbling, bumbling exercise in ad hominem McCarthyism takes it as an unchallengeable truth that global warming is a human-induced catastrophe that could be readily prevented, and concludes there is just one way to explain the "naysayers" to this holy writ: They are part of a "well-coordinated," heavily financed scheme cooked up by self-serving corporate interests to dupe the public and confuse or buy off politicians. (08/10/07)

Do you smell something?
Warming will pause then full steam ahead, scientists contend - By Tom Spears, CanWest News Service - OTTAWA -- Global warming will slow briefly in the next year or two but then charge ahead, making at least half of the years after 2009 warmer than any time in recorded history, British scientists claim. Their new method of predicting the climate claims to use more actual measurements and fewer estimates, especially in ocean temperatures. This allows scientists to predict shorter periods, not just an general warming trend. And while most climate predictions forecast what Earth will be like 50 to 100 years from now, Britain's Met Office (weather centre) says it can now look at 10-year chunks and even some single years, starting now. It says the middle of the next decade (around 2014) will be about 0.3 Celsius degrees warmer than the middle of the current one. Anyone wanna bet? (08/10/07)

Global warming critic hot under the collar - By Andrew Bolt - I AGREE completely with global warming alarmist Robyn Williams. The ABC would indeed be "verging on the irresponsible" to air something "demonstrably wrong". And so the ABC should get a new host for its Science Show, if Demonstrably Wrong Williams won't correct himself. Of course, Williams wasn't asking for the sack when he told the ABC to keep the fact-challenged off the air. He was just telling the ABC to scrap a documentary in which climate experts said global warming wasn't man-made. But I see Williams now devotes a page of Cosmos to explain why he told a "notorious newspaper columnist" that global warming could make the seas rise 100m by 2100. Williams is cross that I've since publicised that absurd claim. But facts are facts: Even the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change - the temple of global warming activists - predicts the seas will rise at most by 59cm. (08/10/07)

Newsweek Burns Truth in Global Warming Story - By Roger Aronoff - The extremists committed to the man-made global warming theory?that humans are causing the world to get hotter and that we have to drastically raise taxes and/or ration energy in response?are on the run. How else does one explain the sensational Newsweek cover story with the provocative headline, "Global Warming is a Hoax,*" over a photo of a boiling sun? Newsweek, a Washington Post property, claims to be telling us "The Truth About Denial," and to make sure everyone gets the point, it uses some form of the word "denial" 20 times, including "denial machine" 14 times. (08/10/07)

From the JunkMan...
Junk Science: New Science Challenges Climate Alarmists? - By Steven Milloy - "People like to complain about the weather," goes the old saw. This is especially true nowadays as bad weather becomes an excuse for the climate alarmist-friendly media to trot out its manmade global warming boogeyman. (08/09/07)

Real Peer Review - Global Warming promoters make a great hullabaloo over peer-review. For example, whenever a "denier" challenges Global Warming ecophobia, censure comes pouring out in the form of personal attacks, such as castigating the critic's CV or his donors. The actual content of the critic's charge is often brushed off without the serious back and forth that is expected when science comes under scrutiny; the excuse being that the science has already been peer-reviewed, so any criticism of it must be baseless. (08/09/07)

Did Media Or NASA Withhold Climate History Data Changes From The Public? - By Noel Sheppard - A change in climate history data at NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies recently occurred which dramatically alters the debate over global warming. Yet, this transpired with no official announcement from GISS head James Hansen, and went unreported until Steve McIntyre of Climate Audit discovered it Wednesday. For some background, one of the key tenets of the global warming myth being advanced by Hansen and soon-to-be-Dr. Al Gore is that nine of the ten warmest years in history have occurred since 1995. McIntyre has been crunching the numbers used to determine such things as published by GISS, and has identified that the data have recently changed such that four of the top ten warmest years in American history occurred in the 1930s, with the warmest now in 1934 instead of the much-publicized 1998. As McIntyre wrote Wednesday:
"There has been some turmoil yesterday on the leaderboard of the U.S. (Temperature) Open and there is a new leader. [...] Four of the top 10 are now from the 1930s: 1934, 1931, 1938 and 1939, while only 3 of the top 10 are from the last 10 years (1998, 2006, 1999). Several years (2000, 2002, 2003, 2004) fell well down the leaderboard, behind even 1900.
Most importantly, according to the GISS, 1998 is no longer the warmest year in American history. That honor once again belongs to 1934.

Blogger Finds Y2K Bug in NASA Climate Data - Years of bad data corrected; 1998 no longer the warmest year on record - My earlier column this week detailed the work of a volunteer team to assess problems with US temperature data used for climate modeling. One of these people is Steve McIntyre, who operates the site While inspecting historical temperature graphs, he noticed a strange discontinuity, or "jump" in many locations, all occurring around the time of January, 2000. (08/09/07)

Confirming Limbaugh's Prediction, CBS Ignores Study Casting Doubt on Global Warming - By Brent Baker - Two nights after NBC blamed hot summer temperatures on global warming, and on the very day a new scientific report cast doubt on a key assumption behind global warming forecasts, CBS on Thursday evening held global warming culpable for "oppressive August heat" that killed a man in East St. Louis. For an expert assessment, CBS reporter Kelly Cobiella turned only to the Weather Channel climatologist who last year suggested the American Meteorological Society should withhold credentials from any member who dares doubt the man-made global warming mantra: "Dr. Heidi Cullen is a climatologist for the Weather Channel, and sees a definite connection to global warming." Cullen maintained: "The heat wave that we're seeing now is completely consistent with what we expect in a warmer world because all of our models show us that heat waves will become intense, more frequent, and they'll last longer." The CBS Evening News skipped, as Rush Limbuagh predicted the media would, a new study in which, as outlined in a press release, "the widely accepted (albeit unproven) theory that manmade global warming will accelerate itself by creating more heat-trapping clouds is challenged this month in new research from the University of Alabama in Huntsville." The posting on the university's site summarized the study published in a scientific journal: "Instead of creating more clouds, individual tropical warming cycles that served as proxies for global warming saw a decrease in the coverage of heat-trapping cirrus clouds, says Dr. Roy Spencer, a principal research scientist in UAHuntsville's Earth System Science Center." (08/09/07)

