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MUST READ FOLLOW-UP: Huffington Post Blogger Chris McGowan takes heat from the looney left for not towing the liberal line!
Chaparral & Global Warming Footnotes - By Chris McGowan - On October 24, I published the blog Global Warming Not Behind SoCal Fires. Many readers disagreed passionately, and I found myself, a card-carrying Sierra Club member and longtime Al Gore fan, in the odd position of being urged to go to "Republican fact-check school." Interestingly, the next day Los Angeles Times writer Alan Zarembo published a piece called "Global Warming Not A Factor In Wildfires."
Certain critics didn't read my piece carefully, and thought that I was another global-warming skeptic. No, I'm not on Michael Crichton or Rush Limbaugh's team. I believe global warming is a threat, and probably has been a factor in wildfires sweeping through drought-stricken conifer forests in recent years. My blog, however, was specifically about the chaparral brushland of Southern California, not about pine, fir and cedar forests of the West. There is a big difference, as locals know (or should know). We're talking about manzanita, ceanothus, laurel sumac, chamise, scrub oak, and the other thorny scrubs that grow on the hills and up to about five or six thousand feet in the local ranges. In my blog, I argued that "the blame for the conflagrations should be placed on chaparral, a growing population, and inadequate suburban planning." More. (10/31/07)

You can't blame fires on man-made global warming - Froma Harrop's column on global warming and wildfires ("There's no more time for inaction," Oct. 27) made the claim that man-made global warming is responsible for the forest fires but offered zero evidence supporting her claim. Here are a few "inconvenient truths" for those who were taken in by all that hyperbole.
During the past two years, leftist environmental groups such as the Sierra Club and the Forest Conservation Council have filed more than 400 federal lawsuits against U.S. Forest Service proposals to thin forests and prevent forest fires. The lawsuits delayed efforts to treat 900,000 acres of forests and cost the federal government millions of dollars to address.
The result? Our forests are thicker (more trees/fuel) than at any time in America's history. The buildup of organic materials (fuel) on the forest floors is at an all-time high as well.
Guess what? More fuel equals forest fires that are more intense and more difficult to contain. And it has absolutely nothing to do with the 21st-century pseudo-religion of man-made global warming. ~ Bruce Gordon, Fishers (10/31/07)

NewsBusters: Media's New Motto: All Societal Problems Caused by Global Warming - By Noel Sheppard - As America ends a second consecutive below-average hurricane season since Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" incorrectly forecast greater and stronger tropical storms due to global warming, it's become apparent that media are trying new strategies to scare the public into believing the hysteria.
Last week, the game plan was to blame the California wildfires on climate change. This week, it's health problems such as heart attacks, strokes, and respiratory diseases. More. (10/30/07)

Kooky advice from one kook to another...
Al Gore Should Add Go Vegetarian to Global Warming Pledge - PETA - Matt Prescott - The Nobel committee has made a powerful statement by awarding this year's Peace Prize to former vice president Al Gore and the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. As Achim Steiner, executive director of the U.N.'s Environment Program, says, we now know "that what happens in the environment is not just about natural resources but has so many different dimensions."
Scientists and economists warn that climate change will lead not only to droughts and rising sea levels, but also to disease outbreaks, economic mayhem and conflicts among people struggling to survive in an ever more hostile environment. Already we are starting to see the first climate wars in Africa, where farmers are facing off with herders and nomads because the changing climate has brought drought and a decline in fertile lands.
"We face a true planetary emergency," says Mr. Gore. Which is why PETA has asked Gore and his Alliance for Climate Protection to make their "7-Point Pledge" an "8-Point Pledge"--adding "Go vegetarian" to the top of the list. More idiocy. (10/30/07)

The new morality - By Klaus Rohrich - All cultures require a set of moral principles in order to maintain a sense of self-worth. Our own culture is currently in the process of redefining our understanding of morality to better conform to the dominant social and political ethos. All that was once a moral imperative is now passe and a new sense of morality is appearing on the social and cultural landscape.
Issues such as premarital sex, cheating on exams, attending church, drug use, abortion and a long list of others have gradually eroded from the moral radar and have left a vacuum that is being filled by a new set of moral values.
Interestingly these values, while they assume a moral importance, have little to do with morality in the absolute sense and tend to be more political as well as relative in nature. The terminology that defines this new morality involves words such as "sexism", "homophobia", "racism" and my own personal favorite "denial of global warming". Continued. (10/30/07)

Don't sweat global warming; Hollywood is on it - By BRUCE D. CALLANDER - I don't think we have to worry any more about global warming. Hollywood is taking care of it.
I saw a movie on TV the other night where New York was flooded up to the first floor of the public library. A lot of people had crowded into the library for safety and they weren't even asking to see their library cards. It was that kind of crisis.
Then, the smart scientist got hold of the thing and managed to reverse the global warming. Manhattan drained dry and was as good as new in a few minutes. There was a little seaweed on the streets and a couple of motor boats marooned in Times Square, but nothing that couldn't be sorted out. More. (10/30/07)

Barbara Kay: Score a point for the global warming 'deniers' - Despite enviro-warriors' best efforts to suppress dissent from "deniers," the debate continues: Nagging questions keep arising over the causes of global warming, its long-term effects and whether in fact humans can influence environmental outcomes, no matter how many billions we spend.
Most media genuflect before Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth." Every shrinking minuscule Pacific atoll, every less-than-roly-poly Polar bear is front page news. But facts that don't support, or that counter the "sky is falling" scenario tend to be ignored or shuffled off to journalistic Siberia.
An illustrative case in point is a thought-provoking fragment of ephemera tucked away on the back page of the October 25 Wall St Journal (WSJ).
Does the name John Christy ring a bell? It should if you care about the environment, so colour yourself embarrassed if it doesn't. He's the real scientist from the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change who was Al Gore's co-recipient of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. In their "Notable and Quotable" section, the WSJ excerpted a few telling moments of dialogue from a post-Nobel CNN interview with him.
From it we learn that yes, it is true the ice at the North Pole has been diminished to a record minimum. No surprise there: Who can watch the news for a week without viewing at least one Bermuda-size chunk of Arctic ice shearing off a towering 'berg and plunging dramatically into the sea?
Scary stuff. Except that it isn't, because according to Christy, the extent of Antarctic ice - which accounts for a full 90% of the earth's ice ( i.e. the Arctic contains a mere 10%) - has just reached its all-time maximum. Thickening ice may not be an ambitious journalist's money shot, but it's still - or should be - environmental news the public deserves to know about. More. (10/29/07)

2007 Hurricane Season: What Season?

2007 Hurricane Season: Where's the Beef, Part II - By Michael Asher - Doom-and-gloomers are silent (except for the "Looney Mooney" story below) as another historically low year comes to a close - Back in July, I predicted 2007 would be a very mild hurricane season. Many called the claim premature, and even irresponsible, despite the fact that other media sources had months earlier predicted far more dire events.
Its now three months later and, with the season in the final month, my crystal ball seems vindicated. COAPS, the Center for Ocean-Atmospheric Prediction Studies, has just released data showing 2007 activity to be nearly 50% below average. In their own words, unless we experience a dramatic flurry in activity, 2007 will rank as historically inactive. Just as the year before was. More. (10/29/07)

As the 2007 hurricane season wanes, the "Storm Pundit" looney Chris Mooney tries desperately to keep the alarmist myth alive. Truly pathetic.
The 2007 Hurricane Season: Lion, Lamb, Lion? - It's hard now even to believe that the 2007 Atlantic hurricane season started off with two Category 5 storms. The Gabrielles, the Karens, the Melissas - they've slowly made us forget storms like Dean and Felix. For the time being, anyway.
I mean, sure: Hurricanes Humberto and Lorenzo were extremely rapid intensifiers. But they were only Category 1 storms for a few hours apiece-failing to provide sustained drama of the sort that makes CNN run an storm update every hour for days at a time. Except among the wonks who track hurricane records, these storms were quickly forgotten.
But now, here comes Tropical Storm Noel. Sure, it may never become a hurricane. On the other hand, it is dumping prodigious rain over Hispaniola, the island that is home to both Haiti and the Dominican Republic. 2004's Tropical Depression Jeanne, which killed 3,000 people in Haiti in this way, is being invoked frequently right now. After all, you don't need an intense hurricane to cause a lot of death and damage if you've got mountainous terrain and a slow moving storm that pours down precipitation. Right now, the fear is that Noel will be one of these, and that the 2007 Atlantic hurricane season will close out nastily after all. Nice try. More. (10/29/07)

Senator Barbara Boxer Can't Resist Blaming Fires On Global Warming - By Duane Patterson - A 61 minute stem-winder was given on the Senate floor today by one of California's dimmest elected bulbs, Barbara Boxer. Serving this term as the Albert A. Gore, Jr. czar of the Senate Global Warming Will Kill All Life On Earth If We Don't Regulate Everything Committee, Senator Boxer spewed enough CO2 single-handedly today during her speech to be classifed a gross polluter. Lunacy continues... (10/29/07)

More Hysterical Claims Bush Censoring Climate Change Information - By Noel Sheppard - Do you find it amazing that the same media doing everything possible to ignore global warming skeptics whilst almost exclusively focusing attention on entities advancing climate change hysteria (i.e. Al Gore) are constantly accusing the Bush administration of censorship regarding this issue?
The most recent example of such absurdity transpired when assertions were made about nefariously edited Senate testimony given last Tuesday by the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Julie Gerberding.
Though many in the media credited the Associated Press for breaking the story, it appears this conspiracy theory might first have been hatched by Senator Barbara Boxer (D-Cal.), as according to LexisNexis, the following announcement posted at the website of the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works was published by US Fed News at 2:46AM EST Tuesday: Continued. (10/29/07)

'Today' Tries Carbon-Belching Publicity Stunt for Global Warming Awareness
Lauer, Roker and Curry travel to extremes 'to find out what's going on with the world's climate.'
- By Jeff Poor - Business & Media Institute -- Even though NBC's "Today" crew is fretting over the effects of climate change and the price of oil, exceeding $90 a barrel - that isn't stopping them from traveling to the "ends of the earth" in the name of climate change. The trips will release nearly 25 tons of carbon into the atmosphere - more than three times what a typical American uses in a year. More. (10/29/07)

After hundreds of stories predicting that global warming would be and has been responsible for killer droughts in Africa, warmists are tired of waiting. Now that the expected killer droughts have failed to materialize, the global warming alarmists have shifted gears.
Global Warming Causing African Floods, Experts Say - Alexis Okeowo in Kampala, Uganda for National Geographic News - Twenty-two African countries are experiencing their worst wet seasons in decades, and climate experts say that global warming is to blame.
Devastating rains and flash floods have affected 1.5 million people across the continent, killing at least 300 since early summer.
West Africa has seen its most severe floods in years, as torrents swamped the Democratic Republic of the Congo's capital of Kinshasa last week, killing 30 people in less than 24 hours.
In northern Ghana, more than 300,000 people have been uprooted by devastating downpours. Alarmism continues. (10/29/07)

Absurdity of the day...
Global warming may hit kids harder, pediatrics group says - By Marilyn Elias, USA TODAY - Global warming is likely to disproportionately harm the health of children, and politicians should launch "aggressive policies" to curb climate change, the American Academy of Pediatrics said today.
In the first major report about the unique effects of global warming on kids, U.S. pediatricians also were advised to "educate" elected officials about the coming dangers.
There's evidence that children are likely to suffer more than adults from climate change, says the report's lead author, Katherine Shea, a pediatrician and adjunct public health professor at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.
"We already have change, and certain bad things are going to happen no matter what we do," Shea says. "But we can prevent things from getting even worse. We don't have the luxury of waiting."
More greenhouse gases and a warming Earth will leave children particularly vulnerable in several ways, the report says:
Air pollution does more damage to children's lungs, causing asthma and respiratory ailments, because their lungs are still developing, they breathe at a higher rate than adults and are outdoors more. No shit! But C02 is not "pollution".
Waterborne infections, such as diarrhea and other gastrointestinal problems, hit children especially hard. These infections rise sharply with more rain, which is expected as the climate warms. Maybe in some regions, but in other parts of the world it will be know, all those doom and gloom predeictions of drought, etc.
As mosquitoes are able to move to higher ground, the malaria zone is expanding. Kids are especially vulnerable; 75% of malaria deaths occur in children younger than 5. So this is the new strategy. Mix a spoonful of truth with a tonn of bullshit. Lets see what the real story is on malaria.
The Associated Press reported that Gerberding's speech was "eviscerated" by the White House, but CDC spokesman Tom Skinner denied it, adding that Gerberding said everything she wanted to say without constraint.
"This is not a political issue, it's a public health issue," Shea says. "If we know the health of children and future children is threatened, we have an obligation to act." Yes they've even managed to work global warming into the new S-chip template - "Bush hates children". (10/29/07)

Blaming California's Fires on Global Warming - Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid took some grief last week for this assertion in a news conference:
One reason why we have the fires in California is global warming. (Listen to the audio here.)
Reid quickly backed off the statement, perhaps recognizing that 1. It would be better for leaders to support the people of California, rather than scoring political points. 2. There have always been fires and Santa Anna winds in the hills of California. 3. Global warming did not cause powerlines to fall and spark, arsonists to set the fires, or human activity to become more widespread in an arid yet forested area.
Unfortunately, Representative Ed Markey seems not to care about those points. This Thursday, his taxpayer-financed bully pulpit, the House Energy Independence and Global Warming Committee will be holding a hearing, "Wildfires and the Climate Crisis." From his Dear Colleagues letter, dated Oct. 19th, before the latest, worst fires:
Evidence shows that as a result of global warming, forest fires in our western states are burning more frequently and with greater intensity than we have ever seen before. Last year was the worst fire season in recorded history and this season is already second, with eight million acres burned.
This is not evidence, this is testimony from the scriptures of the Church of Global Warming, in which all earthly events lead back to transcendental climate change.
Trouble is, you can't debate faith. But you can debate the propriety of politicizing every bit of human tragedy in the world. (10/29/07)

The Spoof!
Global warming causes cat population explosion; kittens being born due to late-season breeding -- thanks balmy weather! - Seattle, Washington - Pussies are getting all hot and bothered resulting in an extension of the mating season that usually ends by October before starting up again in April. However, due to the balmy weather, cats are knocking their mittens and having kittens well into the fall and late winter. Many blame the cat population explosion directly on the unforeseen effects of global warming, while other say it is due to owners not neutering and spading their cats. More. (10/29/07)

Corn for carsCorn ethanol makes global warming worse - Tribune Editorial - Corn ethanol is the answer to global warming and American energy independence.
A bushel of new studies suggest that production of corn ethanol not only makes global warming worse but contributes heavily to water pollution. One reason is the heavy doses of nitrogen fertilizer that American farmers dump on corn fields... (10/29/07)

James Lovelock: Reducing emissions could speed global warming - By Charles Clover, Environment Editor - A rapid cutback in greenhouse gas emissions could speed up global warming, the veteran environmental maverick James Lovelock will warn in a lecture today.
Prof Lovelock, inventor of the Gaia theory that the planet behaves like a single organism, says this is because current global warming is offset by global dimming - the 2-3ºC of cooling cause by industrial pollution, known to scientists as aerosol particles, in the atmosphere.
His lecture will be delivered as Hilary Benn, the Environment Secretary, launches the results of a public consultation on the Government's proposed Climate Change Bill which is intended to cut Britain's greenhouse gas emissions by 60 per cent by 2050.
Prof Lovelock will say in a lecture to the Royal Society: "Any economic downturn or planned cutback in fossil fuel use, which lessened aerosol density, would intensify the heating.
"If there were a 100 per cent cut in fossil fuel combustion it might get hotter not cooler. We live in a fool's climate. We are damned if we continue to burn fuel and damned if we stop too suddenly." Continued. (10/29/07)

Greenland finds growing evidence of global warming benefits - A STRANGE thing is happening at the edge of Poul Bjerge's forest, a place so minute and unexpected that it brings to mind the teeny piece of land that Woody Allen's father carries around in the film Love and Death.
Its four oldest trees - in fact, the four oldest pine trees in Greenland, named Rosenvinge's trees after the Dutch botanist who planted them in a mad experiment in 1893 - are waking up. After lapsing into stately, sleepy old age, they are exhibiting new sprinklings of green at their tops, as if someone had glued on fresh needles.
"The old ones, they're having a second youth," said Mr Bjerge, 78, who has watched the forest, called Qanasiassat, come to life, in fits and starts, since planting most of the trees in it 50 years ago. He beamed like a proud grandson. "They're growing again." More. (10/29/07)

Global Warming: War Is Good For The Environment
REPORTS the Guardian
- "Call to use leftovers and cut food waste. Return to wartime values and reduce emissions, say campaigners."
Why not just return to war? If the people won't listen, let the knowing declare war upon their sorry heads. If they listen, hurrah! If they don't, then so be it; less people means less CO2 emissions. It is win-win.
Research by the government's waste reduction agency, Wrap, found that "one third of all food bought in Britain is thrown away - of which half is edible". (10/28/07)

The Spoof
Christmas Under Threat From Global Warming - There are only 59 shopping days left until Christmas, but don't get carried away just yet, because it may be cancelled altogether - due to nasty old Global Warming.
That's because a steady and unabated rise in the world's temperature has melted the ice pack around the North Pole, and toy factories owned by Father Christmas have had to be abandoned, as the sites have become too dangerous to work at. More. (10/28/07)

Skippy on global warming menu - Australian scientists claim eating cuddly kangaroos instead of cows will help reduce greenhouse gases.
One minute, Skippy's bouncing happily through the Outback with not a care in the world. The next, he's heralded as the latest superfood - delicious, nutritious and fabulously low fat - the natural solution to global warming.
A special Greenpeace report claims 20 million Aussies can dramatically reduce their carbon footprint by eating less beef and more of the local wildlife. Cows and sheep release vast quantities of methane through belching and flatulence, but kangaroos release virtually none. Continued. (10/28/07)

Global Warming? Hogwash!! - By Carlton Ross - The tree-hugging global warming radicals are out for one thing -- control of some aspect of our lives, our economy or our country. The present-day scaremongers of global warming make no sense in view of the long term history of this earth alternating from glacial age to interglacial (warming), then back to another glacial period. How long has each ice age lasted and how long has each interglacial period lasted? Entire article. (10/27/07)

California burning - By Ellis Washington -

While California burns down,
Harry Reid, from D.C. town,
Blames global warming,
Cries, "It's so alarming!"
But Rush proved Reid's a clown.
~ Paul (a poet and reader of my WND column)

Last Tuesday at a press conference, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made the ludicrous claim that the wildfires presently raging throughout Southern California were due to politics - that global warming was at least partly responsible for the blazes. (Listen to the audio). "One reason why we have the fires in Southern California is global warming," the Nevada Democrat told reporters, emphasizing the need to pass the Democrats' comprehensive energy package presently stalled in Congress.
A few minutes later in that same interview, the venerable senator was forced to retract his global warming theory by lying, obfuscating and saying he never said what everybody had heard him just say openly on TV. And Congress wonders why their approval ratings hover around single digits? More. (10/27/07)

Why light bulbs are accelerating global warming and mercury contamination - By Mike Adams - ...Isn't it interesting how the U.S. government requires Energy Saver statistics to be printed on washing machines, dryers and other household appliances, but NOT on incandescent light bulbs (which are, by any measure, the least efficient household appliances of all)? I think we should start with mandated labeling that shows the lifetime cost of each bulb sold at retail so that consumers can start to see the different in the total cost of ownership right there at the point of purchase. That would, for the first time, make consumers acutely aware of what it costs them to operate a light bulb, not to even mention the cost to the planet. Article begins here. (10/26/07)

2007: Global Warming Alarmism Reaches A "Tipping Point" - By Senator James Inhofe - The American people will soon be asked to support global warming cap-and-trade legislation that will be billed as a "solution" to global warming. These bills come at a time when the science is overwhelmingly taking away the basis for alarm.
An abundance of new peer-reviewed studies, analyses, and data error discoveries in the last several months has prompted scientists to declare that fear of catastrophic man-made global warming "bites the dust" and the scientific underpinnings for alarm are "falling apart."
I have addressed global warming on the Senate floor more than a dozen times since 2003, and today's speech will reveal that peer-reviewed studies and scientists are coming over to many of the concerns I raised years ago. More. (10/26/07)

Wildfires: Global Warming to Blame? - Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine: Global Warming Connection?
The contention by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and others earlier this week that the California wildfires are connected to global warming is not supported by science.
The Los Angeles Times reports a recent study that cited a slight average temperature rise in the Western U.S. concluded that there has been no increase in the frequency of fires in Southern California. Scientists say the dangerous mix of drought and wind has plagued the region for centuries. Wildlife analyst Tom Wordell says, "That is a fire-prone environment regardless of whether we are in a climate-change scenario... If you live in a snake pit, you're going to get bit." (10/26/07)

Agricultural Soil Erosion Not Contributing To Global Warming, Study Shows - ScienceDaily (Oct. 26, 2007) -- Agricultural soil erosion is not a source of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, according to research published online October 25 in Science. Carbon emissions are of great concern worldwide because they, and other greenhouse gases, trap heat in the Earth's atmosphere and are a major cause of global climate change.
"There is still little known about how much carbon exactly is released, versus captured, by different processes in terrestrial ecosystems," said Johan Six, a professor of agroecology at UC Davis and one of the study's authors. "We urgently need to quantify this if we are to develop sensible and cost-effective measures to combat climate change." (10/26/07)

An Interview with Joe Bastardi - In part one of her interview, Katie Fehlinger sits down with our own expert senior Meteorologist and hurricane specialist Joe Bastardi, who has strong opinions on climate change. We would also like to hear your feedback. Do you agree or disagree with what Joe is saying?
Katie also discusses a new climate change bill that might have a chance of getting through Congress.