A Dispatch from Roy Spencer - RUSH: I got a note here from our official climatologist Roy Spencer, University of Alabama at Huntsville. He is a genuine scientist and has been doing some research and he released the research today in Geophysical Research Letters. He has had no inquiries on this from anybody in the Drive-By Media. The research is actually very interesting. "The widely accepted (albeit unproven) theory that manmade global warming will accelerate itself by creating more heat-trapping clouds is challenged this month in new research from The University of Alabama in Huntsville. (08/09/07)

Did Global Warming Cause NYC Tornado? - By DAVID B. CARUSO - NEW YORK -- Flooded subways? A tornado in Brooklyn? It was tempting to blame it all on global warming. Plenty of public officials were doing just that in the aftermath of a short but violent thunderstorm that paralyzed the nation's largest mass transit network and tore the roofs off limestone townhouses. But in reality, it is not quite that simple, weather and climate experts say. The storm, which gathered strength over Pennsylvania, drenched New Jersey and then pounded the city at sunrise Wednesday was strong but not particularly rare for a hot summer day, said Jeff Warner, a meteorologist at Pennsylvania State University. Climate scientist James Hansen, director of NASA's Goddard Institute of Space Studies, agreed: "You cannot blame a single specific event, such as this week's storm, on climate change," he said. What? James "Chicken Little" Hansen said that? Amazing! (08/09/07)

Put up or shut up on global warming - Dingell puts a fair price tag on the high cost of saving energy - The Detroit News - Fighting global warming isn't so much fun now, is it? When the battle targeted almost exclusively Detroit's auto industry, volunteers were falling all over themselves to sign up. But now it's about to hit closer to home for most Americans. U.S. Rep. John Dingell, the Dearborn Democrat who chairs the Energy and Commerce Committee, is proposing a 50-cent tax on a gallon of gasoline and suspension of mortgage deductions for what he calls McMansions -- homes over 3,000 square feet. (08/09/07)

Moonbeam Update
Jerry Brown tangles with GOP in global warming campaign - By Daniel Weintraub - Jerry Brown, who has been confounding California Republicans for more than 30 years, is at it again. The Democratic attorney general - who served as governor in the 1970s and 1980s, led the California Democratic Party, ran for president and then served as mayor of Oakland - now is in the middle of a dispute that has been blamed for blocking passage of the state budget more than six weeks after it is due. (08/09/07)

Global Warming Coordinated? - As NewsBusters reported Sunday, Newsweek's current issue featured a cover story blasting anthropogenic global warming skeptics as "deniers," and pointing fingers at companies like ExxonMobil as participating in a coordinated misinformation campaign akin to the tobacco industry misleading citizens about the dangers of cigarette smoking. (08/09/07)

A productive global warming propaganda factory - By Christopher Alleva - Last week I wrote an article exposing the way the Society of Environmental Journalists (SEJ) pre-packages templates for stories on the environment. At time I wrote it, I vowed to revisit the issue from time to time to see if the templates are being used. Well, I didn't have wait very long. Wednesday's Washington Post had a front page story on how global warming is drawing the faithful in into the fold. And by faithful, they don't mean global warming believers, they're talking about that oldtime religion, Christianity. (08/09/07)

Youngsters Unaware About Global Warming Issues
Arab News
- RIYADH, 9 August 2007 - Global warming is a hot topic these days, but not so much in Saudi Arabia. Maybe that's because it's a non-issue that will never affect the lives of the typical Saudi. In fact, according to a recent report in a local newspaper, Arab youth - particularly Saudi youth - are given so little information about human being's effect on the environment that they either have no interest whatsoever, or rely on outside information they find on their own. "I try to minimize the use of air-conditioning," said Muhammad, a 19-year-old private university student, who adds that he has tried to convince his family to spend more time together in one room of the house and just to cool that room. Unfortunately, he says, most of the time he gets mocked by his friends for his mission: "They think that individuals can't make a difference, but I disagree." Talal, 17, says her environmental awareness comes mainly from Western media and not from anything inside Saudi Arabia. And when she wants to do something, she says she is frustrated by the lack of environment-friendly options. (08/09/07)

Paper Uses Global Warming Activist's Press Release as News Story - The Palm Beach Post was caught in a bit of deception by one of its readers over the weekend. At issue was another globaloney alarmist story the paper printed on July 25th, titled "This century hotter than last, group finds," supposedly by Post writer Dara Kam. Unfortunately for the reputation of Dara Kam and that of the paper, this "article" was merely a rewording of the press release of an environmentalist group calling themselves, Environment Florida. An alert reader who wrote in calling them on it also exposed several other papers across the country that did the very same thing. (08/09/07)

Global Warming 8000 years ago?
Stone Age Settlement Found Under English Channel - By Heather Whipps, Special to LiveScience - Erosion on the floor of the English Channel is revealing the remains of a busy Stone Age settlement, from a time when Europe and Britain were still linked by land, a team of archaeologists says. The site, just off the Isle of Wight, dates back 8,000 years, not long before melting glaciers filled in the Channel and likely drove the settlement's last occupants north to higher ground. (08/09/07)

Global Warming Consensus Alert: Flaming, Earth-Crushing Death! - Remember the 2004 tsunami in Indonesia and Sri Lanka? I distinctly remember people making jokes about how they'd find a way to blame the whole catastrophe on global warming. Note to self: climate change hype is beyond parody: (08/08/07)

Al Gore's head in wrong kind of clouds - By Judi McLeod - Bubba's buddy Al Gore's got his head in the wrong kind of clouds. While Gore works to rid the world of Thomas Edison's incandescent light bulb, while leaving his well-lighted Tennessee mansion looking like the proverbial you-know-what, a giant toxic cloud in Asia may bring floods and droughts to some two billion people. (08/08/07)

Scholastic Accused of Indoctrinating Kids on Global Warming - World Ahead Media - Los Angeles, CA (Aug. 8, 2007) - Scholastic, the venerable children's publisher and the U.S. company behind Harry Potter, has published books for school children for generations. But the publishing company's forthcoming book on global warming may have crossed the line from information into manipulation. That's the warning being issued by Eric M. Jackson, president of World Ahead Media, following the publication of an interview with Scholastic author Laurie David in Publishers Weekly last week. David, a Hollywood activist who produced Al Gore's movie "An Inconvenient Truth," is the co-author of a book entitled "The Down-to-Earth Guide to Global Warming" that Scholastic is publishing next month. "In her jaw-dropping interview, Laurie David makes it clear that her book has been written specifically to indoctrinate children," asserts Jackson. Last week Publishers Weekly quoted David as saying, "Kids also are the number one influence on their parents, so if you want to reach the parents, go to the kids." (08/08/07)

Global Warming Will End This Week - Mount Palomar, California (IP) - Global warming will end abruptly this week as Earth will once again leave its orbit and will wander through the solar system. This event happens on a regular basis every 30,000 years and is responsible for the recurring cycle of ice ages and rewarming periods. (08/08/07)

- SCIENTISTS have discovered a giant magnifying glass above the Earth which they think is the main cause of the global warming the planet is experiencing today. The enormous lens is floating in space some 45 million miles from our planet and is heating up the Earth by focusing the Sun's rays on its surface. (08/08/07)

Sci Am Worried Newsweek's "Global Warming Is A Hoax*" Headline is Misleading - By Noel Sheppard - I received an e-mail message from a global warming skeptic yesterday suggesting that Newsweek's disgraceful article about climate change "deniers" could backfire given the facetious headline "Global Warming Is A Hoax*" on the cover. The thinking was that since far more people would see the magazine at the newsstands than would actually buy it and read the article, a much larger number of people would think Newsweek was indeed claiming global warming was a hoax, and would never understand the sarcasm. (08/08/07)

Bullshit headline for a bullshit article.
Newsweek denies the existence of global warming - Maybe it's because I don't have the faith in people that I should, but I find this Newsweek cover really irresponsible. Actually, it's due to the polls cited in the article--and those I have seen elsewhere--that suggest that the American public thinks, among other things, that scientists are still trying to determine if global warming is for real and that it's a major issue in the upcoming Presidential election. Sure, the cover is provocative and gripping, but it also may be doing a disservice to the general public and the people working hard to develop new ways to combat what is realistically the greatest threat to our livelihood: climate change. In fact, global warming isn't just a threat. Combating it will require us to dramatically change the way we live. (But, you've heard this all before.) Yes, we hear this kind of nonsense from environmental nuts every day. (08/08/07)

Washington Post Cheerleads Conversion of a Few Evangelicals to Global Warming Activism - By Amy Ridenour - Juliet Eilperin of the Washington Post had a worthy entry in the category of wishful-thinking opinion-newswriting on page A1 of the Washington Post Wednesday, with her story "Warming Draws Evangelicals Into Environmentalist Fold." Based on the content of the piece, it might better have been titled, "Assiduous Environmentalist Lobbying Draws a Mere Handful of Evangelicals into Environmentalist Fold," but that doesn't have the pro-environmentalist cheerleading quality the Post goes for in these pieces. (08/08/07)

Warming Draws Evangelicals Into Environmentalist Fold - By Juliet Eilperin, Washington Post Staff Writer - LONGWOOD, Fla. -- At 8 on a Saturday morning, just as the heat was permeating this sprawling Orlando suburb, Denise Kirsop donned a white plastic moon suit and began sorting through the trash produced by Northland Church. She and several fellow parishioners picked apart the garbage to analyze exactly how much and what kind of waste their megachurch produces, looking for ways to reduce the congregation's contribution to global warming. (08/08/07)

Warming plan unveiled: Dingell would raise gas taxes, cut deductions - By Tina Lam, Detroit Free Press - ANN ARBOR, Mich. - Rep. John Dingell revealed Tuesday details of his plan to cut global warming, including adding a 50-cents-a-gallon tax on gasoline and ending the mortgage tax deduction on what he called "McMansions" - homes larger than 3,000 square feet. (08/08/07)

Silencing Dissent - By Walter E. Williams - Global warming has become a big-ticket item in the eyes of its supporters. At stake are research funds, jobs and the ability to control lives all over the globe. Most climatologists agree that over the last century, the Earth's average temperature has risen about one degree Celsius. One degree? Oh no! (08/08/07)

The fact and fiction behind global warming - The best way to stop global warming is to destroy the sun (wink, wink) ["Much hot air on melting glaciers," Opinion, Aug. 6]. Otherwise, let's acknowledge that the sun and volcanoes cause way more warming than mankind does. According to the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, the meat industry causes more warming than all of mankind's other activities combined. Furthermore, if we reduce CO2 gas, we cause trees to die, since trees need CO2. It's amazing that tree huggers favor actions that cause trees to die. (08/08/07)

Global warming shows signs of risky business - By Leon Gettler - LAST week's announcement of the Australian Securities Exchange's updated guidelines are, to an extent, acknowledgement of one of the big sleepers in corporate governance. The guidelines require companies to disclose whether they have policies to manage risks that might include environmental and sustainability issues. However, companies don't have to tell the market what they are doing. That might be a problem because global warming has all the signs of turning into a nightmare liability issue for companies, insurers and directors. (08/08/07)