Scientists Denounce Global Warming Report 'Edits'
Public Health Experts Say Edits Represent Censoring of Science
- But does it? Environmental and public health experts overwhelmingly denounced editing by the White House of a federal health agency head's testimony to Congress Tuesday. Significant deletions were made from the testimony, concerning global warming and the potential impact on human health. More. But it's OK for Al Gore and James Hansen to espouse their alarmist mistruths, and outright lies while testifying before Congress. (10/26/07)

I'm suffering from eco-fatigue - By Lila das Gupta - A few months ago we had unexpected guests for lunch, so I sent my 12-year-old son out for some lettuce. "Mum, I got the one that says it was grown in England, not the one that was grown in Spain. I thought that's what you'd want."
He knew I might be thinking about the lettuce's air miles. I didn't have the heart to tell him that the Spanish one might be more environmentally friendly because it was probably grown in an unheated greenhouse, unlike its British counterpart.
But then again, who's to know? Continued. (10/26/07)

Quote Of The Day

The White House did the right thing by editing Gerberding's testimony. There's no evidence that climate change causes public health problems. The White House simply prevented Gerberding from misinforming and scaring Congress and the public. ~ Steven Milloy

And speaking of the JunkMan...
California Fire Smokescreen - By Steven Milloy - Are climate alarmists using the Southern California wildfires to fan the flames of global warming?
Are environmentalists and government bureaucrats using global warming to cover up their share of responsibility for the wildfires that have displaced more than 500,000 people and destroyed more than 1,300 homes? Continued. (10/25/07)

No to coal
NASA climatologist calls for no more coal plants to avoid global warming tipping point.
- Before approving a costly and irreversible program to build a new generation of coal-fired power plants, Texas officials should carefully study the statements of James Hansen. He's the director of the New York City-based NASA Institute for Space Studies and one of the first scientists to speak out on the threat of global warming caused by man-made greenhouse gases. He's also Al Gore's "Alarmist in Chief" and on the George Soros payroll. More. (10/25/07)

NewsBusters: Fox News Reports, Networks Ignore Consequences of Not Clearing Brush - By Justin McCarthy - Fox News, just as Glenn Beck previously, picked up on an observation that the rest of the mainstream media largely ignored: brush left in place under environmental groups' pressure fueled much of the fires in southern California. While all of the network's morning shows ignored this angle (NBC's "Today," ABC's "Good Morning America," and CBS's "The Early Show") the October 25 edition of "Fox and Friends" contained this report from Adam Housley. More. (10/25/07)

NewsBusters: Global Warming Expert: $800 Billion a Year for Carbon Capture - By Jeff Poor - If you thought doing your part in waging the war against global warming was as simple as attending one of Al Gore's mid-summer "Live Earth" concerts, think again.
One of the authors of the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Special Report on Carbon Capture and Storage, Dr. Ken Caldeira, said on September 5 at the annual conference of the Society of Environmental Journalists there "would be an annual expense of perhaps $800 billion to capture carbon from centralized power plant," as reported by Bud Ward, editor of The Yale Forum on Climate Change & The Media. More. (10/25/07)

Unbelievable, MUST READ! Time to give credit where credit is due. The most well written, thoughtful and comprehensive article of the day regarding the California wildfires, comes from of all places, The Huffington Post. Bravo!
Global Warming Not Behind SoCal Fires - By Chris McGowan - The devastating blazes that swept through Southern California these last few days were largely unrelated to changing weather patterns due to global warming, as some newscasters and pundits have stated. I have been a believer in the danger of global warming for more than two decades, but I don't think it's the culprit here. Rather, the blame for the conflagrations should be placed on chaparral, a growing population, and inadequate suburban planning. Fire in the hills behind Malibu and San Diego is inevitable, and at the moment at least is not connected to our pumping of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. McGowan continues. (10/25/07)

Third consecutive day of more Bay Area Bullshit from the Chronicle. No wonder it has one of the most rapidly declining subscription bases in the country.
CLIMATE CHANGE: Hotter world may fan flames
- By Peter Fimrite, Chronicle Staff Writer - The risk of catastrophic wildfires like those sweeping through Southern California will increase all over the state as the world heats up, forests dry out and weather patterns shift, forestry experts said Wednesday.
The 16 wind-blown fires that forced the largest mass evacuation in California history may or may not be the result of climate change, but studies have shown that the hot drought conditions that fed the flames are becoming more common.
"Fires are burning hotter and bigger, becoming more damaging and dangerous to people and to property," U.S. Forest Service Chief Gail Kimbell said. "Each year the fire season comes earlier and lasts longer."
The flames stretching from Malibu to the Mexican border struck during the driest year in Southern California history. Measurements taken by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection detected less than 10 percent moisture in the region's vegetation. The moisture level in kiln-dried lumber is generally 12 percent.
"They got less rain than they've ever gotten," said Hugh Safford, a Forest Service ecologist. "Any time you have a dry year like this one, you are going to get fires." But what these numbnuts don't say is that if we DID have more rain earlier this spring, there would have been more fuel to burn. But you can rest assured, that more rain would be attributed to global warming, just as less rain, more heat, less heat, more snow, less snow, warmer temperatures, cooler temperatures, and everything else is. (10/25/07)

Absurdity of the day: Basically, those who "deny" that the fires in California were caused by global warming are "cranks". Really? Who's the real crank? Answer: Froma Harrop, a long time left wing partisan. This article is so ridiculous, it won my "absurdity of the day award", even beating out this rubbish over at Arianna's place.
Global Warming and the Politics of the California Wildfires - By Froma Harrop - It has long been sage policy to ignore the crank denials around global warming. But now and then you have a weather-related disaster like the fires devouring big chunks of Southern California -- and you wonder about the extent to which the blockheads have slowed progress in dealing with the problem. Leading climatologists may debate how much of the drought in the West and South reflects normal weather cycles and how much climate change.
Few question that global warming is already here and that its acceleration will bring more of what we've been seeing -- extreme dryness in parts of the United States and more hurricanes. Really? Rubbish continues... (10/25/07)

Alarmist LA Slimes article begins with the following deceiving headline, then does a 180 and propagates the "global warming causes fires scenario.
Global warming not a factor in wildfires - Southern California has long been plagued by wind and drought, but climate change may make for a drier future, scientists say. - By Alan Zarembo, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer - Are the massive fires burning across Southern California a product of global warming?
Scientists said it would be difficult to make that case, given the dangerous mix of drought and wind that has plagued the region for centuries or more.
But they said the extreme conditions that stoked the wildfires could become more common as the world warms.
Research suggests that rising temperatures are already increasing fire damage in many parts of the West. Here we go... (10/25/07) Update: Noel Sheppard gives his take on this peice.

No wonder Katie's ratings are in the cellar.
NewsBusters: CBS Blames Warming, But Also Fuel from Putting Out All Fires - By Brent Baker - A day after NBC blamed the California wild fires on global warming, CBS on Wednesday night cited global warming, but also gave equal emphasis to how years of putting out fires has provided more fuel for them in the form of thick trees and brush. From Escondido, California, anchor Katie Couric asserted the wild fires are "more intense today than ever, and John Blackstone reports, man may be at least partly to blame for that." Blackstone first went to global warming: "Fire ecologist Tom Swetnam has a collection of tree rings that reveals thousands of years of climate history. He told Scott Pelley of 60 Minutes that global warming means a longer fire season." Baker continues. (10/25/07)

Global Warming: Let's Rely on Science Instead of Hysteria - Daniel Botkin's voice of reason ("Global Warming Delusions," editorial page, Oct. 17) about putting climate change in perspective while working for science-based solutions should be heeded by our public policy leaders in Washington, D.C., and state capitals. Regrettably, hyperbole drives many of our policy decisions, thus the ever swinging pendulum seeking the midpoint balance. Al Gore is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for highlighting the importance of climate change, but scientifically based research that might not track with the hyperbolic perception advanced by activists is ignored. More comments. (10/25/07)

Dave Gordon: Al Gore's melting mountains ... of evidence - He won the Nobel Prize, an Academy Award and the hearts of global warming activists everywhere, but Al Gore will have to lose some footage of his popular environmental documentary if a British judge has anything to do with it. That is, at least if students in England are forced to watch it.
If schools require a screening of "An Inconvenient Truth," the judge ruled,
the students must also be advised of its factual errors.
Another option is to vet about 25 minutes of the 98-minute film. The remainder includes Gore personal drama, images of Gore in his limousine, shots of the 2000 presidential election and other scenes that have nothing to do with science. More. (10/25/07)

Bravo Arnold!

Kudos to the Governator!
Arnold Grabs ABC's Shipman, Demands: Stop Spinning Fire Coverage - By Scott Whitlock - Reporter Claire Shipman did her level best to get California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to admit that the efforts to combat the state's wild fires were going poorly. Shipman interviewed the governor on Wednesday's "Good Morning America" and wondered about "the comparison to Katrina that everybody's making in the back of their mind..." At one point, Governor Schwarzenegger cut off Shipman's pleas for negative assessments of the effort by grabbing her arm. He bluntly scolded, "Trust me when I tell you, you're looking for a mistake and you won't find it because it's all good news, as much as you maybe hate it, but it's good news."

Video (1:21): Real (2.21 MB) and Windows (2.51 MB), plus MP3 audio (632 kB).

Earlier, the ABC correspondent attempted to deflate Schwarzenegger's sunny optimism by mentioning unnamed officials in Orange County who asserted the state doesn't have enough resources, including firefighting aircraft. The former actor simply wouldn't go along with this premise of victimization. He firmly retorted, "Anyone that is complaining about the planes, just wants to complain because it's a bunch of nonsense." Schwarzenegger then proceeded to point out that the state has 90 planes and only wind has hampered their use. Whitlock continues... (10/24/07)

New from The JunkMan
Clouds Mitigate Global Warming, New Evidence Shows - By Steven Milloy - In a study published in the American Geophysical Union's Geophysical Research Letters on August 9, researchers at the University of Alabama-Huntsville (UAH) provide more real-world evidence of the self-regulating nature of the Earth's atmosphere.
If the self-regulatory mechanism is confirmed by additional research, it will represent yet another deal-breaker for the hypothesis that has propped up climate alarmism thus far. Continued. (10/24/07)

Senators Harry Reid and Barbara Boxer are perfect examples of why this Congress has the worst approval rating (11%) in the history of polling!

From the editor:

Senators Reid and Boxer are a disgrace to the "greatest deliberative body in the world." They, and any other elected official who would politicize the disaster here in California are unfit to serve in the U.S. Government. I urge you all to call or email them and let them know how disgusted you are. ~ DEK

Senator Boxer's contact information is here.

Senator Reid's contact information is here.

Harry Reid Blames California Wildfires On Global Warming...Before He Denies He Said It. - By: Duane Patterson - After a closed door policy meeting with other Senate Democrats, Majority Leader and utter buffoon Hary Reid of Nevada took to the microphones just outside the floor of the United States Senate, and fielded questions.
In response to a question on the energy bill, Reid said the following:

As you know, one reason that we have the fires burning in Southern California is global warming. One reason the Colorado Basin is going dry is because of global warming.

Six questions later, a reporter followed up on Reid's amazing statement.

Question: Senator, on the California fires, you said that the reason the fires are burning in California is global warming?
Reid: No. Here's what I - I didn't say the reason the fires were burning in Southern California was global warming...

First, Reid is an idiot because tried to use global warming as a prop in a current news story in order to advance his energy bill agenda. When called on it, he denied he said it. It's on tape. You can listen to it here. (10/24/07)

Add to the list of truely embarrasing Senators, representing the land of nuts and fruits, our own enviromental Nazi, Barbara Boxer.
Boxer: Global Warming and Public Health - Statement of Chairman Barbara Boxer during full committee hearing "Examining the Human Health Impacts of Global warming" - By: Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works - Global warming is the greatest environmental challenge that we face today. Read the rest of Boxer's "statement" if you must. (10/24/07)

NewsBusters: CBS's Storm Quotes Barbara Boxer, Who Blamed Wildfires on Iraq - By Kyle Drennen - Wednesday's CBS "Early Show" had a recurring theme in its coverage of the Southern California wildfires: the federal government failed to provide resources. Co-host Harry Smith opened the show by exclaiming that "...a fire chief says it's "the absolute truth," with more air resources, we would have been able to control this." In a later segment of the show, co-host Hannah Storm asked FEMA Administrator David Paulison, "Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer of California complained the ability of the state's National Guard has been compromised because too much of their equipment and personnel is in Iraq. Is that true?" (10/24/07)

NewsBusters: California Wildfires: Media Blame Another Natural Disaster on Bush - By Noel Sheppard - As wildfires rage throughout Southern California, media have predictably begun to blame this awful natural disaster on President George W. Bush much as they did almost exactly two years ago when Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans.
On Tuesday evening, MSNBC's Dan Abrams set up an interview with California Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-Cal.) thusly:
But the fire storms in California`s raising tough questions about what the National Guard is extended too much to handle emergencies at home. Back in May, before the fire started, "The San Francisco Chronicle" reported that the California National Guard was down a billion dollars worth of equipment. Two hundred and nine vehicles in Iraq, including 110 humvees and 63 military trucks. According to report the California guard should have had 39 diesel generators on hand. They say it had none. The Kansas governor raised similar concerns earlier this year when she said the deployment of National Guard troops to Iraq hurt the emergency response to a deadly tornado in her state. The question -- is this another unanticipated cost of a prolonged and expensive war effort?
More. (10/24/07)

Not only does global warming cause fires, but now the fires cause global warming! You really can't make up this stuff up!

M&R: Southern California blazes add to global warming - By Phillip Matier, Andrew Ross - When it comes to greenhouse gases, Mother Nature and her forest fires like the ones raging through Southern California can be some of the biggest polluters out there.
According to the California Air Resources Board, the blazes raging from Malibu to the Mexican border will send some 2 million metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, plus 200,000 tons of methane and nitrous oxide.
That output of global warming gases is equal to what 440,000 cars would pump into the atmosphere in a year, said Richard Bode, chief of the Air Resources Board's emissions inventory branch.
"In terms of global warming, it is a sizable chunk," Bode said. "But you have to remember that overall, the state puts out about 470 million tons of gases every year - so it's about a half a percent" of California's yearly contribution to global catastrophe.
Still, that's a lot of Priuses. Lunacy continues... (10/24/07)

NewsBusters: Global Warming Hysteria Drives States to Sue Bush Administration Over CO2 Emissions - By Noel Sheppard - For many months, NewsBusters has been warning readers that the hysteria being generated by the media and the Global Warmingist-in-Chief Al Gore concerning climate change would eventually begin to impact energy and economic policies.
Following last Thursday's landmark decision in Kansas to not give an electricity producer a construction license for a coal-fired power plant due to global warming fears, more than a dozen states are set to file a lawsuit against the Bush administration for holding up efforts to regulate carbon dioxide emissions from cars and trucks.
I kid you not. Noel continues... (10/24/07)

The disgraceful media and their coverage of the fires here in Southern California

CNN Predicts Possible 'Century of Fires' Due to Global Warming - Anderson Cooper and Tom Foreman warn that global warming may be to blame for Southern California fires. - By Paul Detrick - CNN exploited a national tragedy on October 23 by finding a way to blame global warming for wildfires.
During the October 23 "Anderson Cooper 360: In the Line of Fire," Cooper reported from Southern California saying, "People are wondering if these fires are a result of global warming in some way."
Although Cooper admitted that, "no one really knows for sure," the broadcast still took the time to predict the future with CNN's Tom Foreman who warned of a possible "century of fires, just like what we're seeing now" as a result of global warming. More. (10/24/07)

While, the Huffington Post hardly qualifies as media, (more like Democratic Talking Points), here is their daily nonsense.
Global Warming and the California Wildfires - By Joseph Romm - Global warming makes wildfires more likely and more destructive -- as many scientific studies have concluded. Why? Global warming leads to more intense droughts, hotter weather, earlier snowmelt (hence less humid late summers and early autumns), and more tree infestations (like the pine beetle). After reading the first sentence if you feel compelled to read any more feel free. Masochists click here. (10/24/07)

NewsBusters: Ted Turner: Global Warming Worse Than Iran, Causing Drought - By Brad Wilmouth - In a recent Web interview with "Foreign Policy" magazine, dated October 2007, which focused on environmental issues, CNN founder Ted Turner claimed that global warming presents a greater danger to the world than Iran. Turner: "Iran does not put us in peril like global warming does." In a September interview with "GQ" magazine, Turner had similarly downplayed the nuclear threat from Iran as he argued that America's nuclear arsenal poses a greater threat to the world: "I'm much more worried about our nuclear arsenal than theirs. Iran, at best, can get a few nuclear weapons. We have tens of thousands." The CNN founder further suggested that global warming is to blame for the drought in the Southeast, and contended that the same Al Gore who refuses to debate scientists on global warming is as "smart as a whip." (Transcript follows) (10/24/07)

NewsBusters: Without Proof, NBC Presumes Global Warming to Blame for Wild Fires - By Brent Baker - ABC and CBS stuck Tuesday night with news stories on the impact of the roaring California wild fires, but as houses were still burning NBC Nightly News found it an opportune time to make the case that global warming caused the fires. NBC's sole expert, however, delivered a circular argument in which the lack of scientific proof did not detract at all from his media-shared presumption that anything bad which occurs in the environment can be tied to global warming. After reporter Anne Thompson cautioned scientists say you can't know "after just one season" whether warming is to blame, Princeton professor Michael Oppenheimer, a leading global warming alarmist who, NBC failed to mention, serves as a science adviser to Environmental Defense, reasoned:
The weather we've seen this fall may or may not be due to the global warming trend, but it's certainly a clear picture of what the future is going to look like if we don't act quickly to cut emissions of the greenhouse gases. Baker continues... (10/23/07)

NewsBusters: Damned If You Do: Bush Visit Will 'Distract' From CA Firefighting - By Mark Finkelstein - President Bush has shown that he can be empathetic, sensitive and decisive. But those qualities eluded him for days after Hurricane Katrina ... He didn't cancel his vacation until two days after Katrina struck and didn't visit the region until four days after the storm. -- "A compassionate Bush was absent right after Katrina", USA Today, 9-9-05.
USA Today's broadside is typical of the MSM criticism leveled at Pres. Bush for his failure to visit New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. So, now that President Bush has announced that he will be visiting California on Thursday while the wildfire flames are still burning, naturally the MSM and Dems will put politics aside and laud his decision, right?
I did say "the MSM and Dems."
View video here. (10/23/07)

NewsBusters: CBS's Pelley Uses Wildfires to Prove Global Warming - By Kyle Drennen - With Southern California in the midst of dealing with disastrous wildfires, on Sunday's "60 Minutes," anchor Scott Pelley used the issue to promote Global Warming ideology. He did a segment on wildfires in the American west and declared in traditional alarmist fashion: "It appears that we're living in a new age of mega-fires, forest infernos ten times bigger than the fires we're used to seeing." It did not take long for Pelley to find the culprit for this crisis as he talked to University of Arizona professor, Tom Swetnam:
Swetnam says that climate change-- global warming-- has increased temperatures in the west about one degree, and that has caused four times more fires. Swetnam and his colleagues published those findings in the journal "Science," and the world's leading researchers on climate change have endorsed their conclusions. More. (10/23/07)

One wingnut to another...
Are the Wildfires in So. California Related to Global Warming? - By Amy Goodman, Democracy Now! - Environmental journalist Bill McKibben explains the connection between raging wildfires and our warming planet.
AMY GOODMAN: As we continue on this issue of global warming, what does global warming have to do with the fires raging in Southern California?
More than a half a million people in San Diego County have been ordered to evacuate. Over 900 homes have been destroyed. At least one person has died. Another thirty-seven people have been reported injured, including seventeen firefighters. The fires extend from the Mexican border to Santa Barbara, the most devastating fires in San Diego County. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has declared a state of emergency.
Bill McKibben is a leading environmentalist and one of the leading forces behind Step It Up. In 1989, he wrote the book The End of Nature, one of the first books to describe global warming as an emerging environmental crisis. His latest book is called Deep Economy: The Wealth of Communities and the Durable Future. Bill McKibben, joining us from Boston, welcome to Democracy Now!
BILL McKIBBEN: Amy, it's good to be with you, as always.
AMY GOODMAN: It's good to have you with us. The fires in Southern California and global warming, is there a connection?
BILL McKIBBEN: I'm afraid that there is. Absurdity continues... (10/23/07)

Well it didn't take long for the warmist to get around to this one.
California Wildfires and Global Warming - Across the West, Major Wildfires are More Frequent and Intense Due to Climate Change - By Dan Shapley / News Editor - The wildfires consuming Southern California are extraordinary: Extraordinary because they have claimed so many homes. extraordinary because they started so quickly and have burned so intensely. Extraordinary because they are exhausting the formidable firefighting resources in a region used to wildfire.
But in the years to come, they may become ordinary.
Scientists have already tied increased frequency and intensity of wildfires to the changing climate, (what haven't they tied to climate change?) and scientists are confident that the conditions that will be brought on by global warming will only make conditions more ripe for wildfire. Really? This is pure nonsense. As a life long resident of Southern California, we know what causes fires here; it's not rocket climate science!
Dry brush + high temperatures + single digit humidity + high "Santa Ana" winds = extreme fire danger in Southern California. It always has...and almost always in the fall. Add arson to that, as in the case of the Santiago Canyon fire, and you have a big problem.
Ironically, it is the environmentalists who lobbied successfully to prevent the forest service from "thinning" trees, and clearing dead brush in the San Bernardino and Cleveland National Forests who have exacerbated the problem in the Lake Arrowhead area fire.
If you need a reminder of the dangers presented by environmental policies run-amuk, you need only go back a few months.

Global Warming Being Blamed for Calif. Wildfires - By Jim Meyers - Man-made global warming is being blamed for yet another natural calamity - the roaring California wildfires.
As the fires raged out of control in a number of Southern California locations, Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada flatly declared on Tuesday: "One reason why we have the fires in California is global warming." He cited the fires in stressing the need to pass the Democrats' comprehensive energy package, The Hill newspaper reported.
When asked by a reporter if he really believed global warming caused the fires, however, Reid appeared to back away from his remark, saying many factors contributed to the disaster. More. (10/22/07)

Mega forest fires -- caused by global warming or the Sierra Club? - By Mary Mostert - Yesterday, 60 Minutes correspondent Scott Pelley reported that "Global warming is increasing the intensity and number of forest fires across the American West, according to one of the world's leading fire ecologists."
It isn't global warming, which even Pelley put at a 1 degree increase in climate "change" that has caused the mega fires in Western forests. It is the "success" of the Sierra Club and a bunch of city-slicker environmentalists who forced changes in logging and brush control which led to a huge build-up of fuel in the forests. Those who know the forests have been warning for years these kind of fires would happen.
From 1975 to 1999 I lived on the edge of the El Dorado National Park in Northern California. I not only watched the changes take place, I WROTE about what would happen as a result of those changes, after listening to experienced forest rangers give testimony congress.
What those experienced forest rangers warned us would happen is now happening. It is certainly no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention to what has been occurring in the past couple of decades. Twelve years ago, in the April 1995 issue of Michael Reagan's newsletter, which I edited, I warned that the Sierra Club was BRAGGING about its success in destroying the logging industry in the national forests in California. More... (10/22/07)

More absurdity from the land of nuts and fruits.
New Shopping Site Helps Consumers Fight Global Warming - Oakland, CA -- Cooler, a leading provider of commerce solutions that address global warming, recently announced the launch of, a Web site that helps consumers eliminate the global warming impact of their online purchases at more than 400 of the Internet's most popular stores. When a consumer starts their online shopping at and completes the purchase at a participating store, the global warming impact of each purchase is calculated and a portion of the purchase price is returned by stores to Cooler to offset that impact.
Consumers who shop through pay the same prices they would going directly to the retailer. The company uses a product-level carbon calculator that is the first global warming solution to address the impact of almost any consumer good or service sold in the U.S. Fees paid back to Cooler by the stores on its site are invested in renewable energy and pollution prevention projects approved by some of the world's best known environmental organizations. (10/23/07)

Apocalypse Now? - The scaremongers are not always wrong. The Trojans should have listened to Cassandra. But history shows that the scaremongers are usually wrong. More. (10/23/07)

Economics and politics, not science, fuel global warming claims - (PressMediaWire) Los Angeles, CA Oct. 23, 2007 -- It took an article in an Australian newspaper to make Americans aware that prominent American meteorologist Dr. William Gray called the theory that won Al Gore a Nobel Prize "ridiculous." And that's worrisome to Holly Fretwell, author of The Sky's NOT Falling: Why It's OK to Chill about Global Warming (Kids Ahead Books, 0-9767269-4-7, for ages 8-12, Sept. 2007), a new book for kids designed to inform, not indoctrinate, on the subject of global warming. More... (10/23/07)

5 Global Warming Myths - a.k.a. things you thought you knew about Global Warming which you didn't. There is more speculation about global warming than there is about Sienna Millar and Rhys Ifans (will they, won't they...). So here are some facts to dispel those myths. (10/23/07)

Indoctrination continues...
Global warming goes to school - LEARNING about global warming is set to ease students' transition from primary to high school.
Staff at Bathurst, Eglinton and West Bathurst public schools and Bathurst High have written a transition unit on global warming.
Bathurst Public School assistant principal John Wilkinson said students at the three primary schools would spend six weeks working on the unit and then complete the project at high school next year. More. (10/23/07)

What's causing global warming on Mars? - After the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to former Vice President Albert Gore Jr., NASA received an urgent call from Spirit and Opportunity demanding an answer to their question: "What does this guy know about recession of the Mars polar ice cap which is melting at the same rate as the Ice Caps on Earth?"
They wanted to know what are the polluting factors on Mars and are they the same factors that Gore says are causing global warming and melting of the polar caps on Earth. Since the nearest human to Mars is 40 million miles away at the closest point, and there are only two solar powered vehicles working the planet, Spirit and Opportunity personally discussed the circumstances and came to the conclusion that the melting of the Martian ice cap was radiation from the sun and not man-made pollution. This seems to be confirmed by independent research of solar scientists in recent discoveries who say it is solar radiation in the same wavelength as your microwave oven that is melting the ice caps.
NASA of course desired to be politically correct and referred the question to the former vice president who was en route to Europe to collect his prize on his private jet and was unavailable for comment. Spirit and Opportunity were immediately programmed for a long winter's sleep so as not to cause a political fire fight. (10/23/07)

Global warming not to blame for recent hot weather: climatologist - By Graham Hughes, Ottawa Citizen - People should not feel guilty about the recent spate of warm weather, says David Phillips.
"It has nothing to do with global warming. It's the result of a series of high-pressure areas that have established over the eastern United States," the senior climatologist at Environment Canada said Monday.
"The clockwise rotation around the centre of the high is pumping warm air from the Gulf of Mexico into Eastern Canada." Continued. (10/22/07)

The True Cost Of The Global Warming Farce - By Tom McClintock - Last year, in the name of saving the planet from global warming, California adopted the most radically restrictive legislation anywhere in the nation, including AB 32, which requires a 25 percent reduction in man-made carbon dioxide emissions within 13 years.
To put this in perspective, we could junk every car in the state of California RIGHT NOW - and not meet this mandate.
Californians just approved $40 billion of bonds that California's political leaders promised would be used for highways, dams, aqueducts and other capital improvements. They are desperately needed.
But at the same time, those same political leaders have imposed a 25 percent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.
Now here's the problem. Building highways, dams and aqueducts requires tremendous amounts of concrete, the principle ingredient of which is cement. Tom McClintock is one of only a few adults remaining in the California State Legislature More. (10/22/07)

Involve kids in global warming discussion - Al Gore has an Oscar and a Nobel Peace Prize, but does he have the truth, convenient or inconvenient?
Despite his honors and his elevation to guru-like status as both a scientific expert, without portfolio, and a seer, with photogenic charisma, the debate on global warming rages. And well it should.
On the day Gore and the United Nations climate panel were awarded the Nobel, some 300 meteorologists and meteorology students at the University of North Carolina were hearing a celebrated expert declare that they had it all wrong.
Further, "We're brainwashing our children," declared Dr. William M. Gray, 76, probably the world's best-known hurricane expert and forecaster.
That is the part that concerns us. More. (10/22/07)

Do accurate reports on global warming - It was so nice to see Al Gore's beaming face taking up most of your Saturday Oct. 13 front page. The Nobel Peace Prize selection committee has a history of following an anti-American, liberal agenda and you played right into their hands. Jimmy Carter's selection was another prime example.
The global warming controversy has become a political, not a scientific, issue. Perhaps all reporting on the subject should be relegated to the editorial page. If you wanted to report the news fairly, how about printing (right next to the Nobel article) the recent report out of London regarding the High Court judge who ruled that Gore's "Inconvenient Truth" contained nine assertions that are "not supported by current mainstream scientific consensus." More. (10/22/07)

REBUTTING GLOBAL WARMING ALARMISM - Global warming that is reasonably projected might be problematic, although not devastating, for the much-fretted-about polar bears, but it will be beneficial for other species, says columnist George F. Will. (10/22/07)

Many scientists do not accept Mr Gore's case for global warming - Dear Editor,
When I wrote my last letter about carbon credits and carbon footprints captioned "Does censoring our forests make sense economically?" (07.10.17) I did not know about President Jagdeo's "offer to deploy almost our entire rainforest - which is the size of England - in the long term service of the world's battle against climate change. I do not believe that we should "deploy" our forest towards this scheme. While global warming is real there is no conclusive proof that saving the forest would stop the phenomenon. Guyanese should be looking forward to the full utilization of our forest. Continued. (10/22/07)

The Spoof
Humor: The Cause Of Global Warming? - Hindustan, the Indian Subcontinent: Fresh from his Nobel Peace Prize award last week, former vice-president Al Gore dropped a bombshell at his latest press conference, charging that out of control worldwide humor is chiefly responsible for global warming. More. (10/21/07)

NewsBusters: 35 Errors Discovered in Al Gore's Film - By Noel Sheppard - NewsBusters readers are well aware of the recent controversy involving Al Gore's schlockumentary "An Inconvenient Truth."
A few weeks ago, a British judge cited nine errors in the film. Team Gore responded Thursday in a rebuttal published at the Washington Post's Fact Checker blog.
Now, famed climate change skeptic Christopher Monckton, in a detailed report published by the Science and Public Policy Institute, not only refuted Gore's defense of the movie's contents, but also listed a total of 35 errors in the award-winning abomination responsible for most of the global warming hysteria sweeping the planet: Continued. (10/21/07)

NewsBusters: John Stossel Questions Inconvenient Truths on MSM View of Global Warming - By John Stephenson - John Stossel dares to question the conventional wisdom of liberal minds and MSM on the topic of global warming in the following video.
The heartbreaking part of this report is to see the reaction of the children being interviewed. They have obviously been indoctrinated with only one side of the story to the point of fear. When asked where they learn this, one kid points to Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth."
One point that John takes apart as factless is that even if global warming is real, that it is man's fault. Despite recent developments, man can't control the weather, much less the climate.
John points out that there is another side to the story and that too often the scientists that have tried to tell it have been silenced and threatened. As John says, "Give me a break".
Even though folks like Al Gore say "the debate is over", the debate is long from over. The only reason it appears so is because the critics are too often silenced.
What liberal bias? Watch the video here. (10/21/07)

Dolphins "planning to move into our houses after global warming" - Dolphins and porpoises are already planning to move into human homes after they are submerged by seawater it has been revealed this week. Marine biologists studying cetecean communications claim they have observed dolphins discussing which homes they will occupy and whether they might change the layout a little. "People have been amazed to see friendly dolphins popping their head close to the shore in bustling coastal fishing villages," said Professor Karl Ingerson. "They think they are coming up to say hello to the local humans. Actually they are checking out their houses and deciding which one they are going to nab." More. (10/21/07)

The Spoof
Global Warming is caused by the planet Venus - The lunar calendar and more accurately the Mayan long calendar predicts 2012 to be the date when the gravity of the planet Venus negatively affects the Moon's lunar trajectory and causes disruptions in the weather patterns on the planet Earth.
At the time, communities which were then dependent largely on agricultural industries, this was known as the beginning of the end times or the apocalypse. Now it has become known only as Global Warming.
The event of Venus' orbit pulling the moon away from us happens every so often and coincides with landmark claims and maps of human survival such as the book of Genesis and the predictions of the Maya.
In order to thwart this new enemy (or threat from outer space as I like to call it), we need to re-engineer the moons orbit back to a position agreeable with life on earth. This should be the sole focus of Global Warming talks and endeavours.
That new bomb the Russians invented should do the trick. Just detonate it alongside the trajectory of the moon and nudge it back into place. Do this every once in a while and we'll have a very nice planet to live on for a long time to come. (10/21/07)

Europe to Require Carbon Dioxide Emissions Warnings in New Car Ads - By Noel Sheppard - As media induced warm-mongering heats up across the globe, Europe is about to take climate change hysteria to a new level by requiring cigarette-style health warnings about carbon dioxide emissions in advertisements for new cars. Noel continues... (10/20/07)

And so it begins; the gulable, led by the enviro-kooks, are regulating us into darkness...
Citing Global Warming, Kansas Denies Plant Permit - By MATTHEW L. WALD - A Kansas regulator has turned down a permit for a large coal-fired power plant solely because of the global warming gases it would emit.
Opponents of the plant say this is the first instance of a regulatory agency's rejecting a permit for that reason alone.
The Kansas Department of Health and Environment on Thursday turned down a permit for twin 700-megawatt coal-fired generators that a group of electric cooperatives is seeking to build near Holcomb in southwest Kansas. The ownership and the electricity would be shared by 67 cooperatives in Kansas and neighboring states.
The department's staff had recommended issuing the air quality permits, but Roderick L. Bremby, the secretary of the department, said in a statement, "I believe it would be irresponsible to ignore emerging information about the contribution of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases to climate change and the potential harm to our environment and health if we do nothing." More. (10/20/07)

35 Inconvenient Truths: The errors in Al Gore's movie - A spokesman for Al Gore has issued a questionable response to the news that in October 2007 the High Court in London had identified nine "errors" in his movie An Inconvenient Truth. The judge had stated that, if the UK Government had not agreed to send to every secondary school in England a corrected guidance note making clear the mainstream scientific position on these nine "errors", he would have made a finding that the Government's distribution of the film and the first draft of the guidance note earlier in 2007 to all English secondary schools had been an unlawful contravention of an Act of Parliament prohibiting the political indoctrination of children. Monckton continues... (10/19/07)

From 20/20:
Man vs. Nature : Challenging Conventional Views About Global Warming - By JOHN STOSSEL - The globe is warming, it's our fault and the consequences are going to be terrible. So goes the rhetoric spouted by politicians, celebrities and the media.
It's hard to turn on the TV or open a newspaper these days without hearing about the horrors caused by our warming climate. We can expect more floods, droughts, hurricanes and tornadoes as global warming continues, and pretty soon we'll have to flee from the coasts as the polar ice caps melt and our shorelines flood. Stossel continues... (10/19/07)

The Global Warming Deceptions
Analyses by Dr. Vincent Gray
- By Michael R. Fox, - The scientific opposition to the discredited theory of man-made global warming has been large and enduring. It also has been studiously ignored, dismissed, or attacked.
Ten years ago in 1997 the Petition Project was organized and implemented by Dr. Art Robinson of the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine. He ultimately collected more than the names of 19,000 signatories. The petition was as clear and simple as it was necessary:
"We urge the United States government to reject the global warming agreement that was written in Kyoto, Japan in December, 1997, and any other similar proposals. The proposed limits on greenhouse gases would harm the environment, hinder the advance of science and technology, and damage the health and welfare of mankind.
There is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gasses is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth's atmosphere and disruption of the Earth's climate. Moreover, there is substantial scientific evidence that increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide produce many beneficial effects upon the natural plant and animal environments of the Earth."
I am proud to be one of the original signatories and nothing has happened in the intervening 10 years to change that. In fact, the growth of climate evidence and expanding analyses has only affirmed that endorsement. Furthermore the list of climate experts who oppose the current political "science" of global warming continues to grow. It is important to note that many of these were scientists were originally participants supporting man-made global warming theory. The evidence has changed their minds. More. (10/19/07)

Questioning Gore's Climate Theories - By Han Sam-hee - Somebody has given me a copy of an interesting book -- "Cool It" published last month by Bjorn Lomborg, an associate professor of statistics in the Department of Political Science at the University of Aarhus, Denmark. In 2003, Lomborg brought the falsehood of the existing environmental theories into light based on a total of 2,930 individual footnotes backed up with piles of statistical data in his book entitled "The Skeptical Environmentalist." In "Cool It," he addresses global warming theories. He references Al Gore, Jr. throughout the book, almost as if he expected Gore would receive the Nobel Peace Prize this year. More. (10/19/07)

New from the JunkMan.
Junk Science: Hey Al Gore, We Want a Refund! - By Steven Milloy - A British judge ruled on the eve of Al Gore co-winning the Nobel Peace Prize that students forced to watch "An Inconvenient Truth" must be warned of the film's factual errors. But would there be any science at all left in Gore's "truth" if these errors and their progeny were excised? More. (10/19/07)

Global Warming: Polar Bear Watch On Arctic Report Card - GLOBAL warming is good news for polar bars. At least it would be if they had agents. As ever the Independent illustrates its story that ice (cold) melts under sun (hot) with a picture of polar bears. More. (10/19/07)

George Will Rebuts Global Warming Alarmism - In his latest biweekly column in Newsweek magazine (circ. 3,118,432), Pulitzer Prize-winning writer George F. Will says efforts to battle global warming by reducing human greenhouse gas emissions, such as those endorsed by former Vice President Al Gore, could cause "more preventable death and suffering than was caused in the last century by Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot combined."
The Heartland Institute has warned of the high costs and inconsequential environmental impact of greenhouse gas controls for more than a decade, and it is currently running ads in The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Washington Times challenging Gore to debate his critics.
Will's commentary is one more sign that the global warming campaign is flagging. More. (10/18/07)

John Stossel Exposes Global Warming Myths - "20/20" co-anchor John Stossel is going on the attack against "experts" who warn about manmade global warming - along the way berating Al Gore for saying the debate over climate change is over.
In a release from ABC previewing Stossel's report on Friday's "20/20," the veteran newsman and Newsmax pundit - who won 19 Emmys exposing scammers and con artists - says:
"This week on '20/20' (in our new 8 p.m. Eastern time slot) I say 'Give Me a Break!' to our Nobel Prize-winning Vice President.
"Mr. Gore says 'The debate is over,' and those who disagree with his take on global warming have been 'purchased' in order to create 'the illusion of a debate.' Nonsense. It's as if the Vice President and his allies in the environmental movement plan to win the debate through intimidation. I interview some scientists who won't be intimidated, even though one has had his life threatened for speaking up." Stossel continues... (10/18/07)

Patric Michaels visits the land of nuts and fruits...
Global warming lecture at CSUF stirs controversary
Science weighs against philosophy on campus
- By: Sylvia Masuda - Controversy erupted in the Cal State Fullerton science community over Tuesday's global warming lecture in the Titan Theatre.

Research professor and climatologist Patrick Michaels presented "Reducing the Effects of Global Warming in Southern California," a presentation which explained why global warming is not an imminent problem. The Economics Association organized the event.
Over the years, science organizations have criticized Michaels for exaggerating his credentials and for pushing what they feel is a political agenda. CSUF science professors said his articles published in science journals "Science" and "Nature" are actually letters to the editor.
Michaels' lecture featured graphs and data to support his belief that although global warming is a real concept, its negative effects are not as urgent as many claim. In particular, he backed his information by challenging several ideas Al Gore discussed in the former vice president's book.
For example, Michaels said he considers the Kyoto Protocol counterproductive. The protocol calls for participating nations to limit its greenhouse gas emissions.
"It takes away the capital to invest in a more efficient society," Michaels said. "For all their good intentions, they haven't realized that they've delayed the efficient future." Article continues... (10/18/07)


Shattered Consensus: The True State of Global Warming
Buy it now at Amazon
Patrick Michaels

Global Warming: Dissenting Voices - By Michael S. Rozeff - If we value our children's and grandchildren's welfare, we should stop being stampeded by the global warming lobby who want us to waste trillions of dollars on a futile and needless endeavor to lower the Earth's temperature by a trivial amount. We should pull the plug on the political process for controlling climate. That process can only magnify and entrench the power of world government over each of us.
The Earth's atmosphere at present is mostly a commons. The world's governments want to keep it that way so that they can jointly regulate every activity that impinges on the atmosphere, which is everything of any importance.
If the atmosphere is free to use as a commons, the result is a tendency to overuse it. One use is as a dump for emissions of gasses. That's a negative if those emissions harm, which sometimes they do. For example, it was not too long ago that states tested radioactive bombs in the air and caused any number of cancer deaths.
How then do we control emissions that are doing harm? The answer is through courts. Someone has to prove that they have been harmed by someone else. They have to bring a lawsuit. It has to be argued out and proven. This is how we get justice. Once a few cases are decided, a precedent is set. Then all those who are doing similar harm have to change their ways of operating or face lawsuits.
For example, a coal-burning utility that produces sulfur dioxide can choke people and irritate them or worse. It has no right to do that. One or two lawsuits would put an end to it by proving harm. The atmosphere would no longer be free to them as a disposal site.
Carbon dioxide is similar. If it is harming, then let it be shown. Let courts rule on the disputes.
We have not followed this method of controlling atmospheric use. Instead we have gone the legislative and regulatory route. The result is that we have built up powerful institutions geared toward oppression. I don't know about the rest of you, but I don't want courts meddling in the climate either. The Supreme Court has already found CO2 to be a "pollutant". By this "logic" breathing can now be regulated - or even banned. Rozeff continues... (10/18/07)

Global Warming is Racist - The world's poorest people are also taking the brunt of global warming's negative effects. Although the average African produces 13 times less harmful emissions than their North American counterparts, the African ecosystem is suffering far greater damage. Droughts and floods, as well as shifting ecosystems throughout the continent, threaten the welfare of both the people and wildlife of Africa.
Scientists warn that rising temperatures could cause massive extinctions for wildlife, including lions, elephants, and mountain gorillas. The climate change has also been blamed as the alleged cause of droughts which have left nearly 1.8 million Africans without a sufficient supply of clean water. The water shortage has caused outbreaks of malaria and cholera, as well as an increase in poverty.
Experts say most African nations are ill-prepared to fight global warming, although improved land management and natural gas use in place of coal could both help. University of Cape Town climatology specialist Professor Bruce Hewitson says that many African countries do not have the cash to meet the 2005 Kyoto Protocol emission reduction targets. More. (10/18/07)

What's 25 years between warmists?
IPCC 'global warming' model is flawed - If the IPCC computer model on global warming (which links CO2 to Global Warming, and treats CO2 as the independent causation variable) was accurate, then the worst case scenario that it was forecasting to occur in 2050 would have occurred in 2050.
There is no question that Mr. Gore's efforts have alerted the world to the existence of Climate Change. There is also increasing evidence to support the conclusion that Climate Change is not "man-made", and that the IPCC computer model is flawed - just as Professor Edward Wegman of George Mason University said it was. (See bio)
By a simple application of common sense: If the IPCC computer model on global warming (which links CO2 to Global Warming, and treats CO2 as the independent causation variable) was accurate, then the "worst case" scenario that it was forecasting to occur in 2050 would have occurred in 2050. The hard fact is that the model got it wrong by 25 years.
This is not a "trivial" mistake. It is a mistake that is so serious that it challenges the credibility of the model at its very core. More. (10/18/07)

How can you predict global warming if you can't predict rain? - By Peter N. Spotts Princeton, N.J. - Some say climate change is part of a complex natural cycle - so complex, in fact, that it can't be forecast. Are current climate models reliable? To those of us who are not climate scientists, it may come down to this: How can we be so certain what the climate will be like a century from now if you can't get a decent weather forecast more than two weeks ahead? In the end, isn't climate change just too complex? More. (10/18/07)

Google doesn't care about global warming any more? - One of the many sources I check each day while updating the site is Google News, of course. When I searched the term "global warming" as I do each day, I repeatedly got this:

Search of Global Warming on Google News Oct 18, 2007 7:15AM PST
enlarge photo

I'm sure it's just a glitch. I mean, only a right-wing nutcase whacko would suggest some kind of vast left-wing conspiracy. :) Interestingly, I then found this.