New Scandal Erupts over NOAA Climate Data - Weather station data hidden from public; scientists allege government cover-up - The theory of global warming began to explain one simple set of factsm-- surface temperature monitoring stations have shown a roughly one degree rise over the past century. But just where does these temperature readings come from? Most are reported by volunteer stations, usually no more than a thermometer inside a small wooden hut or below a roof overhang. In the US, 1,221 such stations exist, all administered by the National Climatic Data Center, a branch of the NOAA. (08/07/07)

In Two Segments, CBS's Harry Smith Raises Global Warming Alarm - By Justin McCarthy - CBS's Harry Smith led the charge against "global climate change," first with billionaire airline founder and activist Richard Branson and then in the health segment. On the August 7 edition of "The Early Show" at 7:49 AM, Harry Smith hosted the health segment on how to handle the heat with the current heat wave that is affecting much of the eastern half of the United States. With many Americans baking in the hot conditions, Smith appealed to their emotions with this editorial comment: "Before we do anything else, there is in fact, global climate change. It really affects some climates much more than others, and it's really caused some real serious problems." (08/07/07)

$100,000 Offered to Prove Global Warming: Can You Save Al Gore? - By Noel Sheppard - As soon-to-be-Dr. Al Gore continues to duck every person on the planet willing to debate him about his unproven anthropogenic global warming theories, one well-known skeptic has put his money where his mouth is. On Monday evening, the website, owned and managed by Steven Milloy, announced The Ultimate Global Warming Challenge. As laid out in this video, entrants are asked the following in order to receive $100,000 while, at the same time, saving Al Gore from looking like one of the biggest charlatans to ever walk the face of the planet. (08/07/07)

Junk Science Behind Global Warming Myth - From 1979 to the present there has been a large disparity between surface thermometers, which show a fairly strong warming and independent temperature reading of satellites and balloons, which show little warming trend. This is a scientific finding based on solid scientific research. (08/07/07)

Chilling Effect - Environment: Newsweek equates global warming skeptics with Holocaust deniers and accuses reputable scientists of being paid to create confusion in the face of consensus. Galileo is once again on trial. (08/07/07)

Global Warming Update - RUSH: I got a Global Warming Stack. Let me just titillate you with one of the stories in the stack here. This is from The Times of London. I'll just give you a quote. Let me give you the headline then an excerpt of the story. "Walking to the shops 'damages planet more than going by car.'" That's what it says right here. I'm holding this story in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers. (08/07/07)

The Great Global Warming Swindle - This morning, reader Don Hagen sent me an e-mail asking me to watch a movie on the topic of global warming as well as comment on the movie aptly named, The Great Global Warming Swindle. I usually don't talk about global warming because I think it is pointless to do so. The fact of the matter is that climate change is normal (remember the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age?). (08/07/07)

Effect of global warming not so conspicuous on India: expert - CHENNAI: The effect of global warming on the climate of India is not so conspicuous, Y.E.A. Raj, Director, Regional Meteorological Centre, said on Monday. At a seminar on climate change, he said an analysis of the data for over 100 years revealed that there was no significant trend in the rainfall. As for surface temperature, a very mild trend was perceptible. (08/07/07)

The Global Warming Train Has Left Sanity Station - Indeed some Global Warming alarmists think it is too late to stop the effects of man on our atmosphere and that these adverse effects will cause the onset of these massive storms, freak weather and catastrophic occurances. In order to control and avoid the effects of global warming we must first be in agreement with a fact that it is happening, and take some action to end or even reduce it. Is Global Warming real? Indeed some people believe Global Warming is a lot of rubbish and others will have you to believe the sky is falling down tomorrow. We all know of the doom and gloom predictions of Global Warming and Climate Change with higher sea levels, massive storms and it all sounds like a lot of trouble we will potentially be in? (08/07/07)

Ex-Clinton Official Ties Minneapolis Bridge Collapse To Global Warming - By Noel Sheppard - A former member of the Clinton administration, and current Senior Fellow at the virtual Clinton think tank the Center for American Progress, claimed Monday that global warming might have played a factor in the collapse of the I-35W bridge in Minneapolis last week. (08/07/07)

Polluters finance research to cast doubt on global warming theories, Gore says - SINGAPORE: Research aimed at disputing the scientific consensus on global warming is part of a huge public misinformation campaign funded by some of the largest carbon polluters in the world, former U.S. Vice President Al Gore said Tuesday. Yet hundreds of millions in grant $ are spent by governments to use climate change as a means to redistribute global wealth! (08/07/07)

Guilt relief in global warming - Carbon offsets, or paying others to fight climate change, are still in doubt. Who checks up on these programs? A new trend is to become a zero-sum contributor of greenhouse gases ("carbon neutral"). Some people avoid the lifestyle change, however, and instead purchase "offsets." But do such buy-offs really make a difference? (08/07/07)

CO2 isn't causing global warming - Greenhouse warming proponents correctly state that a warm body's surface temperature rises when increasingly blanketed by heat- trapping greenhouse gases. The blanket's colder temperature, however, will rise faster. Computerized climate models simulate these warming dynamics using CO2's theoretical greenhouse contribution. Accordingly, the simulated CO2-laden lower atmospheric blanket warms faster than the earth's surface. The real world's warming dynamics however is the opposite. Fifty-five years of weather balloon and 35 years of satellite data say the insulating lower atmosphere's temperature is rising much slower than the earth's surface temperature. Scientists know this fact (and many others) directly contradicts assertions that CO2's greenhouse contribution is the primary cause of global warming. Real data trumps simulated data. (08/06/07)