The Global Warming Learning Curve - Data discrepancies are fascinating.

I was researching the topic of global warming and happened upon the results of a survey conducted in July by Yale University's School of Forestry & Environmental Studies addressing American opinions of global warming.


Global Warming Search

According to the press release issued by the school, "Americans consider global warming an urgent threat. "I didn't pause very long before diving quickly into our data to see if this urgent threat was reflected in the way we search. If, as the study claimed, "nearly half of Americans believe that global warming is either already having dangerous impacts on people around the world or will in the next 10 years," we have a funny way of showing it.
What we say (in surveys) and how we act (in this case, by searching on the Internet) show a very different story. Interest in global warming spiked at the beginning of this year, rising to three times its normal level on Feb. 1, 2007, coinciding with Al Gore's Nobel Peace Prize nomination. But since then, the volume of searches on "global warming" have dropped off precipitously to the lowest levels in the last year save for a brief recovery in advance of the actual award of the Nobel Peace Prize to Gore last week.
How we search for global warming is even more telling. In the last four weeks, Hitwise captured 1,427 different searches that contained the phrase "global warming." By analyzing the top 100 searches, it's clear that Internet users continue in their quest to understand what global warming is. In fact 92 of the top 100 terms were general or educational in nature, with the top terms including: "global warming," "about global warming," "al gore global warming," and "articles on global warming." Of the top 100 terms only four terms gave a sense of positive action: "global warming prevention," "how to prevent global warming," "ways to prevent global warming," and "global warming solutions." The other four terms rounding out the top hundred included the skeptical queries such as "global warming myth," "global warming hoax," "benefits of global warming," and searches for the skeptic's video answer to An Inconvenient Truth: "the great global warming swindle." Article continues... (10/18/07)

Global Warming Good for Greenland? - By James Owen
for National Geographic News - For some in Greenland these days, the grass is looking greener.
Rapid thawing brought on by global warming on the world's largest island has opened up new opportunities for agriculture, commercial fishing, mining, and oil exploration. The island's native people, though, may not be on the "winning" side of warming. Continued. (10/17/07)

NewsBusters: ABC Reporters Laud Gore; Applaud Use of Propaganda - By Scott Whitlock - ABC contributor Cokie Roberts apparently approves of propaganda, as long as she agrees with it. The veteran journalist appeared with George Will and Sam Donaldson on Sunday's "This Week." In response to a claim by token conservative Will that Al Gore grossly exaggerates the threat of global warming, Roberts positively assessed, "The truth is, there have always been propagandists who make something popular."
Using a strained comparison, Roberts continued to justify Gore's misinformation by arguing that the former Vice President popularizes the work of climate change scientists: "Go back to the revolution....You had Tom Paine and you had the Continental Congress. So you do have the two and they both work for a debate."
If there was any confusion about what Roberts thought of the useful nature of propaganda, she cleared it up by gushing, "But good for Al Gore. He worked hard on this. He got this prize." More... (10/17/07)

Bozell Column: Al Gore's Nobel Propaganda Prize - By Brent Bozell - Twenty or thirty years ago, the Nobel Peace Prize was considered to be among the most prestigious awards in the world. It helped make historical figures out of Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, and Lech Walesa. But in the last twenty years, its prestige has lessened as its political correctness has hardened.
It went from an award that championed human rights to an award that honored dictators and terrorists (Mikhail Gorbachev, 1990 or Yasser Arafat, 1994). It even honored frauds - Rigoberta Menchu, a Guatemalan Indian, was honored in 1992 upon the 500th anniversary of the historic voyage of that "oppressor" Christopher Columbus, based on an autobiography full of phony stories. Bozell continues... (10/17/07)

Ancient Fossil Evidence Supports Carbon Dioxide As Driver Of Global Warming - Science Daily -- A team of American and Canadian scientists has devised a new way to study Earth's past climate by analyzing the chemical composition of ancient marine fossils. The first published tests with the method further support the view that atmospheric CO2 has contributed to dramatic climate variations in the past, and strengthen projections that human CO2 emissions could cause global warming. [...]

"This is a huge change in temperature," says John Eiler, a professor of geochemistry at Caltech and a coauthor of the study. "It shows that carbon dioxide really has been a powerful driver of climate change in Earth's past." Really? How? Proving a link between CO2 and temperature does not prove one "drives" the other.

The title of the Nature paper is "Coupling of surface temperatures and atmospheric CO2 concentrations during the Paleozoic era." The other authors are Jan Veizer of the University of Ottawa, Karem Azmy of Memorial University of Newfoundland, Uwe Brand of Brock University, and Christopher R. Weidman of the Waquoit National Estuarine Research Reserve, Massachusetts.

Interestingly, I was able to find this:
The poor correlation of the modeled pCO2 with the observed Phanerozoic climate trends (Frakes et al., 1992; Veizer et al., 2000; Boucot and Gray, 2001) suggest either that the pCO2 models may be in need of improvement, or, if one of them is validated, that the CO2 is not likely to be the principal climate driver. Source: Celestial driver of Phanerozoic climate? NIR J. SHAVIV AND JÁN VEIZER

And this:
Jan Veizer, environmental geochemist, Professor Emeritus from University of Ottawa: "At this stage, two scenarios of potential human impact on climate appear feasible: (1) the standard IPCC model ..., and (2) the alternative model that argues for celestial phenomena as the principal climate driver. ... Models and empirical observations are both indispensable tools of science, yet when discrepancies arise, observations should carry greater weight than theory. If so, the multitude of empirical observations favours celestial phenomena as the most important driver of terrestrial climate on most time scales, but time will be the final judge." Source: Wikipedia.

Note: This story has been adapted from material provided by California Institute of Technology. Adapted or adopted? And by whom?

Snafu | Wisdom of the Goracle - By David Morris - When the Nobel Committee awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to Yasser Arafat in 1994, I thought, as Tim Lehrer noted when Henry Kissinger received the award, that political satire was obsolete ­- and I believed they could do no worse. When they awarded the prize to Jimmy Carter in 2002, I was forced to revise that opinion. But on Friday, October 12, 2007, the Nobel Committee hit a new low when the perfect storm of idiocy converged, resulting in the seemingly impossible. The committee awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to Al Gore - and his ego expanded. Continued. (10/17/07)

Reporting on global warming not clean, simple - By Phil Rosenthal | Media - So NBC's "Today" show has unveiled big plans for next month to jet its stars to the far reaches of the planet -- Matt Lauer in the Arctic, Al Roker at the Equator and Ann Curry in Antarctica -- for live broadcasts aimed at alerting us to the effects of global warming.
You know, the phenomenon said to be exacerbated by 21st Century conveniences that spew carbons into the environment, such as, um, jet travel. More. (10/17/07)

Global Warming Delusions - By DANIEL B. BOTKIN - Global warming doesn't matter except to the extent that it will affect life -- ours and that of all living things on Earth. And contrary to the latest news, the evidence that global warming will have serious effects on life is thin. Most evidence suggests the contrary. Continued. (10/17/07)

Loud Science | Way to go, Al! - By: Vineet Tiruvadi - The farce that is the global warming debate has stepped up a notch. With the Nobel Peace Prize making its way into former Vice President Al Gore's hands, it's becoming obvious that the global warming issue is being increasingly bastardized. More. (10/17/07)

CO2 Science: Can the Huge Claimed Consensus on CO2 and Global Warming Possibly Be Wrong? Uh, yes! In many situations, as the saying goes, there is strength in numbers, and so it is in the case of scientific theories. Nevertheless, truth is not decided by majority vote, or even by acclamation; for it is what it is, irrespective of what the entire world may say about it. Consequently, a degree of humility and the exercise of caution with respect to actions proposed to be taken with respect to currently popular paradigms are virtues about which we periodically need reminding. Continued. (10/17/07)

The novel Nobel - Many queried the connection between peace and climate change when former United States vice president Al Gore and the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) were awarded the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize last week.
The victory for Gore, and environmentalists across the world, should not have come as a surprise. In the past few years, the Nobel Prize jury seems to have lost its appetite for literal peace makers. Last year the honor went to Bangladeshi micro-credit advocate and founder of Grameen Bank Muhammad Yunus, while in 2004 Kenyan environmentalist Wangari Mathai took home the prize. More. (10/17/07)

PRO-CON: Should Al Gore have received Nobel Prize? YES - Of all those who won Nobel Peace Prize over more than a century, few have been more worthy of the honor than Al Gore and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Together they brought the force of solid scientific inquiry and ardent advocacy to drag to the forefront of global consciousness an issue that the politics of denial did its best to obscure. In some ways, the panel had the harder task. This network of nearly 3,000 scientists drawn from many countries had to meticulously study the evidence even as affirmers and deniers of global warming waged a furious debate. However, the efforts of the scientists might not have made the world wake up to the perils of global warming if a protagonist with a powerful voice had not stepped forward to convey the message. With his name-recognition and political skills, Gore fitted the bill admirably. It is difficult to imagine another American politician putting himself at such risk by highlighting an issue that the general public did not seem to be very concerned about.
The Hindu (Madras, India) editorial Ah, the convoluted logic of the looney left; where the end justifies the means. (10/16/07)
  PRO-CON: Should Al Gore have received Nobel Prize? NO - We appreciate the efforts of Al Gore. "An Inconvenient Truth" has helped elevate awareness of the very real perils of global warming. Gore's activism is righteous, just and necessary.
But the Nobel Committee is making implausible leaps of faith by suggesting that global warming "may induce large-scale migration and lead to greater competition for the Earth's resources. Such changes will place particularly heavy burdens on the world's most vulnerable countries. There may be increased danger of violent conflicts and wars, within and between states."
The competition already is there. We've been killing each for control of resources since the beginning of civilization. Currently, there are perhaps as many as 35 armed conflicts taking place around the planet. Who is working to resolve them? Where are the peace-promoters of today? Have we already given up on the present that we need to honor somebody working on a potential future problem?
The threat of global warming is real. But the Nobel Committee is off the mark with its prize this year.
Hays (Kan.) Daily News editorial (10/16/07)

THE WARMING DEBATE'S GRAY AREA - Dr. William Gray, a top climate scientist and professor emeritus of the atmospheric department at Colorado State University calls the theory that won Al Gore an Oscar and a Nobel Peace Prize "ridiculous." Others, he says, would speak out if they didn't fear retribution from those who put ideology over science. Continued. (10/16/07)

Al Gore's Global Warming Lies - By Mark W. Lowry - Al Gore global warming statements do not warrant recognition as a promoter of peace he can't pass the global warming test.
Al Gore is fast gaining a reputation similar to President Bush. Gore is an embarrassment to the nation and should be recognized for being a despotic fool not someone who promoted the cause of peace. One can never base recognition for achievement. Article continues... (10/16/07)

NewsBusters: Apocalypse Now: Globe's Global Warmist Makes Even Gore Look Cool - By Mark Finkelstein - When it comes to global-warming alarmism, it takes a lot to make Al Gore look moderate. Even the IPCC, the UN group that shared the Nobel with him, predicts on average a sea-level rise only 1/12th as high as the 20 feet by 2100 that Gore has forecast.
But when it comes to sky-is-burning scaremongering, the former Veep has met his match in the person of Paul Epstein. The scenario he sketches in his "Looking back"column in today's Boston Globe is so wildly alarmist that you could imagine a sci-fi movie Hollywood honcho rejecting it as too implausible.
As far as Epstein's concerned, the apocalypse can't wait till 2100 He looks back from only next year to predict the following litany of environmental disasters: More... (10/16/07)

Laird prepares an inconvenient rival to film - A highland laird is preparing to take on Nobel prize winner Al Gore by distributing his own film countering the ex-US vice-president's apocalyptic production on climate change.
Viscount Monckton, a policy adviser in the 1980s to Margaret Thatcher, has prepared a DVD of a recent address to the Cambridge University union in which he attacks the science behind Gore's warnings.
He was scathing yesterday about both Gore and the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which shared the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Gore last week. More... (10/16/07)

Nobel folks ignore scientific method - Alfred Nobel must be spinning in his grave.
It is absolutely astounding to me that the Nobel Peace Prize Committee never challenged the concept of a "consensus of scientists" who say global warming is caused by humans.
Any competent elementary-school science teacher will tell you the scientific method does not operate by consensus. The hypothesis that global warming is a result of excessive greenhouse gases caused by human activity must be absolutely proven before it can be accepted as scientific fact.
To say it must be true because a consensus of scientists have that opinion is laughable at best, and when scientists such as climatologist S. Fred Singer (distinguished research professor at George Mason University and professor emeritus of environmental science at the University of Virginia) say there is a very real possibility that global warming is a natural cyclical event, your entire consensus goes straight into the dumpster. ~ Russell Cook, Phoenix (10/16/07)

Global warming dogma shouldn't turn our milk sour - The Tenant Farmers Association has slammed suggestions that our traditional fresh morning pint of milk should give way to a tasteless UHT substitute.
The suggestion of a move to UHT milk is coupled with a proposed target of reducing the methane output of dairy cows by 60 per cent which could mean having to halve the national dairy herd. More... (10/16/07)

Excellent synopsis of lecture by Dr. Syun-Ichi Akasofu!
Skeptic of global warming gives lecture on causes - By Matt Schantzen, Sun Star Reporter - The auditorium of the Reichardt building was the setting last Thursday for a presentation by Alaska's most respected skeptic on global warming, Dr. Syun-Ichi Akasofu, adding more ammunition to a current debate filled with propaganda and vitriol from both sides.
In the presentation: a mixture of data sets, satellite images, and straight-forward examples to buttress his argument, the soft-spoken Akasofu picked apart many conclusions that have been brought forward by the scientific community regarding this politically-charged topic. More... (10/16/07)

Inconvenient propagandist: How Al Gore distorts facts - By Simon Basseyn - If only the title of Al Gore's iconic global warming documentary, "An Inconvenient Truth," was the only misleading thing about it. On Oct. 8, the British High Court, following an appeal by a vexed parent, blocked the government's decision to distribute the film to every British secondary school. The court ruled that the partisan, ideologically charged film is deceptive in at least 11 aspects.
By law, any teacher who wishes to present the documentary in a classroom in Britain must not only identify the specious "truths" to students, but also preface the film with a disclaimer that it is a political work promoting only one side of the debate. Should any instructor fail to do so, he or she would be in breach of the Education Act of 1996 and guilty of political indoctrination.
Essentially, England's highest authority, akin to our Supreme Court, is defining the movie as propaganda, no different than the fabrications spread by any other extreme, radical group in history.
Propaganda is defined as a "manipulation of information to influence public opinion ... often containing misleading statements and lies. Propagandists emphasize the elements of information that support their position and de-emphasize or exclude those that do not." Continued. (10/16/07)

Media Matters Can't Handle The Truth!

Media Matters is upset that MSNBC strayed away from "towing the George Soros line" by correctly labeling Dr. William Gray a "top meteorologist". Oh, the horror...
MSNBC labeled global warming skeptic Gray a "top meteorologist" - Summary: MSNBC Live hosts Mika Brzezinski and Contessa Brewer each described as a "top meteorologist" William M. Gray, who has stated that global warming "is one of the greatest hoaxes ever perpetrated on the American people." Both also noted Gray's claim that rising temperatures "are simply part of a natural cycle," but neither noted that the overwhelming majority of scientists disagree with that assertion and have concluded that global climate change is caused by human activity. Propaganda continues... (10/15/07)

Environut Alert!
Global warming protester booted from museum - A climate change protester was ejected from the British Museum Sunday after tying surgical masks onto two of China's famed terracotta warrior statues currently on display at the London venue.
Martin Wyness, 49, stepped over a barrier and placed two masks bearing the slogan "CO2 emission polluter" on two statues.
China's terracotta warriors have been a major draw for the British Museum, which is displaying the figures in a way that allows visitors to stand nearly face-to-face with them.
(Associated Press) Shortly afterwards, security guards escorted him out of the museum. More. (10/15/07)

New on the Blog...
POLLUTION vs CLIMATE - By: Harvey W. Maier, Lynden WA - .....It appears that air "pollution" is being confused/associated with global warming. The current political battle over global warming/climate change is a totally different subject and boils down to the fundamental issue of: "Does CO2 cause global warming?" Regardless, carbon dioxide (CO2) is not a pollutant because there would be no life on Earth, as we know it, without carbon dioxide (CO2).
.....Carbon Dioxide (CO2) does not cause Global Warming because there is no past historical scientific factual evidence, data and/or records that link CO2 as a forcing factor or a cause of an increasing temperature rise climate warming period. Any current rising temperatures is not causation. ALL other global warming arguments are irrelevant, since humans are incapable of controlling any natural occurring climate change. Climate has and will forever change; there is no such thing as normal Climate.
....Proxy scientific data from the past few 100,000 year 'Ice Age' terminations, reveal that the rise of CO2 levels trail the relatively abrupt temperature rise by 800-2000 years. This is the equivalent of 11-76 human lifetimes; a very very long time.
.....There is scientific proxy evidence/data from past climate periods that reveal CO2 levels about 18 times greater than the CO2 levels present today; which were concurrent with non-rising temperatures equivalent of those present today.
.....The best that could happen now is for an abrupt short period (30 year) climate shift to cooling. That certainly would put an end to the current global warming Goracle hysteria.
{Goracle = The self deliverer, self annointed authoritative person who divines the future of
Global Warming.} To post a comment on this article go here. (10/15/07)

Unbelievable! The Climate is racist?
Global warming and people of color - Today is the first annual Blog Action Day:
On October 15th - Blog Action Day, bloggers around the web will unite to put a single important issue on everyone's mind.
In its inaugural year, Blog Action Day will be co-ordinating bloggers to tackle the issue of the environment. Continued. (10/15/07)

Global Warming: The Conservatives' Opportunity -By Cal Thomas - This is a two-part column. Part one is what you might expect from a politically conservative person who believes "global warming" is a secular religion and that Al Gore deserved the Nobel Peace Prize as much as Yasser Arafat, Le Duc Tho and a myriad of other low-wattage lights, which is to say not at all. The second part may surprise my liberal friends.
The Church of Global Warming (CGW) is a cult. A cult has a number of definitions, among them this one from "A religion or sect considered to be false, unorthodox, or extremist, with members often living outside of conventional society under the direction of a charismatic leader." Cults wish to control others. Global warming fundamentalists wish to do the same through the power of government. Cal continues... (10/15/07)

NewsBusters: Nobel Committee Bypassed Holocaust Savior for Al Gore - By Noel Sheppard - As media do a victory lap over Friday's Nobel Peace Prize announcement, it seems a metaphysical certitude that few Americans are aware of the other 180 nominees for the award besides the Global Warmingist-in-Chief Al Gore.
For instance, meet Irena Sendler, a 97-year-old Polish woman who saved 2,500 Jewish children from certain death in the Warsaw ghetto during World War II. Noel elaborates... (10/15/07)

Global Warming: Defra Wants To Snatch Our Milk - IN "Stop using fresh milk," the Times notes that officials at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs propose that we stop buying fresh milk and use UHT (Utterly Horrible Taste) long-life milk.
This is part of a Government strategy to ensure that 90 per cent of milk on sale does not require refrigeration. Fresh milk needs refrigeration but refrigeration is bad. Really? Continued. (10/15/07)

Human-caused warming lacks factual backing - In response to Mike Nolan's commentary, Oct. 1, ("As the cost of energy climbs, consider using less of it"):
People don't speak about global warming as fact, because it isn't a fact. It's a theory, one which is distorted and unclear on many ends. Global warming probably does exist, and it probably does cause harm to Earth, and it probably wouldn't hurt to limit our use of non-renewable resources. But claiming that humans cause global warming is overstepping the bounds of every scientific process we've learned since elementary school. There is more evidence to say that global warming is caused by non-human factors than there is evidence to say it is caused by humans (solar activity, etc).
In response to the Fox news bashing, thank god that after countless years of liberal biased media we finally have a more balanced alternative. The reason you folks thing Fox is right-wing is because everything you've seen since the day you were born was so far left that you lost track of the middle. Perhaps that's why the founder of fox news (Ted Turner, a liberal man) helped create what is now the number one program in all of cable news. ~ Nixon Lange - Junior, School of Aeronautics and Astronautics (10/15/07)

Operation Girdle: Fat People And Global Warming - THE full-colour picture in the Mail reveals the person used to illustrate the story of "killer fat" is ginger, in accordance with Tabloid Rule 321b.
It may be too late for her, but your children can be spared such pain should the Government ban these killer fats, known to the world at large as trans fats.
Says Alan Johnson, Health Secretary: "We know we must act." Indeed. We cannot have fat people all over the place and taking up too much space. It isn't seemly. And what with house prices...
"For the first time we are clear about the problem - we are facing a potential crisis on the scale of climate change and it is in everyone's interest to turn this around."
Johnson is talking, of course, of methane gasses, the planet warmer that seeps from the bovine and the large of bone. And C02, which is expelled by these people as they waddle back and forth between fridge and sofa.
On the bright side, fat people have been known to block out our enemy the sun. Indeed, a human fat shield to protect the good is one idea mooted. And so long as the thin and the decent can put up with the smell of cooking fat, Project Girdle could succeed.
Give me your ginger and your overweight that we might live... (10/15/07)