Green Fakers: Why eco-hypocrisy matters - By Jeff Bercovici - A few weeks ago, I wrote an item about Barbra Streisand, who was on tour in England. Though she's a big backer of environmental causes, and even offers tips for low-carbon living on her personal website, she was busted by the British press for touring in a private jet with a massive entourage that required 13 trucks and vast amounts of laundry - in other words, for sponsoring a traveling CO2 extravaganza. I e-mailed my item to an editor at Grist, a popular environmental website and blog. The editor promptly sent back a sarcastic reply accusing me of "trolling for links by carrying right wing water." In his view, only conservative blogs would be interested in a snarky item about a liberal totem like Streisand; left-leaning sites protect their own. And here I thought hypocrisy was a non-partisan punch line. (08/06/07)

The Hypocrisy of Celebrity Environmentalists - By David Frum - Readers of Hollywood news already know that Laurie David has filed for divorce from her husband, Larry David, the creator of Curb Your Enthusiasm and co-creator of Seinfeld. Mrs. David's papers cited "irreconcilable differences" as the reason for the split. This past Sunday, the New York Post cast some light on the nature of those differences. Over the past year, neighbours have seen Mrs. David in a variety of amorous postures with a younger man, "her hottie but dumb building contractor," as one of those neighbours describes him. OK, stop right there--this is the National Post, not the National Enquirer. Why would we reprint salacious allegations of middle-aged romance? Well, actually, there is a serious political point to make here amidst the hanky-panky. Maybe Larry David put it best. Asked by reporters for reaction to the divorce, he answered, "I went home and turned all the lights on." Remember Ted Haggard? The Colorado preacher who championed traditional marriage--and was then caught buying sex-enhancing drugs from a gay prostitute? You've also probably heard a great deal about David Vitter, the socially conservative U.S. Senator from Louisiana whose name showed up on a Washington, D.C. escort service's client list? It seems almost an iron law: Sexual moralists get hoisted by their own petard. (08/06/07)

Al Gore Challenged To Debate Global Warming By Best-selling Author - By Noel Sheppard - Well, sports fans, the list of folks challenging soon-to-be-Dr. Al Gore to put up or shut up continues to grow, of course, with little notice from an adoring media. Next up wanting to take shots at the Global Warmingist-in-Chief is best-selling author Dennis Avery. (08/06/07)

Russia Welcomes Global Warming as Answer to All Its Prayers - By Noel Sheppard - Here's a side of global warming the shills at Newsweek and alarmists such as Al Gore don't want to address: there are actually countries and peoples on the planet who would welcome a less frigid climate. Take for example Russia, where a little warming would help such industries as agriculture, oil drilling, and tourism, while obviously cutting down on the number of cold-related deaths each winter. (08/06/07)

Global Warming at Odds With Science - By Phil Brennan, - Global warming fanatics insist that "the science is settled" regarding this contentious issue and they're right - two German scientist have settled it once and for all by proving conclusively that there is no such thing as a "greenhouse effect" in global climate. They've also proven that there can be no way of accurately measuring average global temperature in the way it is now done. CO2 cannot play the role attributed to it by the supporters of the global warming theory, and the very idea violates the laws of thermodynamics. (08/06/07)

Senator's Office Objects To Disgraceful Newsweek Global Warming Article - By Noel Sheppard - As NewsBusters reported, Newsweek published an absolutely disgraceful cover-story Saturday calling manmade global warming skeptics "deniers" funded by oil companies and other special interests making them as bad as folks who misled people about the dangers of cigarette smoking. In fact, the article was so thoroughly offensive that it has received an angry response from Sen. James Inholfe's (R-Oklahoma) communications director. Writing at the Senate Environment & Public Works minority blog, Marc Morano made his objections to this article early and often (08/06/07)

Newsweek's Attack Job on "Global Warming Deniers" - By Amy Ridenour - Kudos to Marc Morano of the Senate's Environment and Public Works Minority Staff (and former staffer for Rush Limbaugh) for surrendering several hours of his life in the cause of debunking an incredibly, almost jaw-droppingly bad article, "Global-Warming Deniers: A Well-Funded Machine" (by Sharon Begley with Eve Conant, Sam Stein, Eleanor Clift and Matthew Philips) in the August 13 Newsweek. (08/06/07)

Newsweek's Global Warming Blunder - By Marc Morano - Newsweek magazine's cover story of Aug. 13, 2007 entitled, "The Truth About Denial" contains very little that could actually be considered balanced, objective or fair by journalistic standards. The one-sided editorial, masquerading as a news article, was written by Sharon Begley with Eve Conant, Sam Stein and Eleanor Clift and Matthew Philips and purports to examine the "well-coordinated, well-funded campaign by contrarian scientists, free-market think tanks and industry has created a paralyzing fog of doubt around climate change." The only problem is - Newsweek knew better. Reporter Eve Conant, who interviewed Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., the ranking member of the Environment & Public Works Committee, was given all the latest data proving conclusively that it is the proponents of man-made global warming fears that enjoy a monumental funding advantage over the skeptics. (A whopping $50 billion to a paltry $19 million for skeptics - yes, that is billion to million - see below. ) This week's "news article" in Newsweek follows the magazine's Oct. 23, 2006 article which admitted the error of their ways in the 1970s when they predicted dire global cooling. (08/06/07)

The enemies of free speech are on the march--Part 8
Start thinking the way we order you to--or else
- By Wes Vernon - The president of the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE) has written a threatening letter to a scholar at the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) warning him to stop publicly criticizing the theory that global warming is a threat to the planet, or risk the end of his reputation. Implicit in the message: Shut up or you will be destroyed. (08/06/07)