Global warming insanity? - By Paul Driessen - "The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority," Marcus Aurelius opined, "but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane."
An even worse fate would be to end up in minority status and an asylum. Recent developments suggest that this might be the destiny of climate change alarmists.
Now that NASA has corrected its US temperature records, the hottest year on record is no longer 1998, but 1934. Five of the ten hottest years since 1880 were between 1920 and 1940 - and the 15 hottest years since 1880 are spread across seven decades. This suggests natural variation, not a warming trend.
Plant and insect remains found at the base of Greenland's ice sheet indicate that, just 400,000 years ago, the island was blanketed in forests and basking in temperatures perhaps 27 degrees F warmer than today.
Land area temperatures in South America, Africa and Australia have declined slightly over the last few years. Since 1998, sea surface temperatures over much of the world have decreased slightly, while globally averaged atmospheric temperatures have shown no change.
Many US temperature gauges are near air-conditioning exhausts, hot asphalt and other heat sources. Their readings are thus too high and must be revised downward - along with claims about rising temperatures.
Over the past 650,000 years, global temperatures almost always rose or fell first - followed centuries later by changes in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels, as warming oceans exhaled CO2 or cooling seas absorbed the gas. (This inconvenient fact is what Al Gore is referring to when he says the temperature-CO2 relationship "is actually very complicated.") Continued... (10/15/07)

Global warming makes Mont Blanc grow - By Henry Samuel in Paris - Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in France and western Europe, has grown more than two metres in two years - ironically as a result of global warming, experts have found. Full story. (10/15/07)

Al Gore and the Nobel Peace Prize - Just how did the Nobel Committee come to award the Peace Prize to an American politician and a panel engaged in the advocacy of a questionable scientific theory that is the subject of heated debate? Many Americans are wondering what Al Gore has done to even be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, let alone win it. After all, what sort of a system allows an environmental activist to win an international peace prize? More (10/15/07)

Paul Krugman spends the weekend successfully proving that he is looniest tune at the New York Times, a title not easily achieved by any one person. However, from Krugman's appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher Friday, to the following Op-Ed, Krugman proves he deserves the title. Krugman, not to be outdone by Bloomberg bubblehead Margaret Carlson, even manages to plug the "Gore won the 2000 election" myth.
Gore Derangement Syndrome - By PAUL KRUGMAN - On the day after Al Gore shared the Nobel Peace Prize, The Wall Street Journal's editors couldn't even bring themselves to mention Mr. Gore's name. Instead, they devoted their editorial to a long list of people they thought deserved the prize more.
The Conscience of a Liberal And at National Review Online, Iain Murray suggested that the prize should have been shared with "that well-known peace campaigner Osama bin Laden, who implicitly endorsed Gore's stance." You see, bin Laden once said something about climate change - therefore, anyone who talks about climate change is a friend of the terrorists.
What is it about Mr. Gore that drives right-wingers insane?
Partly it's a reaction to what happened in 2000, when the American people chose Mr. Gore but his opponent somehow ended up in the White House. Both the personality cult the right tried to build around President Bush and the often hysterical denigration of Mr. Gore were, I believe, largely motivated by the desire to expunge the stain of illegitimacy from the Bush administration. Krugman rants on... (10/15/07)

NewsBusters: CNN's O'Brien Defends Gore Movie, Global Warming Debate Over - By Brad Wilmouth - CNN viewers on Friday saw a relatively rare acknowledgement of those who are skeptical of Al Gore's film "An Inconvenient Truth," including a British judge who recently ruled that there are nine inaccuracies in the movie. But CNN's Miles O'Brien dismissed the views of dissenters, and downplayed the importance of the errors cited by the judge.
As he made several appearances on various CNN shows on Friday, O'Brien tagged dissenters with such labels as "dead-enders," a "tiny fraction of a minority," and a "very small fringe," as he linked skeptics to fossil fuel companies. He also repeatedly declared that the scientific debate on global warming is over... (10/15/07)

N.Y. Times 'Slights' Gore By Allowing Anti-Gore Comments a Spot? - By Tim Graham - In the liberal world, when Al Gore is right, he's right. In fact, he's so right that no one should be allowed to dissent from his environmental infallibility. The liberal blog Media Bloodhound is mad at the New York Times: how DARE they publish a balanced set of reader comments on Al Gore's worthiness for the Nobel Peace Prize on their home page! The blogger said the New York Times "slights" Gore by allowing the dissidents a spot: Graham continues... (10/15/07)

Nobel Prize ignores inconvenient untruths to reward Gore - By Gerald Warner - THERE is a beautiful congruency about Al Gore receiving the Nobel Peace Prize 24 hours after a High Court judge had declared it illegal to screen his 'man-made' climate change propaganda film An Inconvenient Truth in schools, unless accompanied by contradictory information to correct its scientific falsehoods. The judge identified nine scientific errors that would mislead pupils.
It takes more than nine inconvenient untruths, however, to deflect the Nobel Peace Prize committee from its political purpose. For aficionados of irony, last week was a deeply satisfying experience. To see the humbugs of the Nobel committee embracing the charlatan Gore to endorse his falsification of reality in what has become, globally, the flagship politically correct cause was as morally illuminating as the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact.
So-called anthropogenic climate change has nothing to do with science and everything to do with political control of mass populations. In this edifying work, the primary instrument is the lie. That is why, in deference to the Orwellian principle, the word "truth" has been conscripted to propagate one of the great untruths of our time. If you doubt for one moment that global warming is a political, rather than a scientific, phenomenon, ask yourself why a failed American presidential candidate is leading the charge. Tony Blair must be beside himself to see this role already spoken for. Story continues. (10/14/07)

Margaret Carlson: "Prophet" Al Gore "Rose Above a Great Injustice" - By Brent Baker - Winning the Nobel Peace Prize was a "wonderful thing" Al Gore deserved for doing "a great thing," veteran Washington journalist Margaret Carlson declared on Bloomberg Television's Political Capital show, as she contended "he rose above a great injustice" in what occurred in Florida's 2000 election count. Appearing with Bob Novak on the show, hosted by Al Hunt, which airs several times each weekend, Carlson told Novak: "You'd still be holding your breath and kicking your feet if what had happened to Al Gore in Florida had happened to you. He rose above, he rose above a great injustice. And by the way, you know, late in life you can find your gifts, which is Al Gore found what he should be doing and it is a great thing that he's done." When Novak asserted Gore merely "became a demagogue on the global warming issue," Carlson, the former Deputy Washington Bureau Chief for Time magazine who now posts columns on the Bloomberg News Web site, championed Gore's cause as she hailed how "he became a prophet on an issue that is crucially important to the world." More. (10/14/07)

Al Gore: Leading Us to Peace? Really? - By Austin Hill - Thank God somebody was willing to ask.
"Ask what?" you might be wondering. I'm getting to the question of what it is, exactly, that Al Gore did to enhance "peace" such that he has now won a Nobel Peace Prize.
While the White House officially expressed "happiness" last week over Gore's award, and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi used the occasion to reassure us that Mr. Gore has sounded a "clarion call" that has "awakened the world" to the "very real threat" of global warming, the question of what has Gore done for "peace" remains.
Of course, we should acknowledge that Gore served the United States as its Vice President during "peace-time." So did Dan Quayle, and George H. W. Bush, and Walter Mondale, and the service of each of these former V.P.'s no doubt contributed to the overall objective of "peace" throughout the world.
But Quayle, Bush and Mondale never got a Nobel Peace Prize. And Gore's prize has now been bestowed six years after leaving his position as Vice President. So what exactly has Gore done to warrant this otherwise high honor?
There doesn't seem to be any easy, substantive answer to this question. More. (10/14/07)

NewsBusters: Famed Hurricane Forecaster Says Al Gore "Brainwashing Our Children" - By Noel Sheppard - As Atlantic tropical storm activity increased a few years ago, Dr. William Gray of Colorado State University was thrust into the limelight as one of the leading hurricane forecasters in the world.
On Friday, deliciously coincident with the Global Warmingist-in-Chief receiving likely the first of many Nobel Peace Prizes, Dr. Gray spoke to a group of meteorologists and students at the University of North Carolina telling the audience that the theory of manmade climate change is "ridiculous" and the product of "people who don't understand how the atmosphere works." Continued. (10/14/07)

Please, sir - Gore's got warming wrong - Jonathan Leake, Environment Editor - THE tormentors of Al Gore, who last week won a legal victory against his film, An Inconvenient Truth, are to step up their battle by sending British secondary schools a documentary attacking the science of global warming.
Channel 4's The Great Global Warming Swindle has become one of the most notorious documentaries of the year, attracting complaints from dozens of scientists and viewers.
This weekend, however, the campaigners behind the High Court case said they planned to send copies to 3,400 secondary schools "to counter Gore's flagrant propaganda". More. (10/14/07)

NewsBusters: Kristol and Krauthammer Nail the Absurdity of Gore Winning Nobel Peace Prize - By Noel Sheppard - Truth be told, I was hoping "Fox News Sunday" would totally ignore Friday's announcement that the Global Warmingist-in-Chief won the Nobel Peace Prize.
After all, mainstream news outlets regularly boycott events they deem un-newsworthy, like people receiving the Medal of Honor, for example. Noel continues... (10/14/07)

NewsBuster Noel Sheppard Discusses Gore's Nobel Prize with Dennis Miller - By Noel Sheppard - I've debated whether or not this should be posted.
However, as I've been a fan of Dennis Miller's since his "Weekend Update" days, and the discussion was rather timely, I hope you'll forgive the seemingly shameless self-promotion.
On Friday, I was Dennis's guest on his radio program, and we mostly discussed the extremely delicious hypocrisy inherent in Al Gore receiving a Nobel Peace Prize on the same week a British judge cited nine scientific errors in the Global Warmingist-in-Chief's award-winning schlockumentary (audio available here).
We also talked about media's decision to either not report or bury good news from Iraq.
I hope you enjoy our discussion one-tenth as much as I did. (10/13/07)

Audio Interview HerePhoto:

Cafight: Meow!
Is science or politics leading the global warming debate? - Shaunti Feldhahn, a right-leaning columnist, writes the commentary this week and Andrea Cornell Sarvady, a left-leaning columnist, responds. (10/13/07)

NewsBusters: ABC Touts Gore Some More; Lets RFK Rant About Exxon Conspiracy - By Rich Noyes - Saturday's Good Morning America kept up the applause for Al Gore's Nobel Peace Prize award, featuring a completely one-sided report from correspondent Bill Blakemore -- who said that scientists were "joyous" over the award to Gore because "scientists have been far more worried than anyone about global warming, finding it's far more dangerous, coming much quicker, than they expected" -- followed by an equally slanted interview with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who lectured an admiring Bill Weir that the media have failed to suppress any disagreement with his liberal views "because of a massive propaganda campaign by the Exxon corporation."
Kennedy claimed: "In the scientific community, there was literally zero dissent. But at the same time, in the United States press, over 60% of the newspaper stories and, particularly, the television stories published, expressed some doubt about this issue. Why is that? The reason is because of a massive propaganda campaign by the Exxon corporation and by others -- but largely funded by Exxon -- that has been very, very successful at persuading the media not to cover this issue seriously and reporters simply don't go read the science." More. (10/13/07)

Friday, October 12, 2007
Al Gore Awarded Nobel prize.
Anyone surprised? So who's next?
Brian DePalma? Sean Penn? Hugo Chavez? Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? How about Che Guevara? (Sorry, no dead guys?)

Quote of the day: - "The amount of nonsense in Al Gore's film! It's all politics, it's designed to intervene in American politics, it's scandalous." ~ Claude Allegre
The award-winning French geochemist, Claude Allegre is a member of the French Academy of Sciences, and the United States National Academy of Sciences. He is one of many scientists that have resigned from the IPCC claiming the process to be political and fraudulent.

Laurie David's Inconvenient Truth...
Laurie David: Blaming kids for global warming - By Holly Fretwell - The media are full of stories about global warming. Hurricanes, we are told, are stronger and more prevalent due to global warming. Summers are warmer as a result of global warming. We are lead to believe that there is scientific consensus global warming is human caused.
This is scary stuff. As if that is not enough, there are people out there trying to convince your children they are bad people because they contribute to global warming. Every time they ride in a car, use a computer or take a bath, they are bringing the Earth closer to its demise, they are told.
"The Down-to-Earth-Guide to Global Warming," a new book for kids co-authored by Laurie David, producer of the Al Gore movie "An Inconvenient Truth," tells this story in all its cartoon glory. On first glance the book is beautiful. It is full of color and kid appeal. The problem is the book is also cartoonish in the way it plays with reality. Big errors are glossed over as fact.
For example, in her efforts to show kids that they are the cause of global warming, David explains the correlation between atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) levels and temperature change as measured by ice cores drilled in the Antarctic. So far, this is using the science of the day. Few scientists would argue with the correlation; the two seem to consistently move together over time. The question is one of causation. Fretwell continues... (10/12/07)

VIDEO: Al Gore wins Nobel Prize for Propaganda! Why was Al Gore's movie one-sided? ... Because uncertainty would only fuel opposition to greenhouse gas regulation! - A must-watch clip! (BBC). Special thanks to The JunkMan for finding this one today! (10/12/07)

Gore prize adds green dimension to Nobel peace concept - The Associated Press -- STOCKHOLM, Sweden: Fighting global warming may prevent climate disasters - but does it promote "fraternity between nations," as mandated in the will of Alfred Nobel?
The 2007 peace prize strays from traditional Nobel definitions of peace work: resolving armed conflicts, and in recent decades also alleviating poverty, hunger, disease and human rights abuses. Story continues... (10/12/07)

NewsBusters: Gore Takes the Prize, Media Take the Cake - By Dan Gainor - President Theodore Roosevelt. Mother Teresa. Lech Walesa. Martin Luther King. Al Gore? The list reads like an easy SAT question, but all five are now the correct answer to: Who won the Nobel Peace Prize? The others earned the prize through hard work, self sacrifice and deeds. Al Gore won it through outlandish media support that portrayed him in almost messianic terms as "evangelist," a "preacher," or a "prophet."
I'd love to spare you the Gore-y details about his plans for higher taxes, new global regulations billions of dollars in new spending or the devastation of the American economy, but that's what he's got in store for us all. Gainor continues... (10/12/07)

Press Release: NZ Centre For Political Debate - Al Gore's Oscar Award Should be Rescinded - Today Dr Muriel Newman, Director of the New Zealand Centre for Political Research, has written to the President of the Academy Awards, requesting that the Oscar presented to Al Gore for the Best Documentary film, "An Inconvenient Truth", be rescinded.
"With the release of the British High Court judgement overnight that found that 'An Inconvenient Truth' was littered with nine inconvenient untruths, it is clear that Al Gore embellished the truth to create dramatic effect" (see this).
"Given that the Oscar Award was presented in the documentary category and not the drama category, the only appropriate action now is for the Academy to rescind the Award as it was clearly inappropriately classed as a documentary.
The truth, as inconvenient as it is to Al Gore, is that his so-called documentary contained critical distortions that are quite contrary to the principles of good documentary journalism. Good documentaries should be factually correct. Clearly this documentary is not.
This situation is not unlike that confronting sports bodies, when their sports 'stars' are found to be drug cheats. In such cases, the sportsmen and women are stripped of their medals and titles, with the next-place getter elevated. While this is an extremely unpleasant duty, it is necessary if the integrity of competitive sport is to be protected.
Just this week Olympic gold medal winner Marion Jones has been stripped of her titles and medals.
If the integrity of the Academy Awards is to remain intact, is wholly appropriate that Al Gore be stripped of his 'Best Documentary' film Oscar.
If the Academy wishes to acknowledge the work of people like Al Gore they should form a new category of film called 'Political Drama'. That's how 'An Inconvenient Truth' should be categorised", Dr Newman said. (10/12/07)

Gore Deserves Nobel Prize for Propaganda, Warming Skeptics Say - By Randy Hall, Staff Writer/Editor - ( - Critics of Al Gore believe that the former vice president should not receive a Nobel Prize for his efforts regarding global warming - including his film "An Inconvenient Truth" - but should perhaps get an award for his efforts as a climate change propagandist.
"The real 'inconvenient truth' is that Gore seems to have intentionally omitted it from his movie," Steve Milloy, publisher of, charged in a news release on Thursday. Instead, the film presented "false facts" and major inaccuracies that fit the Democrat's personal agenda, he said.
Milloy pointed to a ruling last week in a British court that "An Inconvenient Truth" contains at least nine material falsehoods and can be shown to students only if it is identified as containing "partisan political views" that promote only one side of the global warming argument.
"It is plainly, as witnessed by the fact that it received an Oscar this year for best documentary film, a powerful, dramatically presented and highly professionally produced film," Judge Michael Burton said in his ruling. Continued. (10/12/07)

Judge: Gore Film Puffs Up Global Warming - By Michael F. Haverluck, - A British judge ruled that many of the claims made about global warming in Al Gore's Oscar-winning documentary on the environment lack scientific proof.
The ruling came after a concerned school official sought the court's permission not to show the biased account to students.
Stewart Dimmock, a part-time member on a school governing board, brought his objection before the court, arguing that the Gore documentary presented false information and a biased view.
Dimmock said he was fighting to provide a learning environment "free from bias and political spin," calling on the court to ban its presentation to students. Story continues... (10/12/07)

Gore, U.N. Body Win Nobel Peace Prize - OSLO, Norway -- Former Vice President Al Gore and the U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize Friday for their efforts to spread awareness of man-made climate change and lay the foundations for counteracting it.
"I am deeply honored to receive the Nobel Peace Prize," Gore said. "We face a true planetary emergency. The climate crisis is not a political issue, it is a moral and spiritual challenge to all of humanity."
Gore's film "An Inconvenient Truth," a documentary on global warming, won an Academy Award this year and he had been widely expected to win the prize. More. (10/12/07)

Global warming caused by man-made activity? - A Convenient Lie! - By Andrew G. Marshall - Recently, a documentary aired on the UK's Channel 4, entitled "The Great Global Warming Swindle"[1], which challenged the prevailing political understanding that global warming is caused by man-made activity. The movie argues that it is in fact the sun that is responsible for the current changes in the Earth's temperature and the film is riddled with the testimony of many scientists and climate experts, furthering a growing dissent to the man-made theory. After all, that's all it is, a theory. As soon as people start to state that "the debate is over", beware, because the fundamental basis of all sciences is that debate is never over, that questions must be asked and answered and issues raised in order for the science to be accurate. So what exactly are the arguments behind the Sun being the main cause of global warming? More... (10/12/07)

Goblins of global warming
Oil-drilling crew confronts fear in an Arctic out of balance
- BY John Monaghan, Free Press Special Writer - Larry Fessenden understands that sometimes the scariest things on screen are those you can't see.
He proved this in 2001's "Wendigo" and he does it again in his equally nifty, low-budget horror thriller "The Last Winter." The story of an Arctic oil drilling team plagued by creatures from the permafrost combines the global warnings of "An Inconvenient Truth" with the genuine chills of "The Thing."
Actually, things aren't very frosty in the Alaskan outpost where Ed (Ron Perlman of "Hellboy"), company man for North Industries, tries to strong-arm Hoffman (James LeGros), an environmental researcher who knows that wildly fluctuating temperatures aren't going to support the big rigs Ed wants moved over ice.
Meanwhile, team members start acting stranger and stranger, wandering around in their birthday suits and insisting that they see ghostly creatures in the snow squalls. Could this be gas seeping through the melting ice and messing with their heads or actually monsters out to get revenge on those drilling in the once-protected region?
Before answering, "The Last Winter" spends considerable time on developing relationships, a rarity in movies like this. Fessenden, who directed, produced, cowrote, edited and even has a part in the film rightly values mood at least as much as he does delivering more abominable snow monsters.
Contact freelance writer John Monaghan at (10/12/07)

Hottest Year? 1934 - When one thinks about what is at stake, one would think the media would be very careful about the facts when reporting on global warming. One would think if important new findings arose to contradict previously relied upon information concerning global warming, the media would report this as big news. One would be wrong.
The price we're paying for this one-sided, biased reporting on global arming is not trivial. We are all grateful for environmentalist accomplishments, but even before global warming alarm became front page news, in many areas the environmentalist lobby had already become extreme. Because, for example, of what is now called "smart growth principles," a well-meaning but grossly overreaching ideology disguised as enlighted public policy and accepted by the media and most politicians as fact, in California it has long been virtually impossible for anyone to build affordable low density housing or new freeways. More. (10/12/07)

And speaking of the land of fruits and nuts...
Dianne Feinstein: Senator Feinstein Renews Calls for Major Reductions in Greenhouse Gas Emissions - San Francisco -- U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today delivered the keynote address at the Business Council for Sustainable Energy's climate change conference in San Francisco. [...]
Following is the prepared text of Senator Feinstein's remarks:
Just a few years ago, there were many who closed their eyes to the reality of global warming. They tried to muddy the waters. They tried to silence the voices of those who were calling for action.
Fortunately, times have changed.
A great consensus has been forged. The science has coalesced. And the time for debate is over.
Well, she's right about one thing, the consensus has been "forged" all right! More. (10/11/07)

Global Warming Ads - By Kevin Drum - (Political Animal) GLOBAL WARMING ADS....In Break Through, one of the things that Nordhaus and Shellenberger talk about is the unfortunate tendency of environmentalists to rely on apocalyptic, eco-tragic narratives that do more to induce fatalism and gloom than they do to spur people to action. Ezra Klein glosses it like this: Continued... (10/11/07)

Not enough data on global warming - While watching the presidential debate on TV and listening to the issues concerning global warming, I feel that the American people are not receiving all the information or the truth about global warming.
There is no true evidence that humans and their way of life has caused global warming. In the past (1850) to the current day our earth's temperature has gone up 1.8 degrees. However, scientists like Dr. Robert Balling, who works for the Weather Center, disagree with the hype of global warming. The American people do not have enough information to suspect global warming. We haven't gone back far enough (thousands of years) to collect enough data to see if the earth is getting warmer or is it just some mood swings the earth goes through once or twice in a thousand years. Don't listen or support the hype, so the government can collect more taxes from us. ~ Craig Anthony Letts, Binghamton (10/11/07)

EU's Path Leads to a Dead End - By Chris Horner - After speaking with some erstwhile skeptics of the environmentalists' agenda it appears that it is quite important that the education of policymakers improve regarding Europe's actual experience with Kyoto-style global warming regulation. I say this after sitting in on a meeting between a European lawmaker and a pivotal congressional leader on the matter. This involved an individual bringing a message of the EU experience that the U.S. lawmaker quite plainly did not wish to hear. Further, the latter's deflections of the European's message were verbatim what, e.g., Greenpeace says publicly: "it's just too early to state that the EU Emissions Trading Scheme has been unsuccessful." Horner continues... (10/11/07)

Global warming and mass hysteria - In 1965, a conference on climate change in Boulder, Colorado ushered in an epoch of awareness regarding the trend of shifting world temperature. Many scientists became convinced that the increased levels of carbon dioxide would soon have catastrophic effects on the world's ecosystems, weather patterns and would dramatically alter the lives of all people on Earth.
By the '70s media outlets embraced these sensationalistic predictions. In 1975, a Newsweek article cautioned about "ominous signs that the Earth's weather patterns have begun to change". They further predicted consequences such as "drought and desolation", "devastating outbreak of tornadoes" as well as mass starvation and migration. These ominous warnings should sound very familiar to anyone who has watched Al Gore's infamous An Inconvenient Truth. However, '70s climatologists were not talking about global warming. Ironically, their major concern was the coming of a new ice age. In the '70s it was "global cooling" that was all the rage. In 1974 the National Science Board of America stated that "during the last 20 to 30 years, world temperatures have fallen, irregularly at first but more sharply over the last decade". Many were convinced that a glacial epoch was imminent.
Today, there is much talk about a scientific "consensus" over the looming catastrophes that will overcome the world if we do not invest in Gore's "Generation Investment Management" in order to offset our "carbon footprint". However, as soon as one hears about a scientific "consensus" it should be a clear sign that you are being had. A claim to consensus is a tactic for those who wish to avoid debate. Science is not a democracy; consensus is the business of politics. Isaac Newton needed no consensus, in fact, he went against it.
This is not to say that global warming is not a reality; many indications suggest that we are entering a warmer period. The fact that we must respect our environment is also a common-sense principle, and is hardly a novel concept. Continued. (10/10/07)

Zippo hand warmer tells global warming to stuff it - Zippo knows that global warming is just an old wives' tale and is doing something to prepare for those frosty winter days that are ahead with a high quality, pint sized hand warmer. It uses good old lighter fuel to produce the heat and is much more efficient than the disposable hand warmers. Using just .4 ounces of fuel the Zippo hand warmer will keep you toasty for upwards of 24 hours.
The hand warmer works with a platinum-catalyzed glass fiber burner. The small and convenient size is great for all areas in need of warming this winter. The Zippo hand warmer is available for $20. Suck on those apples Al Gore! ~ Travis Hudson Photo (10/10/07)

Gore Ignores Repeated Global Warming Debate Challenge
Former vice president claims promoting climate change awareness is his most important mission, but won't take on critics.
- By Jeff Poor, Business & Media Institute - When pressed to run for the presidency, Al Gore often tells people he is running a different campaign - one that involves spreading his message about global warming to the uneducated masses.
So that begs the question - why won't Gore take on his critics and debate them about the science he espouses when it comes to promoting the global warming hysteria he has created. Because Al Gore, James Hansen and Laurie David are as full of shit as a Christmas Turkey. Continued... (10/10/07)

Al Gore's "Nine Inconvenient Untruths" - By Sally Peck - Al Gore's environmental documentary An Inconvenient Truth contains nine key scientific errors, a High Court judge ruled yesterday.
Watch the trailer for An Inconvenient Truth
The judge declined to ban the Academy Award-winning film from British schools, but ruled that it can only be shown with guidance notes to prevent political indoctrination.
In the documentary, directed by Davis Guggenheim, the former US vice president and environmental activist calls on people to fight global warming because "humanity is sitting on a ticking time bomb".
But Judge Michael Burton ruled yesterday that errors had arisen "in the context of alarmism and exaggeration" in order to support Mr Gore's thesis on global warming.
His criticism followed an unsuccessful attempt by Stewart Dimmock, a Kent school governor, to block the Government's plan to screen the documentary in more than 3,500 secondary schools in England and Wales.
The father of two claimed An Inconvenient Truth included "serious scientific inaccuracies, political propaganda and sentimental mush".
The film's distributor, Paramount, warns in its synopsis of the film: "If the vast majority of the world's scientists are right, we have just ten years to avert a major catastrophe that could send our entire planet into a tail-spin of epic destruction involving extreme weather, floods, droughts, epidemics and killer heat waves beyond anything we have ever experienced."
But the judge ruled that the "apocalyptic vision" presented in the film was politically partisan and thus not an impartial scientific analysis of climate change.
It is, he ruled, a "political film".
The nine alleged errors in the film:

Mr Gore claims that a sea-level rise of up to 20 feet would be caused by melting of either West Antarctica or Greenland "in the near future". The judge said: "This is distinctly alarmist and part of Mr Gore's "wake-up call". He agreed that if Greenland melted it would release this amount of water - "but only after, and over, millennia"."The Armageddon scenario he predicts, insofar as it suggests that sea level rises of seven metres might occur in the immediate future, is not in line with the scientific consensus."

The film claims that low-lying inhabited Pacific atolls "are being inundated because of anthropogenic global warming" but the judge ruled there was no evidence of any evacuation having yet happened.

The documentary speaks of global warming "shutting down the Ocean Conveyor" - the process by which the Gulf Stream is carried over the North Atlantic to western Europe. Citing the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the judge said that it was "very unlikely" that the Ocean Conveyor, also known as the Meridional Overturning Circulation, would shut down in the future, though it might slow down.

Mr Gore claims that two graphs, one plotting a rise in C02 and the other the rise in temperature over a period of 650,000 years, showed "an exact fit". The judge said that, although there was general scientific agreement that there was a connection, "the two graphs do not establish what Mr Gore asserts".

Mr Gore says the disappearance of snow on Mt Kilimanjaro was directly attributable to global warming, but the judge ruled that it scientists have not established that the recession of snow on Mt Kilimanjaro is primarily attributable to human-induced climate change.

The film contends that the drying up of Lake Chad is a prime example of a catastrophic result of global warming but the judge said there was insufficient evidence, and that "it is apparently considered to be far more likely to result from other factors, such as population increase and over-grazing, and regional climate variability."

Mr Gore blames Hurricane Katrina and the consequent devastation in New Orleans on global warming, but the judge ruled there was "insufficient evidence to show that".

Mr Gore cites a scientific study that shows, for the first time, that polar bears were being found after drowning from "swimming long distances - up to 60 miles - to find the ice" The judge said: "The only scientific study that either side before me can find is one which indicates that four polar bears have recently been found drowned because of a storm."That was not to say there might not in future be drowning-related deaths of bears if the trend of regression of pack ice continued - "but it plainly does not support Mr Gore's description".

Mr Gore said that coral reefs all over the world were being bleached because of global warming and other factors. Again citing the IPCC, the judge agreed that, if temperatures were to rise by 1-3 degrees centigrade, there would be increased coral bleaching and mortality, unless the coral could adapt. However, he ruled that separating the impacts of stresses due to climate change from other stresses, such as over-fishing, and pollution was difficult.
A Government spokesman said he would not make any further comment on the case today. (10/10/07)

Yes I know, you've seen this before but...I read this book last night while my 11-year-old was at soccer practice, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. I think this book should be required reading for every child in every school. It's well written, and based not on any religious zeal or right wing agenda -- just simple easy-to-understand facts that kids can understand. This book will diffuse the fear that Al Gore and the alarmists on MTV and other big media outlets are pumping into their little heads every day. It instills confidence and faith that people (free markets in particular), not governments are best suited to solving current and future climate problems, as well as finding smart renewable energy solutions. Do yourself and your kids a favor and read this book!

Author: Global warming zealots are terrifying kids - (PressMediaWire) - "Because American adults in general are not buying into the rhetoric and demands for a command economy being presented by the global warming lobby, they are now targeting our kids," asserts Holly Fretwell, a mother of two and author of the new kids book The Sky's Not Falling: Why It's OK to Chill About Global Warming (Kids Ahead Publishing, ISBN 0976726947, paperback, for ages 8-12, September 2007). In fact, Sky wasenvisionedas an antidote to just this type of deplorable behavior. Continues Fretwell, "One need only read the local paper or go online to see countless examples of children terrified of what their futures hold." Press release continues... (10/10/07)  

The Sky's NOT Falling: Why It's OK to Chill about Global Warming
Holly Fretwell


A convenient fraud now being exposed - By Andrew Bolt - A WORD of advice to the many teachers who have been scaring our children with screenings of Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth.
Be aware that a judge this month instructed British teachers showing the film to tell their pupils that Gore makes at least 11 false or unsupported claims.
I hate to think it is necessary to remind our own teachers to do likewise, but I fear the worst.
Every school in the country has now been offered free DVDs of An Inconvenient Truth, by Paramount and Jackgreen International, which makes money from the global warming scare. Even the Environment Protection Authority is urging schools to show it.
And, indeed, with our pop stars lip-synching green platitudes and polls showing Australians are more panicked by global warming than people of almost any other country, it seems all this propaganda is working brilliantly already.
In Britain, though, teachers are at least required to be more careful before force-feeding such hype to children. The Education Act bans the teaching of partisan political views and demands politics be taught in a balanced way, which would be a novel approach in some of our own schools.
So, when Stewart Dimmock, a truck driver and school governor from Kent, heard that Britain's Labour Government was sending copies of Gore's film to more than 3800 schools he sued. "I wish my children to have the best education possible, free from bias and political spin, and Mr Gore's film falls far short of the standard required," said the father of two.
What followed was three days of argument in the English High Court on just how truthful Gore's Academy Award-winning film really was. (10/10/07)

Does Al Gore Deserve to Win the Prestigious Peace Prize? - This is a rush transcript from "Hannity & Colmes," October 9, 2007. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updat
ALAN COLMES, CO-HOST: Al Gore has already won an Oscar and a Grammy for his movie "An Inconvenient Truth." He even has an Emmy for his youth-oriented television channel called Current TV. And now the former vice president is being tapped as the favorite to win the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to combat climate change.
Not everyone approves of Gore's nomination. Critics point to inconsistencies in the signs of global warming, and they believe that Gore is not so green in his lifestyle, but the results will be announced on Friday.
Joining us now, senior fellow of environment policy at the Heartland Institute, James Taylor, and global warming director for Greenpeace, Chris Miller.
James, if nothing else, Al Gore has brought this issue to the fore. He has us talking about it here right now. And whether you agree with him or not, he is raising consciousness about the planet. That in and of itself is a good thing, is it not?
JAMES TAYLOR, HEARTLAND INSTITUTE SR. FELLOW: Well, he's distorting the science, and he's raising an issue that does not threaten us scientifically, yet threatens to take away our standard of living for our children and our grandchildren. more... (10/10/07)

Wait until the people at PETA get hold of this!
Greenpeace urges kangaroo consumption to fight global warming - By Karen Collier - MORE kangaroos should be slaughtered and eaten to help save the world from global warming, environmental activists say.
The controversial call to cut down on beef and serve more of the national symbol on our dinner plates follows a report on curbing greenhouse gas emissions damaging the planet.
Greenpeace energy campaigner Mark Wakeham urged Aussies to substitute some red meat for roo to help reduce land clearing and the release of methane gas.
"It is one of the lifestyle changes we can make," Mr Wakeham said.
"Changing our meat consumption habits is a small way to make an impact."
The eat roo recommendation is contained in a report, Paths to a Low-Carbon Future, commissioned by Greenpeace and released today... (10/10/07)

A truly dishonest "alarmist" article. This one is so bad it's absolutely infuriating that this kind of "study" is being funded, let alone published in an article like this one.
Global warming: It's the humidity - By SETH BORENSTEIN, AP - WASHINGTON -- The world isn't just getting hotter from man-made global warming, it's getting stickier.
The amount of moisture in the air near the surface - the stuff that makes hot weather unbearable - increased 2.2 percent in just under three decades. And computer models show that the only explanation is man-made global warming, according to a study published in Thursday's journal Nature. Well there you go! The computer model has spoken... again. It's all our fault.
"This humidity change is an important contribution to heat stress in humans as a result of global warming," said Nathan Gillett of the University of East Anglia in Britain, a co-author of the study. Not as much as the human-induced stress you get from reading this ridiculous article.
Gillett studied changes in specific humidity, which is a measurement of total moisture in the air, between 1973-2002. Increases in humidity can be dangerous to people because it makes the body less efficient at cooling itself, said University of Miami health and climate researcher Laurence Kalkstein. He was not connected with the research.
Humidity increased over most of the globe, said study co-author Katharine Willett, a climate researcher at Yale University. However, a few regions, including the U.S. West, South Africa and parts of Australia were drier. But here in the U.S West, these same bozos blame global warming for fires and drought.
The finding isn't surprising to climate scientists. Physics dictates that warmer air can hold more moisture. But Gillett's study shows that the increase in humidity already is significant and can be attributed to gas emissions from the burning of fossil fuels.
To show that this is man-made, Gillett ran computer models to simulate past climate conditions and studied what would happen to humidity if there were no man-made greenhouse gases. It didn't match reality.
He looked at what would happen from just man-made greenhouse gases. That didn't match either. Then he looked at the combination of natural conditions and greenhouse gases. The results were nearly identical to the year-by-year increases in humidity.
Gillett's study followed another last month that used the same technique to show that moisture above the world's oceans increased and that it bore the "fingerprint" of being caused by man-made global warming. Fuzzy logic: If you tell a computer that increased atmospheric CO2 causes temperatures to rise (as yet unproven), and you combine that with proven facts;
A.) warmer air holds more moisture,
B.) man IS causing CO2 content in the atmosphere to rise,
then of course the computer will tell you that humidity rise is caused by man. But until you prove that anthropogenic CO2 is causing global temperatures to rise, the rest is just bullshit. Garbage in, garbage out.

Climate scientists have now seen the man-made fingerprint of global warming on 10 different aspects of Earth's environment: surface temperatures, humidity, water vapor over the oceans, barometric pressure, total precipitation, wildfires, change in species of plants and animals, water run-off, temperatures in the upper atmosphere and heat content in the world's oceans.
"This story does now fit together; there are now no loose ends," said Ben Santer, a scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Lab and author of the September study on moisture above the oceans. "The message is pretty compelling that natural causes alone just can't cut it." Ben Santer? The same infamous Ben Santer exposed for "selective use of data" while laying the groundwork for the Kyoto Treaty? For those of you who may not be familiar with Ben Santer, follow this link.
The studies make sense, said University of Victoria climate scientist Andrew Weaver, who was not part of either team's research.
It will only feel worse in the future, Gillett said. Moisture in the air increases by about 6 percent with every degree Celsius (1.8 degrees Fahrenheit), he said. Using the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's projections for temperature increases, that would mean a 12 to 24 percent increase in humidity by the year 2100.
"Although it might not be a lethal kind of thing, it's going to increase human discomfort," Willett said. 10/10/07)

You just can't make this stuff up! Now global warming has killed fall fashons!
Global warming puts winter fashion out in the cold - SYDNEY (AFP) -- The heavy winter coat is not only out -- it may be a thing of the past in Australia as temperatures rise and summers lengthen due to global warming.
Australian Fashion Week, which kicked off Tuesday in Sydney, has ditched the traditional autumn/winter tag in favour of "trans-seasonal" runway shows full of clothes that can be worn year-round.
"We just don't have a need to do it any more," Fashion Week founder Simon Lock told AFP.
Lock said the move was partly the result of climate change, and partly due to the fact Australia has always enjoyed warmer weather than the traditional northern hemisphere fashion capitals of Milan, Paris and New York. (10/10/07)

Global warming hype nothing - Global warming rhetoric is more hot air than good sense and an excuse for governments to seize power over private lives. That's why President Bush's recent pronouncements are worrisome.
"... (G)lobal temperatures are rising and this is caused largely by human activities," Bush recently told a 17-nation conference. To say that the earth is in the midst of natural climate change is one thing; to declare the change is severe, is chiefly man-made and that disastrous effects are within sight, well, that just makes him sound like a panicked Al Gore. More. (10/09/07)

NewsBusters: Climate Project Brings Gore's Global Warming Slideshow to a Senior Center Near You - By Noel Sheppard - Have you heard about The Climate Project?
This is an organization founded by soon-to-be-Nobel Laureate Al Gore designed to train mindless automatons the Global Warmingist-in-Chief's factually flawed slideshow so that they can travel around the world inciting hysteria about manmade global warming.
And, of course, make Al Gore more money!
Maybe most deplorable, their lectures are given at community centers, senior facilities, coffee houses, and other places members of the public go to meet, greet, and eat.
Would you like a schmear of propaganda with your bagel this morning, Mrs. Silverman?
With that disturbing visual adroitly planted, this is TCP's defined mission (emphasis added for your enhanced reading displeasure): Continued... (10/09/07)

NewsBusters: Anderson Cooper on His 'Planet in Peril': 'We Have No Agenda' Really? - By Justin McCarthy - CNN's Anderson Cooper appearing on "The View" to promote his special "Planet in Peril." At the outset, Cooper claimed the series has no political agenda. And if you believe that, I have this bridge... Read on. (10/09/07)

A Quest for Energy in the Globe's Remote Places - By JAD MOUAWAD - HAMMERFEST, Norway -- For a quarter-century, energy executives were tantalized by vast quantities of natural gas in one of the world's least hospitable places - 90 miles off Norway's northern coast, beneath the Arctic Ocean.
Bitter winds and frequent snowstorms lash the region. The sun disappears for two months a year. No oil company knew how to operate in such a harsh environment.
But Norway has finally solved the problem. The other day, on an island just offshore, a giant yellow flame illuminated the sky here. It was just a temporary flare for excess gas, but it signaled a new era in energy production.
Across the bay from this small fishing town, where reindeer wander the streets, one of the world's most advanced natural gas plants is coming to life. More... (10/09/07)

Absurd Global Warming Solution of the Day: Pump more crap into the atmosphere.
Pumping Particles Into the Atmosphere: A Global Warming Doomsday Device? - By Brandon Keim - In our last post, we discussed why cooling the planet with sun-blocking atmospheric particles wouldn't do much good if an excess of carbon dioxide still turned the oceans to acid.
"Fine," I hear you saying. "How about we use the particles and cut back on the gases? Maybe the particles will buy us the time we need to that." It sounds pretty good -- and, according to Ken Caldeira, it'd be relatively easy to do: Absurdity continues... (10/09/07)

Which is better at predicting weather? Bees or catepillars?
Weather debate
Global warming? Well, it's sizzling here
Does October's heat portend a mild winter?
- By David Conrad - After three days of record temperatures (including yesterday's 90 degrees), it's only natural for us to wonder why it's so hot and what it's going to mean for our winter.
And everyone from caterpillar keepers to weather watchers has an opinion.
Jeffrey Rogers, an Ohio State University climatologist, blames global warming. More... (10/09/07)

Global warming: Cool the debate
We can't ignore climate change, but let's pursue more pragmatic policies
- BJORN LOMBORG -Washington Post - In the discussion about climate change, one side argues that we're headed for catastrophe and the other maintains that it's all a hoax. Neither is right.
The Earth is warming, and we're causing it. But that's not the whole story.
We have to rediscover the middle ground, where we can have a sensible conversation. We shouldn't ignore climate change or policies that could attack it. But we should be honest about shortcomings and costs of those policies, as well as the benefits.
Environmental groups say the only way to deal with the effects of global warming is to make drastic cuts in carbon emissions -- a project that will cost the world trillions (the Kyoto Protocol alone would cost $180 billion annually). This means spending an awful lot to achieve very little. Instead, we should be thinking creatively and pragmatically. (10/09/07)

The following two articles are follow-ups to this story.
NewsBusters: Court Identifies Eleven Inaccuracies in Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" - By Noel Sheppard - Here's something American media are virtually guaranteed to not report: a British court has determined that Al Gore's schlockumentary "An Inconvenient Truth" contains at least eleven material falsehoods.
It seems a safe bet Matt Lauer and Diane Sawyer won't be discussing this Tuesday morning, wouldn't you agree?
For those that haven't been following this case, a British truck driver filed a lawsuit to prevent the airing of Gore's alarmist detritus in England's public schools. Continued... (10/09/07)