Lefties cloud warming - By Dimitri Vassilaros, TRIBUNE-REVIEW - and other leftist groups are making misleading statements about the Fox News Channel making misleading statements.
Liberal activists have started a campaign to dissuade Fox advertisers from buying more airtime, according to The Associated Press. Brave New Films, maker of anti-Fox videos, claims it has 8,000 volunteers to identify all national and local Fox sponsors, said Jim Gilliam, vice president of media strategy, when we spoke by telephone last week. (08/06/07)

Palm Beach Post: Using Global Warming Activist's Press Release as News Story - By Warner Todd Huston - The Palm Beach Post was caught in a bit of deception by one of its readers over the weekend. At issue was another globaloney alarmist story the paper printed on July 25th, titled "This century hotter than last, group finds," supposedly by Post writer Dara Kam. Unfortunately for the reputation of Dara Kam and that of the paper, this "article" was merely a rewording of the press release of an environmentalist group calling themselves, Environment Florida. An alert reader who wrote in calling them on it also exposed several other papers across the country that did the very same thing. (08/06/07)

Blame the media for climate woes: analysis - By Mike De Souza, CanWest News Service - OTTAWA -- Mainstream U.S. media are to blame for stalled international efforts to reach an agreement to fight climate change, according to a new analysis released by a media watchdog group. The report, in the latest edition of a magazine published by Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, said there are multiple examples of major American media organizations watering down recent warnings from peer-reviewed scientific literature about the consequences of global warming and the human-produced pollution that is causing it. If the mainstream media wouldn't hype up the non-issue of supposed man-made global warming in the first place nobody would give a shit in the first place!. (08/06/07)

PCRM Overkill: Blames Low-Carb Meat Eaters For Global Warming - I've seen some pretty extreme stuff from vegetarian activist groups like People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and their front group Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) since I've been blogging about livin' la vida low-carb these past couple of years. For those of you unfamiliar with PCRM and their unscrupulous attempts to discredit the late great Dr. Robert C. Atkins and his healthy low-carb diet, they are the ones who bankrolled and fully supported that sue-happy opportunist Jody Gorran who claimed the Atkins diet nearly killed him. He pushed this ridiculous lawsuit against Atkins Nutritionals hard and got lots of positive press in the media for several years because of it spouting such things as the Atkins diet "could kill you" and other such hyperbole and conjecture. These vegetarian radicals certainly show their true colors from time to time and the desperate attempts at spreading their anti-meat propaganda know no bounds. Even still, have you heard about the latest attempt by these people to keep people from eating meat? Eating "green" is eco-friendly and prevents global warming! (08/06/07)

Jack Bauer, the hero of '24', takes on global warming - By Stephen Foley - The battle against climate change has just got its toughest new recruit: Jack Bauer, hero of the TV show 24. The programme's creators, Fox, are promising their next series will introduce a host of environmentally-friendly production measures, as the industry gropes for ways to make carbon neutral television. (08/06/07)

Don't fly too high or you may get the heat! - NEW DELHI: With the aviation sector experiencing a phenomenal growth rate especially in Asia-Pacific region and more importantly in India and China, environmentalists point out that the industry is becoming the fastest growing contributor to global warming. Airline manufacturers however refute the charge. (08/06/07)

Pennsylvania County Considers Floating Global Warming Bonds - By Noel Sheppard - If you had any questions concerning the future financial potential of selling global warming alarmism, an idea being researched by a Pennsylvania county will provide all the answers you need. (08/05/07)

Newsweek Disgrace: "Global-Warming Deniers: A Well-Funded Machine" - By Noel Sheppard - Manmade global warming alarmism took a disgraceful turn for the worse this weekend when Newsweek published a lengthy cover-story repeatedly calling skeptics "deniers" that are funded by oil companies and other industries with a vested interest in obfuscating the truth. In fact, the piece several times suggested that publishing articles skeptical of man's role in climate change is akin to misleading Americans about the dangers of smoking. Despicably titled "Global-Warming Deniers: A Well-Funded Machine," the article painted a picture of an evil cabal whose goal is to thwart science at the detriment of the environment and the benefit of their wallets. Worse still, the piece's many authors painted every skeptical scientific report they referred to as being part of this cabal while including absolutely no historical temperature data to prove that today's global temperatures are in any way abnormal. (08/05/07)

New from the JunkMan
Junk Science: How Now Brown Cloud? - By Steven Milloy - Himalayan glaciers are melting - but not nearly as fast as the fanciful notion of global warming will have you believe. A new study in the Aug. 2 issue of the British science journal Nature found that the solid particles suspended in the atmosphere (called "aerosols") that make up "brown clouds" may actually contribute to warmer temperatures - precisely the opposite effect heretofore claimed by global warming alarmists. "These findings might seem to contradict the general notion of aerosol particles as cooling agents in the global climate system ...," concluded the Nature news article summing up the study. (08/05/07)

Stop global warming - How? - If all goes as organizers hope, a global warming march that began Wednesday in Nashua will arrive in Concord today. The goal of what is being called the March to ReEnergize New Hampshire is to focus attention on the need to reduce carbon emissions. The problem is that there is little "focus" on how. (08/05/07)

Natural forces behind global warming - I'd like to say a few words about the so-called "global warming". It really irks me that men like David Suzuki and Al Gore dare to go around and talk such a nonsense about global warming, especially Suzuki's speech on TV about a month ago. It was finally comparable to the blood-thirstiest bolshevik speeches against the rich and educated. This phenomena has no connection whatsoever to today's pollution. Our "greenhouse" gases and cars and planes are affecting maybe something, but this climate change cycle has been going on from ancient times without any exhaust gases. (08/04/07)

New combustion technology to dramatically reduce global warming emissions - Washington, Aug 4 : US scientists have designed an experimental gas turbine simulator that is equipped with an ultralow-emissions combustion technology, called the Low Swirl Injector (LSI), and which uses pure hydrogen as a fuel. Researchers say this is a milestone that indicates a potential to help eliminate millions of tons of carbon dioxide and thousands of tons of NOx from power plants each year. (08/04/07)