Inaccuracies in Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth - The decision by the government to distribute Al Gore's film An Inconvenient Truth has been the subject of a legal action by New Party member Stewart Dimmock. Although a full ruling has yet to be given, the Court found that the film was misleading in 11 respects and that the Guidance Notes drafted by the Education Secretary's advisors served only to exacerbate the political propaganda in the film.
In order for the film to be shown, the Government must first amend their Guidance Notes to Teachers to make clear that:
1.) The Film is a political work and promotes only one side of the argument.
2.) If teachers present the Film without making this plain they may be in breach of section 406 of the Education Act 1996 and guilty of political indoctrination.
3.) Eleven inaccuracies have to be specifically drawn to the attention of school children.
The inaccuracies are:
The film claims that melting snows on Mount Kilimanjaro evidence global warming. The Government's expert was forced to concede that this is not correct.
The film suggests that evidence from ice cores proves that rising CO2 causes temperature increases over 650,000 years. The Court found that the film was misleading: over that period the rises in CO2 lagged behind the temperature rises by 800-2000 years.
The film uses emotive images of Hurricane Katrina and suggests that this has been caused by global warming. The Government's expert had to accept that it was "not possible" to attribute one-off events to global warming.
The film shows the drying up of Lake Chad and claims that this was caused by global warming. The Government's expert had to accept that this was not the case.
The film claims that a study showed that polar bears had drowned due to disappearing arctic ice. It turned out that Mr Gore had misread the study: in fact four polar bears drowned and this was because of a particularly violent storm.
The film threatens that global warming could stop the Gulf Stream throwing Europe into an ice age: the Claimant's evidence was that this was a scientific impossibility.
The film blames global warming for species losses including coral reef bleaching. The Government could not find any evidence to support this claim.
The film suggests that the Greenland ice covering could melt causing sea levels to rise dangerously. The evidence is that Greenland will not melt for millennia.
The film suggests that the Antarctic ice covering is melting, the evidence was that it is in fact increasing.
The film suggests that sea levels could rise by 7m causing the displacement of millions of people. In fact the evidence is that sea levels are expected to rise by about 40cm over the next hundred years and that there is no such threat of massive migration.
The film claims that rising sea levels has caused the evacuation of certain Pacific islands to New Zealand. The Government are unable to substantiate this and the Court observed that this appears to be a false claim. (10/09/07)

Politics of global warming - I read with great interest, Mr. Tim Rehder's Illogical "Logic" in elevating Al Gore as a climatologist, scientific writer and expert on "Global Warming". For your readers who wish to use their own innate intelligence and logic, I refer them to: Unstoppable Global Warming: Every 1500 Years, by S. Fred Singer, PhD.
Dr Singer is professor emeritus of environmental science at the University of Virginia, and has credentials/publications that show Al Gore to be a kindergardner on the issue of our environment/climate. Mr. Gore's "book" is at best a propaganda device to promote him and his elitist, socialistic agenda.
Of course our climate warms (and also cools), but: 1. man is not the driving force behind climate warming, it is solar activity, 2. CO2 rises occur after the climate warms, not as the precipitating factor, and 3. climate warming is more beneficial to mankind than is global
No Mr. Rehder, we do not all need to be published climatologists to logically examine scientific literature, but we do need to be open-minded and to look critically at data. Beware the social scientist with his political agendas and propaganda. ~ Jim McCoy, Boerne, Texas (10/08/07)

The Sensical Answer To Global Warming Is 42
The Right Side
- By Rick Coddington - SOCORRO, New Mexico (STPNS) -- This Global Warming thing is really heating up. Not just in this little column but in the corporate and political arena as well (hang on to your wallet, folks). Exxon has now "finally admitted" that emissions may contribute to global warming.
Why should that raise a red flag? Simple, the big corporations play us poor taxpayers like a $3 fiddle with their political manipulations. Why would they make such a statement "finally"? In my cynical opinion it would be because they are poised to profit as the price of gas goes through the roof courtesy of the Eco-dupes. Continued... (10/08/07)

Global Warming: Scientists, Cynics, and Conservatives - By Harry R. Jackson, Jr. - Last March I sat on the set of the Anderson Cooper debating global warming with another evangelical - Jim Ball. I winced when I originally received the invitation because I knew where they were going to attempt to take the conversation. As I sat in the hot seat, I hoped desperately that I would not be called upon to attack one of my fellow evangelical comrades.
I decided before the program that I would not let the session dissolve into a name-calling contest. Further, I realized that in the name of scientific faithfulness, the reporters could cast me as a well-meaning Neanderthal or worse - a mean-spirited, religious zealot. I was further aware of the fact that as a non-scientist I should avoid trying to sort through research and declare that I had some kind of epiphany or divine revelation concerning global warming and CO2 emissions. The problem as I perceived it was that this was another attempt to make Christians look like they are anti-science. Nothing could be further from the truth.
In other words, nature and science belong to God. They reveal His glory. They are an extension of Him. They do not compete with Him. In fact some of the most devout Christians I have ever met have been born-again scientists. Therefore, I want to re-state an obvious truth - scientists are not the enemy of the conservative community on the issue of the environment. The true enemy to the nation's best interests is a group of radical environmental activists. It seems to me that conservatives often get caught in emotional debates that we cannot win - creating a polarizing tension. more (10/08/07)

Global Warming: Holding A Mirror Up To Humanity - GLOBAL warming. And the Guardian has a question: "Can science really save the world?"
We who believe in the power of mankind over nature know that science can conquer all. With science we have a prayer. We can take on the sun and we can beat it!
Says the Guardian: "Today many engineers and researchers - fearful of the rate at which our planet is warming - say geo-engineering projects are now mankind's only hope of saving itself from the impact of climate change."
Interesting that researchers and engineers posit the argument that science and engineering can save us all.
We learn: "The only hope, say geo-engineers, is to change the planet, alter its oceans and reshape its cloud cover."
Indeed. It is not that humanity has meddled with nature that has created global warming, climate change etc. but that we have not meddled enough.
The Guardian senses the irony. It says "distinguished ecologist" James Lovelock notes: "There may be all sorts of ecological consequences. But then the stakes are terribly high."
So we should try to save the world as we know it, or die trying. (10/07/07)

Gore no bore - They came. They listened. They applauded. They even did the wave. - By Gary Herron, Observer staff writer - The wave began as the crowd got antsy Wednesday evening at Santa Ana Star Center.
Former Congressman and Vice President Al Gore was scheduled to speak to them at 7:30 and, here it was, almost 8, and still no sign of him.

Typical Gorbal Warmist's Vehicle
Typical Gorbal Warmer
This "soul rebel", attending the Al Gore event at the Star Center covered his vehicle with political bumper stickers, mosty anti-Bush, with one pushing Comedy Central's Jon Stewart for President.
photo: The Observer

Although most in the crowd were there to hear Gore speak on global warming, more than a few held hope that he would run for president in 2008.
Among them was Fran Martone of Santa Fe, who was wearing four Gore campaign buttons from his run for the presidency in 2000.
"I'm here to support Al Gore. I've seen 'An Inconvenient Truth' a number of times but I'm also here to convince him to run for the presidency this year," she said. "I've got my question (form) filled out, asking him to run; I've got my buttons; my friends are out there with the signs." Continued. (10/07/07)

Ask questions of global warming gurus - By Tom Harris and Ian Clark - With the intense climate rhetoric of last month's UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's high-level event in New York, the Clinton Global Initiative and President Bush's leaders summit, it is time to start asking some fundamental questions of those who would radically restructure our economy in the hope of "stopping global warming." Here is a sample:
1.) What is your climate science-related background?
Most of those grabbing the spotlight have little or no post-secondary training in science or technology, let alone climate change. What do climate campaigners like Leonardo DiCaprio, Ted Turner and Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., know about climate science? Once merely the rallying cry of environmentalist extremists, calls to "save the planet from climate catastrophe" has become de rigueur for celebrities, media commentators and Fortune 500 CEOs seeking to enhance their green credentials. That few of them have even the slightest idea what they are talking about doesn't make any difference. As Canadian Professors Chris Essex and Ross McKitrick explained in their award-winning book, Taken by Storm, "the stage is populated by many people whose desire to save the world is deemed an acceptable, even preferable, substitute for technical understanding." Continued... (10/07/07)

Chill out. Stop fighting over global warming -- here's the smart way to attack it. - By Bjorn Lomborg - COPENHAGEN -- All eyes are on Greenland's melting glaciers as alarm about global warming spreads. This year, delegations of U.S. and European politicians have made pilgrimages to the fastest-moving glacier at Ilulissat, where they declare that they see climate change unfolding before their eyes.
Curiously, something that's rarely mentioned is that temperatures in Greenland were higher in 1941 than they are today. Or that melt rates around Ilulissat were faster in the early part of the past century, according to a new study. And while the delegations first fly into Kangerlussuaq, about 100 miles to the south, they all change planes to go straight to Ilulissat -- perhaps because the Kangerlussuaq glacier is inconveniently growing.
I point this out not to challenge the reality of global warming or the fact that it's caused in large part by humans, but because the discussion about climate change has turned into a nasty dustup, with one side arguing that we're headed for catastrophe and the other maintaining that it's all a hoax. I say that neither is right. It's wrong to deny the obvious: The Earth is warming, and we're causing it. But that's not the whole story, and predictions of impending disaster also don't stack up. Continued... (10/07/07)

NewsBusters: Nature Lover Wishes 'We Would All Grow Up About' Global Warming - By Noel Sheppard - Are media members finally getting comfortable expressing skepticism about climate change? Just days after CNN meteorologist Rob Marciano practically spoke heresy by stating "There are definitely some inaccuracies" in soon-to-be-Nobel Laureate Al Gore's schlockumentary "An Inconvenient Truth," a British nature-loving journalist said "I wish we could grow up about" global warming. You gotta love it. Noel continues... (10/06/07)

Absurdity of the day...
Global Warming, Western Ranching, and the Bovine Curtain - By George Wuerthner - Just like the old Iron Curtain that squelched any critical discussion of Communism's failures, we in the West live behind a " "Bovine Curtain." The Bovine Curtain is--like the Iron Curtain--operated by the state, using taxpayer dollars to continuously broadcast propaganda about the virtues of ranching in the West and suppressing any negative or critical information. The mantra "cows are good" is repeated so often that it has attained cult status, even among many conservation groups--who should know better. Kind of sounds like another mantra we hear a lot about..."global warming is bad and it's all our fault"... doesn't it?
Eating meat (domestic livestock), particularly beef, has one of the biggest environmental impacts on the planet. In many ways making a change from a livestock based diet to plants (or wild game) is one of the easiest things that most of us can modify in our personal behavior to lessen our collective burden upon the planet. Producing one calorie of animal protein requires more than 10 times as much fossil fuel input--releasing more than 10 times as much carbon dioxide--than does a calorie of plant protein. Maybe, but animal protein is a "complete protein", meaning it contains all the essential amino acids. Most plant proteins are not! An inconvenient fact to overlook.
In the summer 2007 report, Livestock's Long Shadow, UN researchers concluded that livestock production is one of the ... most significant contributors to the most serious environmental problems, at every scale from local to global." According to the UN, livestock contributes to "problems of land degradation, climate change and air pollution, water shortage and water pollution, and loss of biodiversity." But few environmental groups mention this report or its findings, particularly if they are located in the cowboy West behind the Bovine Curtain. They would have to admit that the findings conclusions apply equally as well to the western U.S. That's because the enviros are a bunch of hypocrites.
In particular the report singled out livestock production as a major contributor to global warming emissions, yet even Al Gore ignored livestock's role in global warming during his Live Earth Concert. I don't want to denigrate Gore's efforts for he has brought much needed attention to global climate change. Yeah, let's take a look at what Al Gore has done for climate change...
1.) Created an alarmist movie full of incorrect assumptions, bullshit and lies.
2.) Lives an an energy-consuming mansion, flies around in a private jet, and has a carbon footprint equal to over a thousand average Americans.
3.) By ignoring the impact of meat consumption he has fortified his position as the ultimate environmental hypocrite.

Nevertheless, while it's well and good to ask people to screw in florescent light bulbs to reduce energy demands, the single biggest change that anyone could do to immediately reduce their contribution to greenhouse gases is to eat less meat. Sorry, I'm going to continue to enjoy a burgers, steaks, and for that matter, an occasional Chilean Sea Bass fillet...until they're gone that is. Absurdity continues... (10/06/07)

Global warming could save lives: skeptic - By Alister Doyle, Environment Correspondent - OSLO (Reuters) -- Global warming could save lives, a self-styled "Skeptical Environmentalist" said on Thursday.
Clashing with the U.N. health agency, Danish statistician Bjorn Lomborg told the Reuters Environment summit the world should not overlook benefits of climate change such as the fall in the number of deaths from icy winters.
"You see a lot about deaths from heatwaves, much less on avoided deaths," Lomborg said.
He estimated that about 200,000 fewer people were dying every year worldwide because of global warming -- many more people survive because winters are less chill than die from heatwaves and other effects. More... (10/06/07)

Book Review

Cool It: The Skeptical Environmentalist's Guide to Global Warming - By Bjorn Lomborg - For a while earlier this year, it seemed the debate over global warming might be over. Al Gore became a superstar, and conservatives were starting to concede defeat in their attempts to deny the scientific evidence of climate change.
Now, as the Democrat-led Congress considers a variety of legislation to reduce energy use and spur alternative energy development, a new counterattack appears to be brewing from the right and even sectors of the left. This time, opponents are regrouping under the banner of "we're environmentalists, too." Global warming is real, they say, but let's not get carried away with doing anything too fast. Just get used to it, and adapt to the hotter world as much as your wallet can afford.
Intellectual cover for this argument comes in two angry new books that are likely to get considerable attention among the chattering classes - "Cool It," by Bjorn Lomborg, and "Break Through," by Ted Nordhaus and Michael Shellenberger. In each case, the authors are reprising their earlier success as enfants terribles of the anti-environmentalist cause. Review continues... (10/06/07)


Cool It: The Skeptical Environmentalist's Guide to Global Warming
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Bjørn Lomborg

 Break Through: From the Death of Environmentalism to the Politics of Possibility
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Ted Nordhaus &
Michael Shellenberger

Global Warming Fallacies - There is constant evidence that global warming is either not happening or is just nature acting on its own without man effecting this change.
The great melt in the Arctic is constantly used by the pro warmers as evidence that global warming is occurring. This always leads to mankind as the cause of global warming and thus we need to have more regulations and laws to limit us.
Now a new study by NASA has come out on the Arctic melting and it says the reason for the melting is that unusual winds are causing this change. Now this is a study by scientists and it is done by a respected organization (normally). The melting in other words is occurring by natural forces just like the drought around here is natural. If this is true (please note this result did not come by consensus but by the collection of facts), then this means that there is nothing we can do to stop the melting. Just as we can not stop hurricanes or snow, we cannot stop the wind in the Arctic.
This is another reason that we should alter our lives with new restrictions of freedom to stop something we can not have any effect on. This also point out the futility of the global warming believer and their belief system.
We need to fix the problems of the world we can fix and understand that the areas of God's nature are his. ~ Bruce Caldwell, Signal Mountain (10/06/07)

More indoctrination from the home of San-Fran-Gran-Nan
SF Out to Fight Global Warming, One Kid at a Time - SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) -- The San Francisco Department of the Environment's latest effort to combat global warming focuses on children.
The Department teaches kids in more than 85 city schools that they can easily make a difference in the fight against climate change. The hope is that children will take the information home and encourage changes in their household.
According to the Department's Tamar Hurwitz, youth are taking the message to heart. "Through simple actions like taking the bus more and composting and turning off the computer when you're not using it, these are actions that really do translate into meaningful change when we all do them together and kids get excited by that," she said. (10/05/07)

NewsBusters: Even Journalism Conference Biased on Global Warming - By Dan Gainor - So much for that Code of Ethics promoted by the Society of Professional Journalists. The group undermined its own code by holding an entirely eco-friendly session on climate change.
Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) told a group at the 2007 Washington, D.C., conference on October 4 one of the things that made the SPJ great is its Code of Ethics. But the code didn't come into play during the hour-long October 5 program at the convention entitled "Climate Change Affects Every Beat."
The event had three panelists: Larry Evans, managing editor of Daily Environmental Report; Judi Greenwald, director of innovative solutions at the Pew Center on Climate Change; and Michelle Moore, vice president for policy and public affairs at the U.S. Green Building Council. More... (10/05/07)

Cow methane: A trump card in the fight against global warming? - LONDON, England (CNN) -- The butt -- in more ways than one -- of a thousand puerile schoolboy jokes, methane, in the form of natural gas, has for some time now been used to fuel cars and other modes of transport (the Honda Civic GX, which uses natural gas, has been rated the cleanest car on earth).
Despite producing 25 percent less CO2 than petrol or diesel, however, natural gas is still a fossil fuel, and burning it results in the emission of significant amounts of atmospheric pollution.
As a "biogas", however -- derived from recently living organic matter -- methane is far less environmentally damaging since the CO2 it gives off is immediately reabsorbed by plants and thus adds little to the net sum of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
Methane biogas is already being used in projects around the globe to generate electricity -- in China and India, indeed, it has been employed for decades -- and is attracting increasing interest from the car industry as a source of renewable energy.
Now a company in Sweden has developed a novel and environmentally sustainable -- if somewhat gruesome -- method of actually obtaining methane: boiling cow intestines. More... (10/05/07)

Increasing carbon dioxide volumes not responsible for global warming - Some dramatic news has just been announced but, predictably, it did not get into any of the daily newspapers.
We are on to the climate change saga again.
What is the dramatic news? Well, the American space agency, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, has just announced that, after carefully reviewing tons of data with modern methodology, it turns out that 1998 was not the hottest year on record.
Very dramatically, it turns out that 1934 was the hottest year on record. Even more interesting is that five of the ten hottest years since 1880 were between 1920 and 1940, and the 15 hottest years since 1880 are spread across seven decades.
This all clearly indicates that any rising temperature appears not to be driven by an increasing amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere. In Greenland, at the base of its huge ice sheet, plant and insect remains have been found that show that, 400 000 years ago, the land was covered in forests and that temperatures were, perhaps, 15 degrees Celsius warmer than today. more.. (10/05/07)

polar bear surrounded by melting ice
A polar bear surrounded by melting ice.
Source: Telegraph

Bjorn Lomborg: Save polar bears by not shooting them - By Charles Clover, Environment Editor - Polar bears would stand a greater chance of avoiding extinction if people stopped shooting them than if they reduced greenhouse gas emissions, according to a book by a leading environmental sceptic.
Bjorn Lomborg, the Danish professor who achieved international fame with his previous book, The Skeptical Environmentalist, examines and rejects claims by environmentalists and the former president Al Gore that polar bears are drowning because the sea ice they hunt on is melting.
Lomborg says the story about drowning bears is taken from a single sighting of four dead bears the day after an abrupt windstorm. The bears came from a population that was actually increasing, which has been the overall trend in the polar bear population since the 1960s.
He provides evidence that 11 out of 13 distinct populations of polar bears in Canada are either stable or increasing in number.
In his new book, Cool It: the Skeptical Environmentalist's Guide to Global Warming, he quotes a Canadian government biologist who said: "They are not going extinct or even appear to be affected at present."
Prof Lomborg points out that over the past decades, the global polar bear population has increased dramatically from about 5,000 members in the 1960s to around 25,000 as a result of the regulation of hunting. More... (10/05/07)

Chilly reception for debate offer - By Steve Huntley - Seven hundred thousand dollars is a lot of money to spend to try to get someone to talk to you and not get an answer.
That's how much the Heartland Institute, a Chicago-based libertarian think tank, has forked over in six months for advertisements in national newspapers trying to persuade Al Gore to debate one of its experts on global warming issues. "We have tried, repeatedly, to contact Gore directly, with registered letters and calls to his office, and have never received a reply," says Joseph Bast, Heartland president.
A spokeswoman for Gore told me by e-mail that Heartland is an oil-company-funded group that denies that global warming is real and caused by human activities.
"The debate has shifted to how to solve the climate crisis, not if there is one," said Kalee Kreider. "It does not make sense for him to engage in a dialogue with them at this time." Continued... (10/05/07)

NewsBusters: Unusual Winds Caused Arctic Ice Melts, Not Global Warming - By Noel Sheppard - Assume for a moment that a new study by NASA proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that manmade global warming was indeed responsible for the recent ice melts in the Arctic. Think media would have reported it?
In reality, that's a bit of a trick question, for in the past several weeks, television newscasts, papers, and magazines have been filled with hysterical assertions about decreasing Arctic ice levels destined to cause imminent flooding to coastal regions around the world.
As such, it certainly was no surprise when NASA released a report Monday claiming "the rapid decline in winter perennial ice the past two years was caused by unusual winds," virtually no media outlets shared the information with the citizenry, and those that did still blamed the melting ice on - you guessed it - global warming.
The largely boycotted announcement out of NASA stated no such thing. Blog continues... (10/05/07)

Global Warming Hot Enough for CNN a Second Day
Meteorologist points out more flaws in Gore film 'An Inconvenient Truth.'
- By Dan Gainor - Global warming certainly generated a lot of heat - for CNN. Meteorologist Rob Marciano told the October 4 "American Morning" audience: "There are definitely some inaccuracies" in the Al Gore film "An Inconvenient Truth." After the previous report ended up "stirring a new storm" and generating "a lot of e-mails to our show," Marciano followed up with even more things Gore got wrong the next day.
"He does talk about tornados, implying that there's an increase in tornados from global warming, that's not necessarily true," said Marciano.
In the earlier report, Marciano had said, "There are definitely some inaccuracies" in the film. "The biggest thing I have a problem with is this implication that Katrina was caused by global warming," he concluded.
This time, he followed up with quotes from two scientists with conflicting views about hurricanes. "First up is the science and operations officer of the National Hurricane Center, a big time researcher named Chris Landsea." Landsea explained why he didn't think warming was causing current hurricane problems.
"He told me," Marciano said of Landsea, "the best computer models suggest global warming will cause changes in hurricanes. We should see slightly stronger hurricanes, 5 percent stronger 100 years from now. But the concern that we're seeing drastic increase today due to global warming I think is wrong." More... (10/05/07)

Climate predictions nothing but a 'scheme' - Al Gore would have us believe that man-made carbon emissions are the major factor affecting global climate. He has a significant following of so-called scientists and greenie advocates willing to follow his lead for various reasons. Gore has enough rabid adherents to push his agenda in Congress that could heap economic disaster upon our nation. Thus, we must be alert to his shenanigans. Continued... (10/05/07)

Corals May Have Defense Against Global Warming - By Helen Scales for National Geographic News - Ancient corals may have been more adaptable to changing ocean chemistry than previously thought, a new study shows.
The findings may offer hope that if the diversity of modern corals is preserved, they may be able to adapt as global warming causes seas to become more acidic.
These fossil corals in diverse reef communities adjusted to an acidic environment by altering the way they built their chalky skeletons. More... (10/04/07)

New Must-read from the JunkMan.
Junk Science: Global Warming's Trillion-Dollar Turkey - By Steven Milloy - A trillion dollars doesn't buy what it used to - at least when it comes to global warming, according to a new analysis from the Environmental Protection Agency.
Last July, this column reported that the latest global warming bill - the Low Carbon Economy Act of 2007, introduced by Sens. Jeff Bingaman, D-N.M. and Arlen Specter, R-Pa. - would cost taxpayers more than $1 trillion in its first 10 years and untold trillions of dollars in subsequent decades.
This week, the EPA sent its analysis of the bill's impact on climate to Bingaman and Specter. Now we can see what we'd get for our money, and we may as well just build a giant bonfire with the cash and enjoy toasting marshmallows over it.
For reference purposes, the current level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is about 380 parts per million. The EPA estimates that if no action is taken to curb CO2 emissions, the atmospheric concentration of CO2 would be 718 ppm by 2095.
If the Bingaman-Specter bill were implemented, however, the EPA estimates that CO2 levels would be 695 ppm - a whopping reduction of 23 ppm. Story continues... (10/04/07)

Moonbeam Alert!
Brown wants limits on ships' emissions - By Steve Geissinger - SACRAMENTO - Attorney General Jerry Brown and national environmental groups demanded Wednesday that the Bush administration address greenhouse-gas emissions from smoke-belching ships which Brown believes contribute significantly to global warming.
Brown and the environmentalists contend that ocean-going vessels contribute up to 5 percent of the world's greenhouse gases - roughly the same amount as all vehicles driven in the United States.
Ships burn enormous amounts of bunker oil - the dirtiest kind of petroleum - as they crisscross the high seas and make more than 10,000 stops annually at California ports, such as those in Los Angeles, Long Beach and Oakland.
Brown petitioned the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to adopt strict federal government regulations limiting greenhouse-gas emissions from container ships, cruise liners, oil tankers and other large vessels that stop at American ports.
The petition was filed in Washington by Brown's office, supported by Earthjustice, Friends of the Earth, Center for Biological Diversity and Oceana. More... (10/04/07)

Money, Mouths and Global Warming - By Mike Nizza - In an April New York Times/CBS News Poll, Americans agreed in "large bipartisan numbers" that global warming was a problem and that something had to be done. But they remained split on how to go about it, with most respondents opposing suggestions for $1-a-gallon or $2-a-gallon increases in gasoline taxes to curb consumption. (10/04/07)

NEW: Permanent Link Added!
Al Gore 'Debates' Global Warming for the First Time in YouTube Video; 'We Debate, You Decide' environmental education video series launched by - WASHINGTON, Oct. 4 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Since former Vice President and global warming activist Al Gore has so far refused to debate global warming skeptics, the debate has been brought to him. The public can now watch Al Gore make his case head-to-head against expert climatologists in the first episode of the new environmental education video series, "We Debate, You Decide," launched by The "Al Gore Debates Global Warming" video is posted on YouTube (
"Al Gore has refused multiple invitations to debate in-person about global warming," said Steve Milloy, executive director of "So we've decided to let video of his previous remarks do the talking for him," Milloy explained. Read the rest of the press release or jump straight to the video. (10/04/07)

NewsBusters: CNN Meteorologist: "Definitely Some Inaccuracies" in Gore Film - By Paul Detrick - CNN Meteorologist Rob Marciano clapped his hands and exclaimed, "Finally," in response to a report that a British judge might ban the movie "An Inconvenient Truth" from UK schools because, according to "American Morning," "it is politically biased and contains scientific inaccuracies." More... (10/04/07)

Climate Change: Fabricating the Numbers - George C. Landrith - Al Gore has been flying around the globe to tell anyone who will listen that ten of the hottest years in history came in the last eleven years. Gore says the earth has a fever and that we need big government to shovel medicine down our throats to reduce that fever. Only one problem -- Al Gore has his facts wrong!
NASA has quietly released temperature figures for the last 127 years (since 1880). Interestingly enough, the hottest year on record was 1934. And the 1930s hold the record as the hottest decade with four of the ten hottest years. Five of the hottest years were before the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941. Six of the hottest years were before Elvis Presley's first song hit the radio airwaves in 1954. Seven of the hottest years according to NASA were before the end of the first Gulf War in 1991 -- before most Americans had even heard of Bill Clinton.
Gore and his climate change enthusiasts have claimed at different times that the hottest year on record was either 2005 or 1998. Neither is correct. The hottest year occurred more than 72 years ago. Only three of the ten hottest years have occurred in the last 11 years. Where did Al Gore come up with ten? The answer is that he made it up -- like so much else in his fictional movie, "An Inconvenient Truth," he takes great liberties with the facts.
The truth is the world's climate was warmer during the Medieval Warm Period (800-1300 A.D.) than it is now. Interestingly enough, the world's climate has been even warmer in earlier periods. Al Gore won't talk about this.
One of the main problems with the global warming enthusiasts' approach to climate and their claims that the Earth has a fever is that they assume the Earth has a constant climate. Yet, history shows this is simply not the case. The Earth's climate changes all the time. Since the end of the Little Ice Age in the early 19th Century, the Earth's climate has generally warmed. But even during this generalized warming trend, the climate has not been uniform. During the 1920s and 1930s there was a strong warming trend. During the 1940s and 1970s there was a cooling trend. In fact, many of those now claiming the world has a fever warned in the 1970s that another ice age was coming. Continued. (10/04/07)

Author: No new U.S. Climate Laws until 2009 is good news - Los Angeles, CA /PressMediaWire/(Oct. 4, 2007) -- In a Reuters article dated 10/2/07, a United States Senator laments that no climate change laws will be enacted until after the next presidential election. That's actually good news, says Holly Fretwell, author of The Sky's Not Falling: Why It's OK to Chill about Global Warming (Kids Ahead Books, 0-9767269-4-7, for ages 8-12, Sept. 2007), a new book for kids designed to inform, not indoctrinate, on the subject of global warming.  

The Sky's NOT Falling: Why It's OK to Chill about Global Warming
Holly Fretwell

"There is so much that we have yet to learn about global warming," asserts Fretwell, who contends that the jury remains very much out with regards to how much humans contribute to the phenomenon -- and what can be done about it, no matter how many tax dollars are thrown at it. "With so many gaps in the climate change story, it's a relief that Congress is not going to rush to create policies that may hurt more than help."
It's just that attitude that makes The Sky's Not Falling! Why It's OK To Chill About Global Warming such a breath of fresh air. In Sky, natural resources policy expert and college instructor Fretwell shows kids 8-12 that it's human ingenuity and adaptability - and not a mindless fear of change - that are most likely to guarantee the Earth a healthy future. Parents who've comforted children upset by Photoshopped pictures of stranded animals and faux "the-end-is-near" documentaries will embrace this smartly-written book... more (10/04/07)

Tackling climate change the Lomborg way - By Morice Mendoza, World Business - Cool It, a new book by Danish professor Bjorn Lomborg, argues for a more balanced debate on climate change. He tells World Business that the debate so far has been divided into the 'catastrophists' and the 'hoaxers'.
Since Kyoto the catastrophists have continued to support a policy of cutting carbon emissions. Economist Bjorn Lomborg argues that this policy has not worked and it is a mistake to think that the answer is to set even more onerous targets for cuts.
Rather, Lomborg suggests that the debate should focus on smarter ways to achieve the greatest impact such as lowering the price of solar panels or investing more money into R&D for new energy technology. At the same time, Lomborg argues the case for businesses to ensure that every dollar they spend on CSR projects achieves the greatest possible outcome in terms of social good. This might be helping to fight the problem of malaria as much as it could be about global warming. Morice Mendoza, editor of World Business interviewed Bjorn Lomborg in London on 2nd October at the time of the publication of his new book... more (10/04/07)

Perhaps it's time to reexamine the policy that grants tax-exempt status of churches.
Conference mixes politics and religion - Gathering to take spiritual approach to global warming fight - By John Colson - ASPEN -- Ed Bastian knows about political activism, and he knows about religion.
Now he hopes to provide an example of how those two sources of influence and power can be used together to work toward social change, in particular, altering public attitudes about global warming. Continued... (10/04/07)

Easterbrook challenges Warmist Thomas Ackerman's assertion that skeptics are in the tank for "industry groups with self-serving agendas" during speech at Fairhaven College.
Scientist: Global warming real threat - By John Stark, The Bellingham Herald - BELLINGHAM -- Despite the overwhelming evidence (yeah sure) that air pollution is making the globe hotter and threatening massive disruption of human life, the U.S. government is doing little or nothing to address the problem, a University of Washington scientist said Wednesday...more (10/04/07)

Google honors 50th Anniversary of Sputnik.

I find it "interesting" that on the 50th anniversary of Sputnik, this article compares global warming, (the CO2 Boogeyman), with Sputnik. This -- following the Newsweek article below that compares "deniers" to "Moon Landing Deniers". We'll have to wait until 2011 to see if Google honors our brave astronauts, Alan Shepard and John Glenn.
Nobel Winner: Global Warming Is the New Sputnik
Physicist Leon Lederman calls climate change a "menace" that, like the Soviet satellite, will spur more science
- By Chris Wilson - Oh, the good old days. Most of the world may remember Sputnik as the seed of a standoff between superpowers, but for Nobel Prize-winning physicist Leon Lederman and many of his colleagues, it's a rosier memory: a time when it was cool to be a scientist. [..]
What can we do on the policy side?
We need more scientists going into Congress. There's a huge difference between being an adviser and being an elected official. [Nobel Prize-winning physicist] I. I. Rabi used to tell us that: "Some of you go to law school and run for Congress." Just what we need, more scientists (like James Hansen or Thomas Ackerman) in the Congress. I think I'd prefer the lawyers! (10/03/07)

Newsweek: Global-Warming Skeptics Are Like Moon-Landing Deniers - Magazine's Senior Editor dismisses 'fairness/accuracy/balance' in climate change reporting because deniers lack 'empirical merit.' - By Jeff Poor, Business & Media Institute - Slanting media coverage toward promoting the "fight global warming"cause wasn't enough for Newsweek editor Sharon Begley. Now she has brazenly dismissed global warming skeptics as unreasonable lunatics.
Begley, a senior editor for the magazine, recently defended its August 13 issue that focused on the climate change "denial machine." On the new The Yale Forum on Climate Change & The Media Web site, Begley compared global-warming skepticism to moon-landing denial.
When asked if journalists should be more interpretive or analytical in their climate change reporting Begley said, "It depends...When you cover the history of the space program, you don't quote the percentage of Americans who think the moon landings took place on a stage in Arizona."
The August 13 report written by Begley described global-warming skepticism as a "well-coordinated, well-funded campaign by contrarian scientists, free-market think tanks and industry [that] has created a paralyzing fog of doubt around climate change."
Begley reiterated her blatant bias in an online chat hosted by Newsweek. She dismissed skepticism in a question that asked how "responsible media [can] best meet their 'fairness/accuracy/'balance' responsibilities in dealing with climate change deniers."
"[M]e, I don't do he said/she said, but delve into the arguments and see which has empirical merit," Begley wrote. "It's not that hard."
The idea of using outlandish analogies to defend biased global-warming reporting is not an original concept. CBS's Scott Pelley compared global-warming skepticism to Holocaust denial on March 23 when he posed the question: "If I do an interview with Elie Wiesel, am I required as a journalist to find a Holocaust denier?" (10/03/07)

The Incredible James Hansen - By Bill Steigerwald - If you've paid any attention to the global warming debate, you've heard of James Hansen.
Hansen is the politicized NASA climate scientist who virtually invented the global warming issue in the broiling summer of 1988 when he was the star doomsayer at Senate hearings called by Al Gore.
Since then, Hansen has received better press than Mother Teresa. In hundreds of interviews and glowing profiles, the head of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies has been treated as objective and/or infallible by an adoring mainstream liberal media.
Yet Hansen's not even close to being an objective scientist. He is openly ideological and rabidly partisan. His political pals and financial patrons are liberal Democrats -- Gore, John Kerry and left-wing groups funded by George Soros and Teresa Heinz. More... (10/03/07)

A Small Victory!

This is a follow-up to this recent story.

U-turn on showing of Al Gore climate change film in school - A lorry driver from Kent has forced the Government to rewrite guidance for schools that want to show Al Gore's climate change film, An Inconvenient Truth.
Stewart Dimmock, a father of two, brought a High Court action against the screening of the documentary in schools, claiming that it was "politically partisan" and "sentimental".
His lawyers argued that the film contained serious scientific inaccuracies. They accused the Government of backing the film, by the former US Vice-President, as a way of "brainwashing" pupils on global warming.


An Inconvenient Truth
An Inconvenient Truth
The first Powerpoint Presentation to win an Oscar

Mr Dimmock, a school governor with children aged 11 and 14, said at the outset of the hearing: "I wish my children to have the best education possible, free from bias and political spin, and Mr Gore's film falls far short of the standard required."
Yesterday the High Court judge Mr Justice Burton said that the film did promote "partisan political views".
In an indication of his ruling, he said that schools should follow the new guidance, which calls for balance when showing the film, which has been sent to more than 3,500 schools and is aimed at 11 to 14-year-olds. He said that he intended to give his full ruling next week.
John Day, Mr Dimmock's lawyer, described the move as "a U-turn" but said it did not go far enough. (10/03/07)

Excellent read by a freshman at the University of Texas.
The sky is falling - By Daniel Earnest - After watching Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth," I saw that Gore, despite his monotonous tone and poor use of humor, is indeed a great persuasive speaker. But that is just it - Gore employs useless rhetoric and persuasive techniques, such as showing the image of a cute, fuzzy polar bear, to convince the world of global warming's validity, rather than sticking to the facts.
Gore's efforts made him to be one of the most sought-after speakers in America and, most recently, garnered him an Oscar. Hailed as a secular saint and the Noah of our time by experts such as Katie Couric and Oprah Winfrey, Gore travels to campuses across the nation to proliferate his alarmist cries, attempting to act as a sort of John the Baptist in the wilderness.
However, outside the realm of the liberal media and Hollywood, Gore is looked at with pity and disgust by real scientists who have done extensive research on the subject of global warming. According to February 2007 issue of Philidelphia Magazine, for instance, geologist Robert Giegengack believes Gore's understanding of the world is so poor that he told his undergraduate students at the University of Pennsylvania: "Every single one of you knows more about global warming than Al Gore." But why would Al Gore devote his life to a seemingly baseless, ridiculous science? The answer is simple - the ecology of helpless protesting has become a very lucrative business. Billions of dollars of grant money are flowing into the pockets of those on the man-made global warming bandwagon. All of the alarmism is designed to get your money and then guilt you into living your life a certain way. Aside from this, do not forget that Gore charges $100,000 at each stop on his tour across the nation... more (10/03/07)

Leaders question science of warming: Kentuckians unsure if climate efforts help - By James Bruggers - LEXINGTON, Ky. -- While other states are moving to curb greenhouse gas emissions, political and industry leaders in Kentucky are still questioning whether humans are causing the planet to warm.
Despite a growing international scientific consensus, two legislative leaders who help set the environmental agenda in the General Assembly said at a state environmental conference yesterday that they are not sure of the scientific underpinnings of global warming.
"The media has made everyone believe there's total agreement on global warming," said Rep. Jim Gooch, D-Providence, chairman of the House Committee on Natural Resources and the Environment.
Not everyone agrees people can do anything to affect the climate or that humans could even be the main cause of any warming that's occurring, Gooch said.
"There is global warming," conceded Sen. Tom Jensen, R-London, chairman of the Senate Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources. "But how much does man control?" (10/03/07)

Solar takes off with US power supply deal - By Matt Peacock - Two of America's biggest power utilities have unveiled plans for a multi-billion-dollar expansion of solar power supply, backing the argument that solar energy can indeed become a viable alternative to coal-fired electricity... (10/02/07)

Is global warming just a load of hot air? - HERE'S a headline you may have missed: Bjørn Lomborg the world's most vocal climate change sceptic, believes the planet is facing a serious threat from an irksome problem called global warming.
"I fully accept that global warming is happening and it's man-made," says Lomborg matter-of-factly.
"I'm not one of those deniers who say it's all a left-wing conspiracy to tax us to death, or it's all natural variation [in temperature] or something like that."
But if you think that means the 42-year-old Dane - whose controversial bestseller The Skeptical Environmentalist led to him being cited by Time Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world - will be getting intimate with trees or joining the crew of the Rainbow Warrior any time soon, you'd be very much mistaken.
"The other side of the argument is that I also take issue with the idea this is an unmitigated catastrophe and the end of civilisation," he says.
"I try to give a sense of proportion in the environmental debate.
"For example, it's true that, with increasing temperature rises, we're going to see more heat waves. But, likewise, we're going to see fewer cold waves and we need to remember both - just saying that more people are going to die from heat waves, which is true, is not a reasonable way of informing the public when we also know that fewer people are going to die from cold.
"It has positives and negatives. Overall, the negatives are bigger than the positives - that's why climate change is a problem, that's why we need to fix it. But only hearing one side of the argument is unlikely to lead to good, sound policy judgment."
Published by Cambridge University Press in 2001, The Skeptical Environmentalist caused outrage among the global scientific community with its central charge that many of the claims made in relation to climate change are exaggerated. (10/02/07)

PR Expert on Journalism's Coverage of Global Warming - By Alan Caruba - Being skeptical used to be a badge of honor for journalists, but if one reads any newspaper these days, most reporters casually refer to "global warming" without any hint that it is anything other than a done deal. Too many reporters have completely bought into the notion that humans and their use of fossil fuels are destroying the atmosphere and "causing" global warming. Neither assumption is true.
Of course, what makes this easier is the constant stream of environmental propaganda that attributes everything to "global warming." The list is vast and generally idiotic. Humans must now take responsibility for both droughts and severe storms. Winter blizzards are said to be the result of "global warming." Hurricanes that have been around for eons before the "global warming" theory are now to be attributed to it. (10/02/07)

Global Warming reveals Human Error with an Extraterrestrial connection - By Paul Chen - Ancient Gnostic insights, may shed critical light on human descent into self-destruction from Global Warming. Gnostics suggest, that an awareness of demonic aliens which they observed and documented in the Nag Hammadi, is vital for human beings to be able to protect themselves from a path that would produce human self-destruction, (whether from Global Warming producing activities, or other such activities). (10/02/07)

Warmist Editorial, but the comments that follow are interesting...
Gore's footprint in Austin - Al Gore rides into Austin today like a rock star. The former vice president and environmental activist brings his message and warning about the effects of global warming to the Frank Erwin Center tonight to a large local following eager to hear it.
The title of his documentary, "An Inconvenient Truth," has entered the popular lexicon so thoroughly that many know it by its acronym "AIT." Though there is dispute over the causes of climate change, there can be little denying that people and their machines contribute to the deterioration of the Earth's ozone layer. Oh not that again! That deterioration, in turn, is changing the world's climate... (10/01/07)

Scientist silenced by politician for his position on global warming - The politician's name is not George W. Bush. The scientist's name is not James Hansen.
The University of Virginia's climatology data center is seeking a lower profile after its former top official, the state climatologist, resigned this past summer amid questions over whether he should use the position to promote his doubts about theories on global warming...
The former state climatologist, Patrick J. Michaels, has been on sabbatical from the university for the past year, said Joseph C. Zieman, chairman of the school's Department of Environmental Sciences, which houses the center. Zieman said Michaels resigned the post this summer and was replaced by U-Va. research scientist Jerry Stenger, who has been running the center without the formal state title. Stenger has worked at the center for more than 20 years...
Michaels has argued that the climate is becoming warmer but that the consequences will not be as dire as others have predicted. [Va's Democratic Gov. Tim] Kaine had warned Michaels not to use his official title in discussing his views.
"I resigned as Virginia state climatologist because I was told that I could not speak in public on my area of expertise, global warming, as state climatologist," Michaels said in a statement this week provided by the libertarian Cato Institute, where he has been a fellow since 1992. "It was impossible to maintain academic freedom with this speech restriction." more... (10/01/07)

CHIKUNGUNYA: IT'S TIRES, NOT GLOBAL WARMING - Paris -- A World Health Organization official has claimed that the current chikungunya outbreak in Northern Italy is the result of climate change: this widely reported absurdity undermines rational debate at a time when world leaders were negotiating climate policy in New York and Washington. (10/01/07)

Weather Stations Giving Bad Global Warming Data -- MSM MIA - By Warner Todd Huston - A few months ago, the blogosphere and talk radio were abuzz with the story of how the nation's various weather stations and temperature reading devices have been improperly located or badly constructed and how the data received from these improper devices must be suspected as inaccurate. The MSM briefly mentioned this story but quickly dropped it like the proverbial hot rock. It makes one wonder why?
Since global warming research often uses the suspect data that is gotten from these failed stations, the accuracy of the entire theory must therefore be called into question as its conclusions are derived from likely false data. Still the MSM ignores this explosive story.
But, it is evident that the so-called scientific community has also ignored the arguments in this story as there has yet to be a weather station moved or its location and/or construction reevaluated. (10/01/07)

Global warming? What do you mean, dear? - "Do you believe in global warming?" The question posed by my wife came out of the blue the other evening.
And I kind of hesitated before answering.
When somebody - even a spouse or, maybe, especially a spouse - hits you all of a sudden with a question like that, it's akin to their asking, "Do you believe in God?" You sense you may need to answer carefully. Any discussion may turn down a road you don't want to travel.
"What do you mean?" I asked, stalling for time to get the drift of where this conversation was likely to lead.
I figured if I responded a simple "yes," she'd whip out a slide rule and a copy of the periodic tables and attempt to beat some sense into my head. Conversely, if I said "no," I'd be branded a lunatic who couldn't see the truth all around him as demonstrated by the melting polar ice caps and warming oceans... (10/01/07)




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