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Stickers Coming For Autos - ALBANY -- Legislation designed to increase consumer awareness about greenhouse gas emissions is now law and requires that automobile manufacturers affix a "global warming index" sticker to new cars and passenger trucks beginning in the 2010 model year, detailing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions. (08/03/07)

Global Warming Skeptics Advance, Says Inhofe - By Katherine Poythress, Correspondent - ( - Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.), ranking member on the Environment and Public Works Committee (EPW), told approximately 400 conservative students Thursday morning that despite attempts to silence global warming critics, the ground of the climate change debate is starting to shift their way, giving their views more exposure and effect. (08/03/07)

Global Warming Myth Exposed: Soot From Cooking Fires Melting Himalayan Glaciers - By Noel Sheppard - Scientists at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego published a paper in the journal Nature Thursday which put a huge hole in the manmade global warming theory espoused by soon-to-be-Dr. Al Gore and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. (08/03/07)

Global Warming Propaganda Factory - By Christopher J. Alleva - I have often wondered how the media are in such lock step on Global Warming. Well, I wonder no more. Recently, I came across a website for the Society of Environmental Journalists (SEJ). This website is veritable tool box for any budding reporter assigned to the global warming beat. If you're an editor at the Palookaville Post, all you have to do is send your cub reporters to this site and they'll have everything they need to write an article that fits the template and action line perfectly. (08/02/07)

Global warming is the villain in mushy 'Tale' - By Jame Verniere - Too didactic and schoolmarmish by half, the live-action "Arctic Tale" gives us a newborn polar bear and a walrus cub instead of penguins, Queen Latifah instead of Morgan Freeman and Harvard graduate Kristin Gore, whose previous credits include the cult hit TV series "Futurama," among the writers. This perhaps explains why "Arctic Tale," a National Geographic production, comes across as "An Inconvenient Truth for Polar Bears and Walruses: Or Our World Is Melting.' (08/02/07)

Global Warming Causes Drop in Supply of Bulgarian Prostitutes - By Noel Sheppard - There appears to now be a double-secret, international competition to figure out new planetary ills that can somehow be tied - regardless of the seeming inanity - to manmade global warming. This announcement out of Toronto could be the best yet: a warmer climate is causing stray cats - no, not Brian Setzer and the boys - to mate more frequently thereby resulting in an explosion in furry, feral felines. On the other hand, the frontrunner has to be brothels in Bulgaria that are having a hard time finding employees because "the best prostitutes have moved to ski resorts, where they entertain tourists who cannot ski because of a lack of snow." You really can't make this stuff up. (08/02/07)

Warming: The Debate is Settled, Now Pay Up - Farmers are having a rough time of this summer in southern Maryland, watching their crops and hay die off due to drought. Global warming, no doubt to blame. So we should be seeing the suit against the local utilities or American automakers any day now. (08/02/07)

Statement On Global Warming - WASHINGTON - AUGUST 2 -Senator Bernie Sanders called a blueprint for legislation on global warming laid out today by Senators Joseph Lieberman and John Warner a positive step, but Sanders said the peril to our planet from greenhouse gas emissions calls for a more aggressive approach to stop climate change. (08/02/07)

U.N. climate chief skeptical about global carbon tax - By Deborah Zabarenko, Environment Correspondent - UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - A top U.N. climate change official voiced doubt on Wednesday about a global tax on carbon, but said national taxes were possible and laws to cap global warming emissions were better for business. "I personally am skeptical on the notion of global carbon taxes," said Yvo de Boer, who heads the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change. (08/02/07)

Global Warming Police?
Thirty grand gesture for global warming - SALFORD City Council want to employ an officer for climate change and pay them more than £30,000 per year. The new officer will have some responsibility for setting the targets for the reduction in carbon emissions across the city, but will not be held accountable. In other words, a politician! (08/02/07)

Global warming and stylish cows - By J.D.Mullane - There was a press conference by PennEnvironment in Philadelphia about the danger global warming poses to Pennsylvania. I went to see when the Commonwealth will be plunged into the apocalypse. The environmental people said if trends continue, in 50 years, Pennsylvania will have the weather of Alabama. I had no urge to speed home to change out my planet-killing incandescent light bulbs for planet-saving fluorescent bulbs. This is because I am not sure what Alabama weather is like, although I think the state has palm trees on its Gulf Coast. I like palm trees. They remind me of Puerto Rico. Now, if PennEnvironment had said that in 50 years Pennsylvania will have the weather of Puerto Rico, I would rush to buy twin V-8 Hummers and switch to coal-fired heat, just to accelerate global warming. (08/02/07)

Crunchy Leaves In July Evidence Of Global Warming - A noted scientist in the West Midlands has, what he calls, indisputable and irrefutable proof that the Earth's climate is changing. Dr Paul H Geissler, an eminent local quack, says that a chance discovery whilst out walking in the park with his 5-year-old daughter provides conclusive evidence that the climatic cycle is accelerating, and 'flummoxing' Mother Nature in the process. (08/02/07)

'Sunshade' for global warming could cause drought - Catherine Brahic - Pumping sulphur particles into the atmosphere to mimic the cooling effect of a large volcanic eruption has been proposed as a last-ditch solution to combating climate change - but doing so would cause problems of its own, including potentially catastrophic drought, say researchers. Sulphur "sunshades" are just one example of a "geo-engineering" solution to climate change. Such solutions involve artificially modifying our climate to counteract the effects of human greenhouse gas emission. Geo-engineering huh? I'd call it something else. (08/02/07)

Indian Ocean pollution causes most global warming
Malaysia Sun - A new study suggests that pollution over the Indian Ocean is causing as much warming as greenhouse gas released by human activity. (08/02/07)

Stray cat explosion joins list of evils blamed on global warming - James Cowan, CanWest News Service - An explosion in Toronto's stray cat population is the latest phenomenon being blamed on global warming, joining a growing list of evils that includes increases in hay fever and seal mating as well as decreases in the supply of maple syrup and Bulgarian prostitutes. (08/01/07)

Science: Physicist says humans cause global warming -
HEIDELBERG, Germany -- A German physicist said a statistical analysis has strengthened the evidence that human activities are causing global temperatures to rise. Funny how the warmists quickly chastise any skeptic physicist as not being credible unless since they are not "climatologists." But if you are a faithfull follower of the global warming religion, you are "credible." (08/01/07)

NBC: Garden for Global Warming - By Julia A. Seymour - Are you getting sick of all those global warming reports on the network news? Well, now on NBC you'll know when to change the channel. During global warming reports "NBC Nightly News" changes the color of the signature peacock logo to green. That's the color it was during the "fresh" urban garden segment on July 31. "Finally tonight, a small solution being offered up in the fight against climate change - something you can do in your own backyard or at least very close to home," said anchor Brian Williams. (08/01/07)

Companies Get Scored On Global Warming - "Global warming is real. We have 10 years to do something significant about it, and we can," said Gary Hirshberg, the chairman of ClimateCounts and chief executive of organic yogurt maker Stonyfield Farm in Londonderry. "Business must play a significant role in stopping global warming, and we believe the key to influencing companies lies in the hands of the consumer." Really? 10 years? I thought the U.N said 8 years. Do we need to start the clock over? Did we just get a 2-year reprieve? (08/01/07)

Follow the oil money but what about the grant money?
Funding boost for global warming campaign - Climate Concern has received a £2,700 grant towards its campaign to make people aware of the dangers of global warming. The National Lottery Awards for All grant will boost the campaign's bid to bring home to everyone the urgency of the situation, by persuading as many people as possible to see the Al Gore environmental film An Inconvenient Truth. (08/01/07)

Genie Out of the Bottle: 'U.N. Climate Change Meeting Aims at Rich Countries' - By Noel Sheppard - Climate change alarmism met the infamous Oil for Food scam at the United Nations Tuesday. As a result, if you had any questions regarding why the U.N. has been the point-man on driving global warming hysteria throughout America and around the world, they were all answered. In fact, the genie was let out of the proverbial bottle by this Reuters headline: "U.N. Climate Change Meeting Aims at Rich Countries." As Jeffrey Jones was fond of saying in the movie "Amadeus" while playing the part of Emperor Joseph II, "Well, there it is." (08/01/07)

Another perspective on the global warming debate - We all want to protect our planet. We all wish to have an environmentally friendly lifestyle. This is vitally important for us, our children and their children. We all abhor the exhaustion of the earth's natural resources, the uncontrolled population growth in some nations and the extinction of numerous species of flora and fauna.
We can all agree that even if we are not Greenpeace supporters, we are still very much concerned about the fate of our beautiful Blue Planet, as Earth is often referred to. We shudder, when we view swathes of Rain Forest in South America being chopped down to allow a couple of years of limited farming. We want world organisations to do something significant about that phenomenon... (08/01/07)

Ignoring the meat of the global warming issue - By NEIL REYNOLDS - We all emit greenhouse gases simply by breathing - one kilogram of carbon dioxide a day, on average, per person. Since there are six billion of us, we collectively emit more than two trillion kilograms of carbon dioxide a year. Scientists don't hold these emissions against us. What public policy options, after all, exist? Breath control? All animals emit greenhouse gases and by comparison, humans are relatively restrained respirators. The planet's livestock animals alone, for example, breathe out three billion tonnes of CO{-2} a year. Livestock, indeed, emit more GHG into the atmosphere than all of the cars, freight trucks, railways, airplanes and container ships in the entire world. (08/01/07)

Global warming presents "opportunities" for dairy - By Dairy Herd staff - Since California is often on the vanguard of societal issues, a new effort to encourage the state's farmers to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions bears watching. The California Climate Action Registry, a public/private partnership created by the state legislature in 2000, has initiated voluntary reporting of greenhouse-gas emissions from farms. The plan would be to reward farms with "greenhouse-gas credits" if those farms were able to show that they reduced greenhouse gases through the use of methane digesters or other technology. The credits could then be traded on the Chicago Climate Exchange, thus providing the farms with an economic incentive. Farms would first have to establish a "baseline" emissions rate, and then show they were able to reduce emissions through technology. "The process is cumbersome, there's no question about it," says Paul Martin, director of environmental services for Western United Dairymen. But Martin and others see it as a potential opportunity - especially in light of global-warming concerns. Now that the public has become concerned about global warming, public funds may be allocated to greenhouse-gas reductions at the farm level. Last week, the California State Board of Food and Agriculture held a public hearing on climate change and addressed some of these issues. Scientists testified that global warming is real and could pose severe threats to California&'s agriculture. Dennis Baldocchi, professor of biometeorology at the University of California-Berkeley, said milder winters - specifically, less winter chill and winter dormancy - is affecting the state's fruit trees, and that could lead to a reduction in fruit and nut production. Less winter chill? Didn't California just lose a shit-load of grapes, nuts and citrus, and especially oranges to a winter freeze? But less winter chill is a bad thing? (08/01/07)

Oxley has right direction - By Terry McCrann - TRADE expert Alan Oxley makes some basic but fundamentally important points about any proposals to cut global greenhouse gas emissions. In sum, that it could only be done by a multi-track approach. And one that was built on pro-growth emission reduction, not the 'Green' anti-growth way. And would also have to include helping countries live with climate change effects. In his latest APEC Study Centre newsletter Oxley starts with the obvious that it required a global consensus. And then the brutal truth: "there is none". (08/01/07)




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